Hey guys, it’s me. That YouTube b– with
the big forehead. What’s up? So today, I’m going to be doing one of my most requested videos ever. I finally got it done. My makeup declutter. I decluttered my entire makeup . . . Well, I didn’t declutter all of it, but I went through all of my makeup collection. I ended up decluttering like 60% of it. I did not think I was gonna be able to do that, but I did it. I did it over the course of, like, two weeks, so these are filmed on a bunch of different days. I look a variety of different ways on these different days. I look ranging from really cute to really, really obviously on her period. So you’ll just get to see the whole range of Annika in this video. Some of this stuff will be sold on my Depop, which is my name: just Annika Osterlund, but without the last “d” because there’s no “d” in my life. @annikaosterlun. That’s my Depop. So some of that stuff will be sold in bundles on my Depop. But the other half of that stuff I will be donating to a women’s shelter. I’ll have the address down below if you guys want to donate some things, too. If you happen to go through your makeup collection or you just have things that you don’t want or friends give things to you. You know, whatever. Help these women out. There are guidelines of what you can and cannot donate. but I’ll be sure to include those down in the description. So, yeah. I’m really happy with the products that I made. I don’t know which way it’s gonna swipe. But you’ll find out. This is actually kind of cool. I’m doing like a double camera situation here. I’ve never done this before. [burps] Alright. So right now, I’m going to be doing my blushes, highlighters, and bronzers. I have a lot of these. I feel like I’m not gonna be able to part with a lot of these, just because I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to these products, just because they’re so pretty and, like, shiny. Oww! Ohhh, I just bumped my knee. Okay. So first, I’m sorry I just know that I’m gonna keep my Too Faced Love Flush Blushes. I have four shades: Baby Love, Love Hangover, How Deep is Your Love, and Justify my Love. And I almost never wear them. it’s really such a niche thing like they’re good blushes, but I just love the packaging The lighting is so whack. I need to fix this. I just . . . I look so crusty, but here, in both of these places, the lighting is relatively decent So. I’m keeping all of my Too Faced Love Flush . . . Actually, am I? Am I? Am I? Yeah. And I also want to clean out my drawers Because I have so much hair and dust . . . Eww. Like, eww. I don’t even want to look at it. Then I have my Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach blush. Again kind of like a novelty item for me. I feel like I can’t get rid of it. Ughhhh. I hate myself so much. This is really hard for me, And also, this is just not focusing on my face . . . I’m keeping it. But I think I’m gonna declutter Too Faced Love Flush Blush in “Love Hangover,” because it’s pretty similar. Just not shimmery. I’m going to declutter that. Should I keep this one? “How Deep is Your Love”? Which one’s closer to this? Hmm. It’s a little bit darker, though. Sorry. I’m really this b–. They’re totally different, but I’m still gonna get rid of this one. So, then I have two Tarte blushes. I have “Exposed” in a full-size, and then I have a mini size of “Feisty,” which I probably got in an Ipsy bag. These are so different. And I’m more drawn to “Feisty,” but “Exposed” is different, you know? Like, I don’t have a lot of them. This is really hard because all blushes are the same, and I never wear blush, so I just get weird attachment. But I think I’m gonna keep “Feisty” and get rid of “Exposed.” And then my Too Faced Candlelight . . . Oh my god . . . Candlelight Glow Highlighter. We’ve had a long road. Kind of like a love-hate relationship. I used to hate her, and then I went through a phase where I kind of understood her purpose. And now I like her. I respect her. I never use her, though. Why would I, when I have OFRA? Like . . . Okay. It’s gotta happen. Oh my god. I have this Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter. I got this when I used to go dumpster diving. Let’s not talk about it, please. It’s a really unique color, because it has a purple undertone shift. I feel like I should keep it. So gross that I got it in a dumpster, but you just . . . you had to be there. This Sigma blush is really bright pink, but I have this NYX palette . . . I’m definitely just gonna keep, because it’s so easy. Oh, okay. Oh, it’s pretty similar to this. Oh sh–. It’s like the perfect mix between these two. That’s kind of awkward. I’m gonna keep it. It’s in the shade “Nymphaea.” This Laura Geller highlighter I also got in a dumpster, I’m pretty sure. It’s in “Tropic Hues.” It’s actually a really beautiful color, but Laura Geller. Dumpster. It’s just not really adding up, sis. Milani Tea Rose. She’s cute. Like, there’s nothing wrong with her, but I just don’t really have an attraction. And then, Burt’s Bees blush. I’m gonna keep it, because it’s really natural and I like Burt’s Bees. I have two of these LA Girl highlighters. I never use either, but I want to keep one of them. So I have a lighter one and a darker one. They’re really intense. Who? What? I’m keeping that. Wait. That looks so good on me in the summer. I’m gonna keep both of them. But I’m gonna get rid of my lighter Milani Strobe Light. I