Coronavirus- Natural Remedies for Coronavirus

Natural Remedies for Coronavirus Many viral infections are still causing tremendous
threat to human being such as HIV, coronavirus, SARS, avian influenza, swine flu, Dengue virus,
Ebola virus, etc. There are no efficient conventional medications
or vaccines for most of these viruses. Consequently alternative natural medications
are an urgent requirement to fill the gap of unavailability of conventional therapies
or vaccines. Complementary and alternative medicine has
been used for centuries in many societies to treat various illnesses, including viral
infections. Herbal, dietary, complementary, and natural
therapies have been used widely for prevention and treatment of viral infections. Several herbal extracts were proved effective
for prevention and treatment of respiratory viral infections that based on scientific
ground. Among these herbs are
licorice roots, North American ginseng,
berries, Echinacea,
pomegranate, and guava tea. The active ingredients of these plants against
flu and cold viruses are neuraminidase inhibitors, glycyrrhizin, polyphenol, baicalin, etc. The mechanism of actions that plants extracts
could fight influenza through: neuraminidase inhibition,
preventing virus budding, assistance of viral bounding to natural antibodies,
stimulation of IFN-gamma production by T cells, inhibition viral hemagglutination activity,
inhibition viral binding to and penetration into host cells,
enhancement production of antiinfluenza virus immunoglobulin,
synthesis inhibition of both viral RNA and protein,
replication suppression of influenza virus, secretion induction of type I IFN and
pro-inflammatory cytokines with subsequent stimulation of the antiviral activity,
and exertion virion structural damage Whether herbs could kill the virus remains
a topic of heated debate in the scientific community. The virus is difficult to kill because it
does not live as an independent organism, like bacteria. Once in the body, it injects alien code into
its genes and can duplicate rapidly, causing havoc. A preventive therapy for this virus has not
been developed yet. Most people suggested Baking soda, Olive leaf
extract, Acid reducer and Benadryl, Steam sanitizer, Lysol, Oscillococcinum as other
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