hi everyone and welcome to my channel
today I have for you a makeup tutorial I’m having one of these again but you
guys really seem to enjoy the last one so I thought I would do another spring
look for you this one’s good for like spring or summer with loads of festivals
happening I thought I would do a bit of a sunset coral look something really fun
a bit more vibrant than what I usually go for and it’s got all like very soft
pinks and corals I’ve really loved doing this look so I hope you enjoy the
tutorial without further ado let’s get straight into it but before that don’t
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week and I would love to have you back on the channel we’re gonna start everything off with
the brightening youth club primer which I am loving lately I think it’s such a
great one as well for like the summer months all that spring because it just
gives you a really beautiful kind of glow but at the same time I’m oily and
it doesn’t sort of make me look too greasy and it just gives you a really
nice kind of even tone closes your pores so I really love this one I’m just gonna
it’s pretty hydrating as well um a lot of primers feel really silly kony and I
really don’t like that feeling this one just feels like a really light
moisturizer it doesn’t kind of feel very much like a primer okay so a foundation
I’m gonna go in with my Fenty Beauty Pro filter foundation and I use the color
280 and this one’s like a perfect color match for me it is quite a matte
foundation but it still looks pretty natural so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna mix in a little bit of the Mac strobe cream which is like a
highlighting sort of cream it’s not really like a full-on highlighter it
just kind of adds a bit of a glow it’s quite hydrating so I’m gonna mix in a
little bit of this so that it kind of gives it a bit more of a glow and it
doesn’t look so mad but this is a great very long-lasting foundation so I’m just
gonna top this all over my face and then I’m gonna go in with my zoeva buffer
brush and just kind of spread this out and I want a very thin layer of coverage
all over my face just to kind of even out my skin tone a little bit I’m gonna
take it down my neck as well and I love this foundation because it has a little
bit of more of a peachy undertone and this kind of kind of counteracts my
yellowness and kind of my skin looks a little bit sallow as you can see
instantly the color just looks so much better so much healthier but with this brush you didn’t get too
much coverage which I like because if I’m gonna use it all over my face and I
can just go in with coverage where I really need it with my concealer I’m
just going to dab a little bit more in the areas where I need a little extra
coverage and I’m just kind of stippling listen okay I’m now going to go in and
color correct a little bit using the to ship la this is great for counteracting
that kind of darkness underneath my eye I’m also going to take it into the
throat because I have quite a lot of darkness there and they’re gonna go in with my tart
shape tape just to correct the under-eye darkness I’m just gonna dot it along
here a little bit down the bridge of my nose sides on my lip area and wherever I
have like any blemishes I’m just gonna DAP this in with fingers because
actually this is the best way to get more coverage like if you’re going with
a damp Beauty Blender sometimes you can actually reduce the coverage so
underneath my eyes I like to go in with fingers I’m not gonna go in with a damp beauty
blender just to blend out the bits that kind of didn’t blend out so well with my
fingers okay now that it’s all nice and blended I’ve kind of highlighted with my
concealer as well I’m gonna go in with my Hollywood contour wand and this is a
great actually forgot to blend in a little bit there this is a really nice
contour one because it’s very nice and subtle so it’s great for summer when you
want like lighter coverage I’m just gonna go in usual spots you guys know
the job by now but then I’m gonna go in with the
Hollywood contour brush to blend out now to set everything in place I’m gonna
go in with my Becca um powder I think it’s called the under
eye brightening powder and I’m just gonna dab this as usual on the areas
where I’ve highlighted especially underneath my eyes because this is gonna
make a makeup last all day long and that’s great especially you know when
the weather’s a bit warmer this is gonna stop your concealer from budging and
just smudging all over the place which you know when it’s really hot – the
makeup can just tend to melt now I’m going to take a clean brush and just
dust off the excess now with whatever the left on my brush
I’m just gonna Pat this around the rest of my face just to set the makeup really
lightly so that I can then go in with Cointreau etc and it doesn’t sort of
like smudge and separate and stuff okay for eyes I’m gonna start off with this
Chanel undertone cream shadow as my base and I like this one because it’s very
like neutral color as you can see and also it just kind of so it neutralizes
my color it makes my eyeshadows super long-lasting because this doesn’t crease
at all and it also gives it like a really nice hint of shimmer which for
these kind of more summery looks I really like it’s also great if you just
want to use it on its own and you just want a little something on your eyes
when you’re doing like a really quick makeup look I’m also gonna take this
underneath my lower lash line just to kind of add a base I’m gonna go in with
my sticky now it’s just because you guys know I love these just to act as an eye
shadow barrier they give you like a really nice neat clean edge and then I’m
gonna go in with this orange shade from the Topaz palette I have from Estee
Lauder but you can use kind of any sort of orangey shimmery shade I’m just gonna
take this on my crease and blend it upwards quite a lot so that you can see
it when I open my eyes so you want to keep the maximum intensity on the outer