have a darker one back here. And I’m gonna keep that one. This one’s in the shade 01. And I like the one in 02 more, just because it’s darker. It’s a little bit more flattering. Oh my god. Aspyn Ovard “Santorini Sunset.” This was like my holy grail before I discovered OFRA. I don’t know. I used to be obsessed with this, because it is really intense. But they don’t even sell it anymore. I literally forgot that I had this. I haven’t gone inside of my makeup drawers in so long, and that’s partly why they’re so gross. Like, I’ve just been using what I’ve been using for the past three months. Essence Pure Nude — another love-hate relationship. But mostly a hate one. I’m gonna declutter this. Oh, this is broken. Okay, I’m just gonna throw that out. “Apricot in the Middle” by Wet n Wild is really good. I don’t know why I’m keeping all these blushes. I think it’s just because pink is a really attractive color to me, and I think I just have a hard time not keeping it. I don’t know. Interesting phenomenon. I like this one, but it’s literally so similar to “Papa Don’t Peach.” Uh, “Papa Don’t Peach” is a little bit pinker. I’m keeping them both. You already know I am. Okay. I’m getting rid of this Wet n Wild one. It’s actually really good. I love the Wet n Wild highlighters, but this color just isn’t really for me anymore. I’m not really into icy highlighters. No7 Bronzer is actually pretty good. I’m gonna keep that. It’s a really warm bronzer. And I’m also gonna keep this Too Faced Sweet Tea Bronzer. I really like this. It’s really glowy. “Really glowy.” I have two BECCA. Aww. I’m gonna keep “Champagne Pop,” because it’s actually beautiful and it was my first makeup product, if you didn’t know. I feel like I flex that all the time, but it was my first high-end makeup product. But I also have Prismatic Amethyst, which I mostly just got because amethyst is my birthstone, and I was like, “Oh my god!” But I hate purple highlights. I just thought it was cool. But I think it’s time. I could probably sell this and be like, “Limited Edition BECCA Cosmetics . . . ” Like . . . Ah. Tarte Stunner. Mine was broken, so I fixed it. But it’s so . . . it’s literally so beautiful, still. It’s the creamiest thing ever, but it’s so dark. UGH. I have to keep it! It’s fine, honestly. This isn’t like, “I need more space.” It’s just like, “I need to declutter, just because things are getting old.” So it’s not like an emergency for me to get rid of everything. This highlighter I got as a gift for Christmas in 2000-something. And I just don’t like white highlighters anymore. So even though it was a gift, I’m gonna give it away. Another BECCA one. This is Vanilla Quartz. I think I actually like this one. I feel like these ones — the ones with the geometric triangles in it — I feel like they’re not as good quality as their original formula. I don’t know. There’s just something about it. Maybe it’s just the shape that’s affecting me. Like pasta, you know? Yeah, I’m gonna keep this BECCA one as well. And then I have my Fenty Beauty, which I’m keeping, of course. It’s not even that good. I just . . . I really like the packaging. And I just have some attraction, I guess you could say. to Fenty products. I don’t know why. But I have the “Mean Money / Hustla Baby” one. Okay, this Pretty Vulgar bronzer I got my BoxyCharm. It’s in bronze B. Or maybe it’s in “Sunkissed Snitch.” I don’t know. It’s just so orange. If it’s gonna be this dark, I need to contour with it. But it’s not a contour color. So . . . But this is contour color. Tarte “Park Ave. Princess.” I’m gonna keep this. What is this? Oh. This is a highlighter? I’m just gonna get rid of this. It’s an e.l.f. one. I gotta keep my Jeffree one, just for sentimental purposes. I don’t . . . I don’t know. I really have an attraction to this. Okay, so I need to take this out. This is so disgusting. And then, maybe I’ll vacuum. Alright. So this is what the drawer looks like. Definitely a lot less cluttered now. I feel like I decluttered a lot. But I also just, like, around my . . . Oh, sorry. Hi. Around my makeup table area, I do have random little highlights. I have this Amrezy one. But I’m definitely gonna keep that. Like, I’m not . . . not a f-in crazy b–. I’m gonna be doing these videos on different days. So, I’ll see you on a different day. It’s a really good time of day, so that’s why the lighting’s really good. But I like this setup. I’m going to be doing my foundations and my primers. Hello. Thank you. [laughs] I don’t even wear foundation, but I do want to keep a few — the ones that aren’t old. I feel like most of this stuff is gonna go in the trash. I’m really like . . . I’ll keep a lot of things. I’ll keep eyeshadow palettes. I’ll even keep blushes and bronzers, if they’re old. But not stuff that’s seeping into my pores. F– no! Throw that out. So let’s just bring the trash. Okay, I’m gonna keep my Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation. I really like this, even though it’s kind of dark. It’s good in the summer, though. But I’m gonna get rid of both of these Wet n Wild ones. Actually, maybe I’ll keep my . . . No. I should just get new ones. If I’m really gonna wear foundation, I should just get a new one. Conceal + Perfect in 00B. I’m gonna keep this. It’s really good. I finally got my shade in this. But I have a darker shade: 01. “Creamy Vanilla.” Creamy Vanilla. I’m gonna throw that out, but I’m gonna keep the one