Copper Foiling Tools for Stained Glass : First Aid Supplies for Stained Glass Projects

Hi. Today we’re talking about our safety concerning
our glass projects, specifically, copper foiling. There are a lot of, could be dangers, associated
with working with glass. You have to be very patient, and very careful. You will eventually
get or knicked or get a little piece of shard of glass in your skin. It’s just the nature
of the glass, so it’s very important that you keep a First Aid kit on hand. I would
suggest that, like, with your rubber gloves, this helps somewhat with the chemicals and
some of the glass, as you’re actually working with the glass, but also keep in mind it would
be nice for you to have on hand, an anti-septic, in case you get cut. An alcohol prep. Also,
you’re anti-biotic ointment to place on any puncture wound that you may get. Band-Aids,
of course. And, in case you get a larger cut, you may want to have gauze and some tape on
hand as well.