CVS Pharmacist Skype Call Spoofing Phone Number Shannon Harris

a pharmacist um I can help you sure yeah you’ve been calling their number for a
few days for a Shannan Harris for Shannan Harris I have been what I’ve
been calling your number and you have a very old number because theres no shannan harris that live here there’s no Shannon Harris that lives
there but your numbers we don’t even live in georgia but your number is from south Carolina though it is yeah we’re not living in, whoever you’re calling is not living here oh so you’ve got a wrong phone number I was hoping you just forget it and forget about it
but you keep calling and that’s why I’m having to return your phone call so that
you don’t keep calling this anymore I don’t want any more phone calls for this
person so I know that happens to us too we get phone calls like that too my
number has been calling you yeah okay but what if I told you I’m actually not
cvs/pharmacy then why would my number be calling you yes but but I’m actually a
resident I’m not a CVS Pharmacy though okay so so that’s kind of strange that
my phone number is is calling people I’m actually a resident in Georgia in
Savannah yeah no that’s okay I mean it’s not your fault because there’s a lot of
call spoofing going on well you know oh I thought this was the number they gave me you know what they’re doing is because
it’s the voice over Internet Protocol and and like with Skype and stuff like
that then the numbers can be spoofed so so they can actually spoof the numbers
and and people can call and actually put in
your own phone number so it could look like you’re calling your own phone
number is calling you while you’re on the phone did you know that do you happen to have the phone number for the pharmacy I have no idea, there’s several CVSs there’s like a CVS and Pooler there’s
one in in Savannah there’s a CVS I mean there are several CVS is in in Savannah
okay yeah so I mean I I mean I the problem is is that they just take our
phone numbers and start calling people I I understand I mean that’s that’s kind of rotten of
them isn’t it that they have the ability to do that but they do well there must have been a person by that name living there at one time, they’ve got very old information well no because nobody ever lived in this house with well the phone number I suppose
maybe I don’t know but I mean we’ve been here for 11 years and I know people used
to call us from Walmart all the time when we first moved here they Walmart
people would call for Walmart all the time yeah yeah is that right, yeah well I’m gonna forget about it then I hope they stop calling you, you know what you could do is get a call blocker too we got a call blocker
from Amazon and that was pretty cool and and so you can put it on your phone and
it just blocks the phone numbers from coming through yeah it’s really it works
really nifty then you don’t get any phone calls at all yeah you just have to
be careful not to block your family though because I accidentally blocked my
son or my husband might have blocked my son one day no you don’t but I mean I’ve
accidentally blocked him before you know no because I think what happens is he
dials and there’s like a delay on the phone for some reason because well we
have to use that phone through the modem through Comcast and it doesn’t work at
all it’s terrible and and and so that’s how it’s happened you know because
I can’t you know they killed our phone service about three four years ago so we
can’t use it through the walls anymore to all our rooms and I can’t even fax
anymore so you know I had paperwork yesterday I could have faxed and they
killed it so I can’t actually fax through the modem that they gave us so
Comcast is a horrible service and then they sell our information did you know
that the Comcast and a lot of these companies they sell our information yes they do, they really do, you have to tell them not to do that I don’t think they will listen I was thinking like you know if we got a
newspaper and in the past and stuff like that but they could have sold our
information too so everybody’s selling our information we’re the ones getting
poor and they’re getting rich off of selling our personal information
you know the cable companies the phone companies AT&T they’ve all been selling
it for decades they have yeah they really have yeah and isn’t it funny when you
see them on TV and they say and they’ll say oh we’re so concerned about your
privacy and and they’re the ones who are selling us out yest they are, they are why I didn’t mean to hold
you up here yeah well thank you and I that’s ok thank you for your time to explain all that yeah thank you I hope that I hope the number stops
calling you I hope so to there must have been a person by that name living there at one tim we used to get a whole lot of phone calls from this person before, when we first moved here after a while it sorta stopped actually changed our phone number at one
time because there was some well there was people calling from all over the country
and so but you know it’s like now I don’t I really don’t care I think it
bothers my husband more than that bothers me right about now you know you
know because there’s sometimes there’s things you can learn from these phone
calls a there’s things you can learn from them
and you know so but as well more than my I think it bothers me more as well more than it does my wife I think she just goes with the flow sometimes and after about 3-4 times is sorta gets on my nerves
anyway I appreciate your time what was your first name Teresa and your name is Steve okay yeah good good talking to you and I
hope hope the calls what was the name you said Susan Hill Shannon Harris
oh Shannon here’s okay I’m sorry I got It might be a man, it could be a man or a lady it is kinda strange why they do that because that information you know at the ending date they hold on
to that old information we get we get mail to a lady named Maxine who has
never lived here before yeah it’s really strange that we get it’s like a phantom
there’s like phantom ghost people who we get mail to all the time and they don’t
they’ve never lived here because this is a active housing development we were the
first people who lived in the house it so it’s strange I had this on my answering machine, so I listen to this several times over to make sure I listened to the right
phone number and this is a number they gave me to call I’m surprised it’s not the correct phone number there’s no transparency, I know at one time with Comcast I used to be able to
look through the phone numbers and and they actually showed that some of the
calls were coming from over in Africa and and and places across the ocean and
and so but now that information is hidden so it kind of showed because it’s
voice over Internet and that’s what I have with Comcast is the voice over
Internet through the modem so I actually don’t
think I don’t have a real phone line anymore it’s not like your traditional
landline and and so it’s just a modem and so it’s easy for it could probably
even be being hacked as far as that goes and and so you know so so there’s just
no getting away from it you know so then do not call list and I’m thinking they do
not call us could have been a big scam where people are putting their numbers
in there they end up getting sold and then there’s not such a thing that do
not call us this just to sell people’s private information and then you’re
never going to actually get away from people calling yet you know from
strangers calling you because they sold the personal information and then it’s
just a big joke because you know the way the phone lines are right now anybody
can hack you know or spoof and hide phone calls you know through Skype and
stuff like that so you know yeah it’s it’s been very nice talking to you nice talking to you thank you for your time too you’re welcome
yeah have a great day yep bye-bye well I just wanted to hear what his issue was
so that’s why that’s why I said that I was CVS otherwise I was thinking he
probably would have just hung up and and so you know yeah I told a little fib but
I just wanted to hear what his issue was because we get people’s phone names
showing up all the time well a lot of times are cities though so I don’t know
what our cities or a phone number so that’s what happens their city or a
phone number but my husband got so upset with it that he bought I’ll show you
guys what he bought it’s kind of a nifty little thing here this thing the CPR
Call Blocker that’s what he bought and so we blocked 275 calls and so he said
that that he did some research and it turned out that there was like a certain
amount of calls that that they use so so like the politicians
and the businesses are kind of using the same call centers and things like that
so you know so then he just hits block you know if there’s nobody on there and
then they do the feeler calls to try to get an idea when you’re home and stuff
like that and that’s been going on for a long time when I was first thank you
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