in 00B. This Makeup Forever one I got in 8th grade. That’s so gross. That’s two years. It’s not even good. I should tilt this down a little bit. I should just straight-up throw out these because they’re not even cruelty free. When is L’Oreal and Maybelline . . . When are they gonna get on that? Because they’re such major brands but they’re not cruelty free. Oh, the Shape Tape foundation. I can’t remember if I like this or not. But I do remember it’s relatively new to my collection. It’s probably one of the newest foundations I have in my collection. So I’m gonna keep it. Okay, I’m back. It’s been a minute, though, so the lighting’s not as good. But it’s honestly still pretty good. We’re on Kat Von D, and I couldn’t squeeze it out last time we were here, and this camera died. Long story. Anyway. I was trying to push it out and look. Look at that. Like, it didn’t come out at the time, but now it’s come out in, like, a . . . I don’t even know. I feel like that means it’s old. Oh my god. Bro. That’s like a f-ing crayon. That’s what it’s like. Oh wait, did I get it? Oh my god, I got it. But that’s definitely not my shade. So, yeah. I’m gonna declutter this. This, I remember I got it in the eighth grade. I’m probably gonna throw this ho out, too. And then, CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir. Bye. Oh, this I also got a while ago. It’s like a k-beauty foundation. I don’t know. And then this . . . I stole from Macy’s. This was a really long time ago. Don’t worry. Maybe I’ll do a story time someday. But I’m gonna get rid of both of these. And then all of these liquid BB cream foundation things. Imma literally just gonna throw out. Most of them are from dumpsters, anyway. You guys know I’m really gross. Okay. Now we’re moving on to primers. Cover FX Blurring Primer. I need to put this lower. I also have the BECCA Velvet Blurring Primer. But I think I like the Cover FX one more. So I think I’m gonna declutter the BECCA one. But it’s not . . . the BECCA one’s not even bad. It’s not old. It’s just not as blurring. They’re different. The BECCA one doesn’t feel silicone-y. But this will fill my pores. I’m gonna keep both of them for now. But if there’s another blurring primer . . . I’m just gonna get rid of the Milk Blur Stick, because we don’t need her in the mix. But she’s still like . . . she has not dried up. Declutter that! This Huda Beauty one . . . This is relatively new. I definitely got this like last year. I don’t know. I feel like this one was supposed to be super good, but I wasn’t that impressed by it. No, I’m gonna keep it. I’m gonna keep it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m that b-. But I’m gonna declutter this Makeup Forever one. This is disgusting. I found this at Marshall’s awhile ago. It’s probably gross now. BECCA First Light Priming Filter. I don’t remember how I feel about this one. What does it . . . do? Like, what’s its thing? Is it supposed to brighten? I guess it’s pretty hydrating. Actually that might be good, because before, I was really into primers that were sticky. I thought that they would keep my foundation on, because I was convinced, I was like, “Foundation works for everybody else.” Like, “It must just look weird on me because it’s not staying on.” No. It looks weird on everybody. There are so few people that can pull off foundation without it getting cakey throughout the day. I think it happens to everybody. So I just gave up on foundation altogether. Now I just like to have a hydrating primer so that my . . . face will be hydrated. I’m gonna hold on to that one. So I have this mini No Poreblem Primer, but I’m gonna throw it out, because, actually, in my February BoxyCharm, I got a brand new full-size one. I have not even opened this yet. I haven’t even pumped it. So I’m gonna keep that. Throw out the other one. Tester. If it says “tester” on it, y’all, I got it in a dumpster. In middle school, I was . . . I was a makeup fiend. No. Oh my god. You don’t even want to know. I’m just gonna throw out all of my minis, because I really don’t have a use for them. Oh my god, Smashbox Priming Oil? I forgot I had this. Oh my god, I have . . . not used this in so long. I’m a sucker for primers. I don’t know why, but primers and highlighters, I’m really attached to. Okay. So I’m gonna keep the Smashbox, one but I’m gonna get rid of this OFRA one. But it’s still relatively new, so I’ll just give that away. I’m gonna throw this out, because I’m pretty sure I got this in a dumpster. I have two little mini Smashbox ones. I’m gonna look up if Smashbox is cruelty free. No, yeah they’re not. Sell in China, so I’m gonna . . . I’m just gonna throw them out. Then I have a Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer that has foundation on it. And I’m gonna keep this, just because sometimes BoxyCharms really suck ass, but sometimes they kind of slap and you get a really good expensive product. So I was really excited to get that. Oh, and I’m definitely gonna keep this. I’m actually gonna move this to my everyday makeup drawer. The First Aid Beauty Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. It’s so good. I have not used this in a long time. But I actually stayed over at MC’s house on a school night, so I needed to do my makeup in the morning, and she had this. And I used it. And I was like, “F–! I have this.” And then, the Milk Cooling Water Stick. I don’t think I’m gonna do it, just