Creeking Equipment : Choose a First-Aid Kit for Creeking

So the next thing I want to talk about is
first aid kits when your out whitewater adventure whether your creeking or just going down the
river you want to make sure you have safety first in mind, especially when your with large
groups and your by yourself you want to make sure that you know what your doing. You have
somebody to count for you, or you can count for somebody else I always bring a first aid
kit when ever I go out or just with my buddies or when I’m with a group. And I want to make
sure I have certain things that are appropriate to my wilderness training whether it’s first
aid training. So that I know how to use them and I’m not going to be hurting anybody or
any worst than they can get hurt. Typically when you go whitewater kayaking one of the
main things to worry about is trauma so when I go out I have a trauma pack, trauma pack
typically contains a splint, some gauze, some band aides, anything for injuries to the body
and I have to make sure I know how to use them properly as well. This one has a sam’s
split sam’s splits are very useful you can use them for multiple of things gauze, also
make sure you have some tape in there so you can put everything together. There’s a trauma
side to things there’s also medical side of things if you don’t know your buddies medical
history maybe if there diabetic if they have a low blood sugar or if they have allergy
to bee stings, or other types of food that you don’t know about it’s good to have proper
training first and then also have the right equipment. So if you have some sort of some
sort of adrenaline to give somebody if there having an allergic reaction to bee stings
or food it’s always good to have that with you. And just know your buddies history and
know what’s going on with them in general.