CplusE #04 – wyposażenie apteczki pierwszej pomocy

One element of the equipment you need to have in a cabin is the first aid kit In this part, I’m going to tell you what’s absolutely necessary in it. My name’s Adam Wołowiec. I invite you to CplusE. Here we go. Current Polish law doesn’t require having the first aid kit by truck drivers. However, it doesn’t mean we can forget about it. Firstly, in case of an accident, the Traffic Law obliges you to give the first aid to victims. If you have the first aid kit with you, the effectiveness of such help is higher. Secondly, in the European Union countries like Germany, Austria or the Czech Republic, there is an obligation of driving with the first aid kit. The police there doesn’t necessarily know about the provisions of the Vienna Convention concerning the Traffic Law. Not to waste time any more – you can find more information on this in the description below the movie. In Poland there’s no act which would regulate the first aid kit equipment. This is why we use the solutions commonly accepted in the European Union. The content of the first aid kit is specified by the German act: DIN 13164 and it includes: Compresses for wounds – lint 10×10. Suspensory bandages. Triangular bandages to immobilise a broken leg. Wound dressing for larger wounds. Band-aid for smaller cuts and an adhesive tape. Individual dressings in different sizes to stem bleeding. Moistened tissues to bathe dirty wounds. First aid blanket (foil rescue blanket / NRC foil) to protect against hypothermia. Latex gloves. Scissors. It’s very important to make sure they don’t have sharp endings. First aid kit manual together with alarm telephone numbers. No medicines can be put in the first aid kit. The cabin isn’t adjusted to store them because of extreme temperatures. The same concerns disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide. They shouldn’t be kept in the first aid kit. Yet, it’s worth to equip it, for example, with a mouthpiece for artificial respiration, even on one’s own. We’ve already discussed the first aid kit. If you liked it, give a thumb up If you’d like to see more practical movies, I invite you to subscription. I wish you a pleasant trip with CplusE. See you.