because, number one: It looks like it’s shrunk a little bit, which means it’s drying out. And number two: I have so many other products that are much more hydrating than this. Because this is a stick. Like, I don’t know. I have this e.l.f. one. I also have this e.l.f. one. I think those are the only e.l.f. ones that I have. I feel like I used these in middle school. I can really just buy another one. They were like six dollars. Rimmel Stay Matte whatever. Catrice. I haven’t used this once. It actually might be good. I’ll put it in my color correcting drawer so that I can get more use out of it. But I’m gonna keep it. This was my favorite primer for so long. And, honestly, it’s a great primer. But it’s probably really old at this point. Octaly sent it to me, so I didn’t get it off of Sephora. And I don’t . . . oh, it still feels like it’s good. It still smells good, though. I’ll declutter it. Too Faced Hangover Rx. Honestly, why not? I’m almost done with it, so I might as well just finish it up. NYX Honey Dew Me Up. If y’all remember, y’all remember. I’m not even gonna repeat that story. I really like this. I’m gonna keep it. I’m gonna get rid of all my Maybelline Master Primes. All of my L’Oreal. I just never threw out makeup. Like, all of this stuff is literally from when I first started my collection. I just never threw it out, because I didn’t like my drawers to be empty. So I’m gonna . . . Also, this, because I got this in a dumpster, too. Throw that out. I’m gonna declutter all of these. I’m just gonna straight throw them out. I have another Rimmel Stay Matte. That’s cool. NYX Soft Focus. I remember this was kind of trash and I hit pan on it so quick. I’ll just declutter it. Born to Glow. Is it really glowy, or is it just shimmery? Oh, sh–. Okay. There’s no shimmer in it. Nice. I will keep it. Pop Beauty Zero Shine Prime. I got this recently. I’ve never worn it. Like, ever. I don’t have very many mattifying primers. I have blurring ones, but not specifically for mattifying. So I’m gonna keep that. Try it out a little bit because I don’t recall ever getting that. NYX Hydra Touch. I’m just gonna get rid of this, because it’s good, but it’s just kind of basic. And I have a bunch of other water . . . This is kind of like a moisturizer, in a way. And I have that Tarte Water Moisturizer. NYX Angel Veil. Oh my god. I remember I lusted after this for so long before I got it, because it was 16 whole dollars, and now I don’t even remember how I feel about it. There are so many primers on my hand. Oh, is this the dupe for the Too Faced? Then maybe I’ll keep the Angel one and get rid of . . . Bro, I don’t . . . know . . . or care, really. Icka backa soda cracker, icka backa boo, icka backa soda cracker, I choose you. I’m getting rid of this one. I have three Milani primers. Mattifying + pore minimizing, strobing + pore minimizing, hydrating + pore minimizing. I don’t need any of these. I don’t remember when I got any of these. I feel like I should just throw them out. Okay. Then I just have this Physicians Formula spray, which I’m definitely gonna throw out. It smelled really weird. I used to really like this Wet n Wild primer, but it’s definitely old now, so I’m going to throw it out. I might consider repurchasing it. And then this Flower Beauty Illuminating Highlighter, maybe? I don’t know if it’s a highlighter or primer. Yeah, that’s definitely a primer. It’s not intense enough to be a highlighter. But it’s actually really pretty. I’m gonna keep it. Sh–. Alright. I’m gonna clean this motherf–er out. I’ll be right back when it’s all organized. Y’all! Look how f-ing empty this sh– is! Dude. I could congeal this with another drawer. That’s crazy. My makeup collection has literally never been this small. Like, I’m kind of really into it. I feel like maybe I’ll start using products more? Next time I see you guys, we’re gonna be doing these, which are over here. For you guys, it’s gonna be like five seconds, but for me it’s gonna be like a few days, so . . . Hello. I decided I’m gonna do concealers right now, because I have the energy, and I have the time. So why not? Because I know full well I’m not gonna want to do it later. So, this is the darker part of my room. Hi. I think it’s still illuminated enough so that you can see me and everything. So this drawer has my concealers, my color correctors, and my powders in it. And there’s also some stuff back here, because I didn’t have more organizers. First, let’s just look through the powders. I’m gonna get rid of this Fit Me one, because this is actually my first . . . Actually, no. I repurchased it, but this was my second powder ever. Rimmel Stay Matte. Y’all know this was my holy grail. This was the reason I didn’t want to go cruelty free, was because of this powder right here, ladies and gentlemen. I literally will just throw it out. Then I have this one Wet n Wild one, which I remember don’t . . . Sh–! I actually I forgot that I had all of these powders. Wow! Okay. I have the Kat Von D Lock It Powder? Oh my god, I need to use this. Moving that to my everyday makeup drawer. Holy sh–. I did not know that I had that. This Smashbox powder, which I got during my first dumpster dive. Throwing that out, This H&M powder. Looks a little dark. I could donate it. And then the Too Faced Peach Blur. I meant to buy the peach . . . like, the Peach Pie Blush. But the boxes are the same. So I’m also probably gonna donate this