Dean Miller | Ontario Pharmacy | Ontario Pharmacists Association

Pharmacist is an important role not only
in professional care and patient care but also as the manager and the
leader of that pharmacy. Pharmacy in recent months, and actually in recent years, is being impacted in a big way by changes that have been external,
not within our control. Operationalizing things in pharmacy is
always a big challenge and in corporate head offices around the
country and in small banners like the one that I run,
it’s tough. The economics of pharmacy have changed a lot over the last ten years. The trickle-down effect of those type of economic changes means things like more pressure on staff, more inability to do certain programs that
maybe you’ve done in the past. With that people want to do better, their pharmacies want to do better than the previous year so as a
result in order to achieve that goal you’ve got to make some decisions
and those decisions might involve changing your staff or reducing your
staff or reducing your hours and when you reduce hours you know you’re gonna
impact a patient. The unfortunate truth is that I don’t think they were ever meant to cause such an effect on pharmacy. A lot of pharmacy owners have
had to make some pretty tough decisions within their business to do things a
little differently than they have in the past. I think we’re gonna continue to see
changes in our industry each and every year. Stores can best prepare for changes by first of all just acknowledging the fact
that change is inevitable. Pharmacists are up for the challenge to do more, we’ve
always done that as a profession. The role of the pharmacist is certainly one
of caregiver, one of showing a high degree of empathy to patients that
probably you know need some sort of support. It’s breaking down that stigma
and developing that trust that the pharmacist has between themselves and
patient. When done right, it’s a special bond that
a pharmacist has with a patient. Students of today are better prepared
than they ever have been, they’re the next generation of pharmacists that’s
coming out and I think they’re definitely up for
the challenge.