CU Student Financial Aid

A college education is an investment worth
making. On average Students earning a bachelor’s
degree increase earning potential by over million dollars over a lifetime compared to
students with only a high school diploma. While students invest in their future, CU
invests in its students to ensure that all qualified Coloradans can afford a CU education. Providing institutional grants and scholarships
lowers costs and helps reduce debt upon graduation. The most important way CU keeps college affordable
is by keeping tuition in check, but we know that many students need more help. In addition to state and federal aid, CU makes
a direct investment in grants and scholarships for our students. Over the past 15 years CU’s investment in grants and scholarships has nearly quadrupled. Last year CU students received more than $260
million in grants and scholarships, over half of which comes from CU, with the remainder
coming from our donors, as well as the state and federal government. After including family contributions, CU’s
financial aid packages are targeted to pay for tuition and fees for undergraduate students. CU students who graduate with debt owe less
than the average new car loan. In a survey of CU alumni, bachelor’s degree
recipients that graduated with debt reported earnings of 13 times more than the average
annual loan repayment. Students who borrow and earn a degree are
the least likely to default on student loans. CU’s student loan default rates are well
below the national average. The fact remains that college is an investment
that pays off. For more information about student financial
aid please visit our website at