one, Because it’s just basically brand new if you look at . . . Ohhhh, yeah. Now it’s basically even more brand new. And then this bareMinerals one that I got at an outlet mall? This is literally white with some sparkles in it. Whoa, my finger got cut. Did you guys see this? Why didn’t you tell me? But it’s not actively bleeding. It’s like . . . Okay, that’s weird. Now we’re looking at my concealers. I have a lot and I don’t use any of them. Milani Retouch and Erase was actually really good and really full coverage. I have two of those, so I’m gonna keep both of them. This LA Girl Pro Concealer I’m also gonna get rid of, because, if I remember correctly, this one was too orange. Or did I get a different one? I don’t think I got a different one. Yeah, I’m gonna get rid of that. Uh . . . No, this is old. Gonna get rid of the Wet n wild. I need to get another IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye, because it’s actually really good. Really full-coverage, and it’s waterproof. But this one is literally from a dumpster. And it still did me so good, Like, she didn’t do me dirty, even though she was from a dumpster. But she’s basically empty now, and she doesn’t even had a cap. Ready Set Gorgeous . . . Ready Set S– My D–. Throwing that out. Maybelline Better Skin. Not cruelty free. S– my d–. Makeup Forever sample that isn’t in my shade. And Makeup Forever Concealer . . . Oh this is . . . No. I . . . I can’t. I’m making my collection cruelty free right now. YSL No Need to Sleep. I got this at Nordstrom Rack. Oooh, why does that . . . Burn?! Um, okay. Maybe I should throw that out. My neck hurts. Wait, what’s this? Colourpop concealer? What? So I’m gonna keep that. And have another Makeup Forever one. I’m gonna throw out. Urban Decay. Throw out. Mini Naked Skin. Why don’t I just keep it? Rimmel? Throw out. NARS? Throw out. NYX Orange Color Correct . . . I don’t need that. I have a bunch of other color correctors. L’Oreal? Throw out. Then this BECCA one, I barely even touch. Can you foc . . . Can you . . . Can you stop? Can you . . . I’ve barely even touched it, so I could probably give that to a better home. And then, I’m gonna keep my Born This Way. Now let’s look at my color correctors. I just did this in the primer drawer, and I’m gonna keep her, just to give her a chance. I have a bunch of Kokie Color Correctors. I think I’m gonna keep the purple one and the orange one. I’m gonna get rid of the green and the yellow. And then, gonna get rid of all these Essence Color Sticks, except for, I have the green one in my everyday makeup. So I’m gonna keep that one. And then I have these two palettes. I’m gonna keep the NYX one, but get rid of the L’Oreal one. And then back here, all of these powders. This is gross. This is gross. This is pretty good, actually, for a drugstore powder. This is disgusting. If you’re an OG, you’ll remember how much I actively hate this powder. It has such bad flashback. Remember that video that I looked really ugly in? Yeah. This little e.l.f. powder? I don’t need it. Urban Decay Velvetizer? I’ll keep. And, do I have any left in this Laura Mercier? [gasps] I do. I’ll keep that. Sh–! This Kitty Powder which, this used to be my favorite powder for a really long time. I think I’ve moved on. I’m gonna keep it. I stan myself. I got rid of so many concealers. That’s awesome! I had so many that I didn’t need, and I’m happy that I’m giving away some things, too. I’ll be able to donate those. What’s this drawer? Oh. “Mas-kerras.” We’re gonna have fun with this drawer, but we’re not doing that today. Okay. I can dead ass tell you right now that most of these are going to be decluttered. Like, I’m gonna be throwing out most of these, honestly, because they’re probably all old. I haven’t bought a new mascara in so long. Dude, this lighting is so sh–. Alright. Whatever. First, to make things easier, I’m just gonna throw away all my Maybelline ones, because I know they’re old, and they’re not cruelty free, So even if they aren’t old, I don’t want them. If I don’t want it, I’m throwing the sh– out, because why would I give mascara to somebody? That’s kind of weird. Cover Girl? Throwing that out. Lancome! This is old. Oh, maybe it’s not. I used to love this con . . . um, mascara. Concealer! [laughs] But I’m pretty sure Lancome isn’t cruelty free, and I’m just so into my IT Cosmetics Superhero mascara. I’m on my second bottle of it. It is so good! You guys always ask me what mascara I’m wearing. I’m always wearing that mascara. So if you’re wondering, that’s what I’m wearing. Gang sh–. Oh my god, wait. I have a mini? That’s probably old, though. So I’m just gonna throw out all my minis. I have a bunch. Hi. Sorry. My bad. My vlogging camera died. But I was talking about the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. I have it in a special packaging, but I don’t think it’s old, because it looks and smells fine. I think I got it last year, I’m pretty sure. Hmm. I’m gonna keep this one. And then I’m gonna get rid of this Too Faced Better Than Sex, because in the February BoxyCharm, they gave us a new Better Than Sex. So I’m gonna retire that one. Oh, I have a Sam Marcel mascara that I have never tried. Oooh, that’s so juicy and new! I don’t like that I used the word “juicy,” but I’m gonna keep that too. And then I’m gonna declutter, throw out both of my Benefit mascaras. And then, this, I don’t think has anything left in