corner and then sort of blend in words so that you get a little bit less color
in the inner part and then I’m gonna go in with my NARS orgasm blush and I’m
gonna use this actually as a shadow so I’m just gonna dip my fluffy brush and
I’m gonna take this again along the crease line just to make this color a
little bit more pinky but I’m gonna try and concentrate this a little bit
further down to get up that sort of sunset effect and as you can see this
blush works really well as an eyeshadow because it does have a huge amount of
color payoff I’m then going to take this by terry sun designer palette and I’m
gonna take this pink eye shade the two pink shades that I’m gonna mix them in
together and again I’m gonna take this on to my
crease but again just a little further down more onto like my lid then my
crease and I’m concentrating everything on the outer corner and then I’m gonna
take this sort of golden shade here and I’m gonna use that on my lid and I’m
going to take this Urban Decay eyeshadow in half-baked and I’m gonna take quite a
small brush because I want it to be quite precise and I’m just gonna apply
this on to the inner corner of my eye and also a little pop on the center of
my lid and then I’m just going to take this
fluffy brush again and just blend it out so that it doesn’t look kind of patchy
and I’m gonna take this Dolce Vita palette from Charlotte Tilbury and
taking this sort of reddish shade which has a bit of like shimmer in it I’m
gonna use this to kind of define my crease a little bit cuz everything just
looks a little bit too light right now so this is just gonna add a little touch
of definition I’m just very lightly taking this into the socket of my eye
and also under the outer V and then as a highlighter I’m going to use this pinky
shade in the same palette and I’m just gonna pop this underneath my brow bone then using this fluffy brush I’m just
gonna blend this out okay now I’m gonna take my sticky notes off and I’m just
gonna use this brush to sort of blend out the edge and I’m gonna take this
pencil brush and I’m just gonna pop a little bit of this reddish eyeshadow
just on my lower lash line and to blend it out I’m gonna go in back with orgasm
just because I want to soften it a little bit and to add a little bit more pink Ynez
I’m gonna go and back with this by terry shade with my pencil brush and just pop
it on my lower lash line again okay before I finish my eyes I’m actually
gonna go in with lips because I think it’s nice to find the balance of how
much more you need on the eyes once I see how the lips look on this look but
my lips I’m gonna go in with this saw lip liner and then I’m going to go in
with this coral lipstick and this is the 404 from the YSL lip lacquer collection
so they’re like a liquid lipstick with a glossy they’re not matte and you can
definitely build up the coverage so I’m going to go in with one more coat of
this and to add a bit more gloss I’m going to go in with this girl Anne lip
gloss the gloss town fair which is like quite pinky and I’m just gonna add the
server top moving back onto eyes now I’m gonna go in with a little bit of gel
liner I’m using my Estee Lauder one as you can see it’s quite an Estee Lauder
heavy look but I’m just gonna line my upper lash line and then I want to go in with my liquid
liner from Maybelline just to intensify this lime a little bit now I’m going to
line my lower lash line using this brown pencil from Charlotte Tilbury just
because I feel like the look is so light that my eyes are just getting a bit lost
and then I’m gonna go in with my eyelash curler and curl my eyelashes a little
bit mist I’m gonna go in with my favorite better than sex mascara and
then I’m gonna add some falsies so I’m not gonna bother too much with the
mascara okay for brows I’m gonna go in with my Charlotte Tilbury supermodel and
I want a very light kind of simple brow I don’t want anything too dramatic so
I’m just gonna kind of follow the natural shape of my brows and just kind
of fill in any sparse areas I’m gonna brush them through with these
spoolie on the back and then to set them in place and add a little bit more
thickness I’m gonna add the fiber brow gel by Tom Ford just sort of gonna wipe
around the edges with my Beauty Blender just to make sure they look nice and
meet okay now to finish the rest of my makeup I’m gonna go in with my bronze
and I’m gonna use the dust in this deck of scarlet palette I’m just gonna dip
that in and just dust it over the areas where I want to add a little bit of
warmth on my face and then to contour I’m gonna go in with my usual the redial
contour powder I’m just gonna use this on any areas where I have to set the
contour I used by Charlotte Tilbury and then taking a fluffy eyeshadow brush
I’m just gonna dip it into the redial powder as well and just contour my nose
a little bit okay for blush I’m gonna go in with my NARS orgasm just so that it
ties nicely in with my eyes I’m just gonna take this Charlotte Tilbury brush and then to finish everything off I’m
gonna go in with my Becca highlighting powder and champagne pop and I’m just
gonna dust this over the top of my cheekbones to my brow bone on the bridge
of my nose Cupid’s bow and chin and above my brows
okay guys and that’s a final look I’m gonna go add some falsies put my hair
down and I’ll show you the final result okay guys well this is the final look
that falsies were definitely needed I think because the eye was very light for
me because I have darker eyes I feel and makes them look a little bit dull if I
didn’t kind of emphasize like the border around them but if you have lied to rise
and definitely go ahead and just add a bit of mascara and you don’t need the
liner you don’t need the lashes you don’t need anything but yeah I’m really
loving this look it’s something quite different for me because I don’t usually
go for these kind of pinky shades but I think it’s something really fun for
spring do let me know if you try it out and I hope you enjoyed it thank you so
much for watching and I’ll see you in my next one bye