it. This, I got this last year. I’m supposed to retire them every six months, but this looks so new. I keep my mascaras for like a year. I know you’re not supposed to, and if they get nasty, then I’ll throw them out. But if they’re good, if they don’t smell weird, and if they keep applying, then I’m gonna keep them. I also have another Eye Co. one. This is Lash Alert. It looks like I’ve used more of it, so I’ll throw this one out. This Kush Milk Makeup Mascara, I got this over the summer when I was in Texas. So I’m gonna keep that, because it’s relatively new, I don’t love it, but I like to have options. This is so old. I got this in my first Ipsy bag. Oh, no. This is old, too. Oh, 18 months. Sh–. Okay, then. I think it might be fine. Yeah, this is fine. Wow. I used to love these Essence Volume Stylists, but I’m gonna throw them out now, because they’re probably really old. It’s the same with all my Essences, actually. Catrice Lash Dresser Comb? I’m gonna throw that out. And then, I have a bunch of these chunky Essence ones and some L’Oreal ones. Another Maybelline one. And then, this is a Wander Beauty one. This is so stupid. It has like no coverage at all, but it does make your eyelashes black. It just doesn’t lengthen or voluminize them. So when I put on fake lashes, I use this one just to make it black, but not to give me any extra length. So I’m gonna keep that one, and throw out all of these hoes. All of those hoes. And then I have some eyebrow products back here. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna declutter most of these. I’m gonna keep my e.l.f. one. Keep my Eye Co. Brow Gel. This, I need to throw out. But it just has this dark powder that is really good for my eyebrows. But I got in a dumpster. I lost the cap. It’s so gross. I’ve never tried this. I want to keep this and try it, because I know Pacifica is vegan and cruelty free. And then, I have this e.l.f. one, but I have an Anastasia clear one, which . . . Is this another one? Oh no. This is an old one. Throw that out. That’s kind of gross. My first eyebrow product ever! Oh my god, Tattoo Brow Kat Von D in the shade “Blonde.” It was way too light for me. It barely did anything. You can’t even see that! That’s so cute. But absolutely the f– not. This, I definitely got in a dumpster. Throw that out. Throw out the Gimme Brow. Not cruelty free. This, I also got in a dumpster. I’ll keep my NYX one, just so I can have a drugstore option, if I’m getting rid of my e.l.f. This is an Ardell powder that is too brown/warm/auburn tone for me. And then this is a BECCA. It’s so sh-y. I got it on sale. Oh. That’s like a dark brown powder right? I could use that. Okay. I’ll keep this. It’s a k-beauty one. But sometimes I just like to set my eyebrows with powders so that they don’t disappear. Okay, so I’m gonna get the hair out of this. This is crazy. This is not me. This has never been me. I’ve never had this amount of makeup. I’ve either had not any or so much. I kind of skipped over the growing phase of my makeup collection, because I went dumpster diving so much, and I just kept everything. This is even more than I need. So . . . Next, we have palettes. And I think I’m gonna do that another day, because that’s a big task that you’re asking of me. That might have to be its own video. Look at this trash can. It’s so heavy. See you guys later. Hi guys. Today I’m going to be doing my palettes. I have a lot of them. This isn’t even the only drawer I have. I have another full drawer of palettes over here that we’ll look at. And I also have some all over my makeup table. This might take a while. I’m already out of breath. First is the Gingerbread Spice Palette, and I’m gonna keep this one. My Little Pony — I can tell you, I’ll just give away. It’s still in pretty good condition. I just . . . I need to put this lower. I’ve been editing the other videos, and as I’m watching them back, I see that I duck out of the frame so much. So yeah, I’m gonna declutter the My Little Pony one. There’s nothing wrong with it. The shadows are still good, but I just don’t like the colors, especially all together. Like, I don’t know what look I could make with this, beside something with the middle row. I don’t know, fam. I have this Protege Palette. Oh, this is . . . Ah! This looks pretty as f–! These look really . . . Oh yes! That pigment. Let’s swatch them out. Oh, keep. Definitely keep. This is by Suva Beauty. I have some Suva Beauty singles somewhere in here, so we’ll get to those at some point. I’m gonna keep my Modern Renaissance Palette. I can’t believe I haven’t even hit pan on this. Like, this used to be my favorite palette, but I didn’t even hit pan on it. Who am I? Kathleenlights Dream Street. Oh, I used to love this. I do like the color selection. I think it’s really pretty, but I’ll put this in a “Maybe” pile. I’m gonna start “Maybe” file. This is a Retro Love Palette from that place . . . Hush? Yeah, Hush Beauty, where they dupe other makeup. I’m just gonna get rid of this. There’s nothing wrong with the formula. It’s not like a knockoff. I just haven’t touched it, so I’m gonna give that away. It’s actually pretty good. So . . . Some of these palettes will be on my Depop. I’m probably gonna end up doing a little box giveaway. A few of them, maybe. Also, I hate that I even have to say this, but nothing from a dumpster will be on my Depop. Just . . . just so you know. I can’t believe I have to make that disclaimer, but . . . Don’t worry. I have more ones from Hush. I have Bad Habit Aurora, which is supposed to be like the Prism Palette. I think that’s what it’s called. Not super into it. But some of these shimmers look really nice, though. I bet somebody would enjoy that. And then, I have the Inferno Palette, which, I just . . . I’m so not attracted to these colors. I mean, I get it. At this point, what are you gonna come out with? Every palette’s been done. But whatever you come out with, just don’t do this. Don’t do this. So, I have all the Naked palettes. That’s not true. I have the first three Maked palettes and . . . First three Maked . . . The first three Naked palettes and the Heat. And then, I have first three Chocolate Bar palettes. Where the f– is my Sweet Peach? Wait. This is tea. That’s so sad. Where is that? Okay, whatever. I had the Sweet Peach. I also have the Chocolate Gold. I’m gonna keep this one, just because it’s really unique. And if I ever need a green shimmer, or a pink shimmer, or gold shimmer, or any color shimmer, I will come here. And I also really like packaging, and the mirror is f-ing thick. Okay, that was really weird. I don’t know why I told you that I had all the Naked palettes and all the Chocolate Bar palettes, but I didn’t declutter them right then and there. I only looked at the Chocolate Gold Palette. Because, later, I actually end up decluttering some of those palettes. So, I don’t know why I just told you that. That was a kind of weird flex. But we’ll get there. I love this palette. Y’all know I’m not the biggest fan of Jaclyn Hill, and, actually, I have her big Morphe palette up there. I’m gonna end up decluttering that. Spoiler alert. I already know I am. When she came out with the Vault set, she also came out with individuals, which I thought was really a good idea. But she did not do that at first. So it was probably somebody else’s idea. I just like these shades. I love green, especially on brown eyes. I just think that it looks really good. I do wish there were more green shades in here, because this is called Armed and Gorgeous. I guess it’s supposed to be army themed, but there’s only one green. So I wish that there were more greens. But I’m gonna keep it, anyway. I do have other green eyeshadows. This Ace Beaute Grandiose Palette. I got it in a BoxyCharm, I think. I’ve only kept it because of this shade: “Rose.” I haven’t even used it on my eyes, but that shade is just gorgeous. I have to keep it. And the shade “Jasmine” is really pretty. That would be a gorgeous face highlight. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team and you got to keep something just for one color. But I can give away the Tartlet in Bloom. She did me well at one point. But if I’m wearing eyeshadow, I almost never wear neutral eyeshadow, just because . . . I don’t know I feel like that was so 2015. I feel like now it’s go big or go home. This is my “going home” thing. Urban Decay Electric Palette, which I forgot I had, and, to be quite honest, I don’t need, because I love my neon colors, don’t get me wrong, but almost all of these have glitter in them, and they all stain your eyelid. Chocolate Bonbon I got in a dumpster. Actually, a pretty good find. Pretty good find. This is missing one shade, but, um, it’s time. Just gonna throw that out. As for my Naked palettes, I think I need to be kind of ruthless right now. I think I’m gonna get rid of the original Naked palette. It was like my third palette. I think it went Lorac, Chocolate Bar, then Naked. But I just never use it. I’m gonna keep it for old time’s sake. And I’m gonna get rid of the Naked 2. Cori, I know you got it for me. I’m really sorry. Yeah, I really loved it at the time. Somebody else is gonna love this. But I’m gonna keep my Naked 3, because, out of all of them, this one is my favorite. I know I said I don’t like neutral tones, but there’s something about this palette that just really attracts me. I think it might be pink. As I mentioned before with blushes, I just love the color pink. Naked Heat. I don’t need. I think I literally bought it for the packaging. I heard that they all blended together, and they do. Like, what’s the difference between this one and this one? I really just bought it for the packaging. It’s time to give that away. I have the Lorac 1 and 3. And I actually like the Lorac 3 even though . . . I know I said I don’t like neutral tones, but there are specific neutral tones that I like. I like that shade. I like how it has that shade in there. Like, there’s different looks that you can make out of this, not just like brown, brown, brown. Lorac 1 is kind of just like brown, brown, brown. But this was my first palette, so I’m gonna keep it for sentimental reasons. I’m gonna keep this one because I actually like it. Gang sh–. Okay. Original Chocolate Bar? I’m keeping it. I’m sorry. I’m a little wh-re. I know. I don’t care. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. It’s the most expensive palette I ever bought, and I’m definitely keeping it. I don’t have the new one, so . . . Maybe it got better, maybe it got worse. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar. It’s cute, but I don’t love it. It’s just a little too brown. Why do I not like this one, but I like the Lorac 3? That’s what I want to know. This one has like a standout color, and it has a warm shade. I don’t know. I just think this palette is more cohesive. Okay. I’m gonna get rid of the Semi-Sweet. Once upon a time, I had the whole collection. But that time has come to an end. Then I have two little ones. I have Peanut Butter and Jelly. I’m gonna keep it? And then Natural Matte, I’m going to declutter, even though I do really like the shade combination. I think this is a good matte palette, maybe because it goes dark. I think that’s why I like it, but I think somebody else could get much more use out of it. Okay. Next row. Oh, here’s my Sweet Peach Palette. I was actually kind of freaking out for a sec. I was really scared. I’m a hundred percent keeping this. I love this palette. Okay, then I have all my ColourPop singles. And then, I have some random highlights. I’m just gonna keep these, because why the hell not? Maybe one day I’ll go through them and decide which ones I want to keep. But for now . . . These are my Suva eyeshadows, and I know, right? F–! One day I’m gonna need a bright ass orange and I’m gonna be like sh–! I have that! So, thank you Suba Beauty for hooking me up. The Alamar Cosmetics palette? I actually really love. The formula is just really nice. You can’t do that many looks with it, but just every now and then, putting one of these eyeshadows in my look, I’ll go into this palette just so I can use it again. I don’t know. And I also really like La Costa as a highlight. PUR and BoxyCharm. [laughs] This is so ugly. Where’s the mid-tone brown? Bruh. Here’s a transition shade. Here’s a deepening shade. Where’s the . . . no. I’m sorry. My Little Pony the Movie by PUR. This one was better than the ColourPop one, I’ll give you that, because you could actually make looks out of this b–. I’m honestly gonna keep this. Sorry. Just for this nostalgia reasons, because I watched My Little Pony until I was in fifth grade. I’m not kidding. I don’t want to talk about it. Just Peachy Mattes. I love this palette. I love it even more than the Sweet Peach, if I dare to say. I don’t like how it smells as much, though. But I’m gonna keep this one. Oh my God, my Buxom Palette. This is just gross. I’ll declutter this. Should I throw it out? I don’t remember when I made this. This Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions. Again, you guys know how I feel about neutral tones. Still, I’m not the biggest fan of this palette, and that’s why I don’t find myself using it that much. I think it’s that shade that drew me, and that one, too. But mostly I just love nice, dark browns. I’m gonna keep this one, though I wish I hadn’t gotten this one. I wish I had waited until she came out with the colored ones, and then I would have gotten the green one. [sighs] Whatever. Makeup Revolution Neutrals vs. Neutrals Palette. No. I’m gonna give that to somebody. Sam Marcel palette that I’ve never tried, but I don’t think I care to, because it’s all shimmers. It’s really pretty, though, and it’s really classy. I love Sam Marcel. Like, their packaging. This Sigma palette? Absolutely not. So ugly. Oh, I also got this palette in a dumpster Again, only missing one shade. She did me pretty well. [drops palette] Oh my god, I’m not doing well. She did me pretty well. But I’m definitely not gonna sell this to somebody, because I got it in a dumpster. NYX Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette. I’m actually gonna keep this. because I really like the concept of this. I think on some level, it’s kind of f-ing stupid. Like, really? I mean, it’s just kind of stupid that they’re in different finishes, but I appreciate it. And I like the colors so I’m gonna keep it. Okay. And then, my Makeup Geek eyeshadow. Oh wow. This has been a loooooong time. I’m gonna keep it, especially just for this one: “Untamed.” Nut! Here’s a makeup brush! So now, I’m gonna put back . . . Oh, should I keep the Dream Street? I’m gonna keep the Dream Street, just because I’m a little wh–. So I’m gonna put back the ones that I’m keeping. I got rid of some actually big brand palettes, because usually I only get rid of the ones that didn’t cost that much, so I don’t have an attachment to them. But I got rid of some big ones. Oh my god, am I gonna be able to fit them all in one row? No, no. Probably not. which is actually gonna be kind of unsatisfying. Yeah. Okay. So this is the drawer. It looks so much better This is crazy. I’m really happy. But we’re not done yet, folks. Get ready! This is like the eighth day. I don’t even know how many days this is taking me to film all this. But now we’re gonna be doing my second palette drawer. We’ve moved on to the Alex 9 drawers, but there are only, like, two that we’re gonna be looking at, because the rest is skin care. I’ve got lashes in here and makeup bags and stuff, but not really anything declutter-worthy. First, I can tell you right now, I’m decluttering the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. I don’t like Jaclyn Hill. I don’t like the colors in this. I never understood why she . . . I feel like she just put blues in there to be unique. So I’m gonna declutter this. I’m sure that somebody would really like this. Or I can also donate this, because I’m sure lots of women shelters would like neutral colors like this for job interviews and stuff. My Burn Book Palette by Storybook Cosmetics, I’m gonna keep. I almost never use it, but it’s such a novelty item for me. I love “Mean Girls.” It was my favorite movie for so long. And I also really like this shade “Gruel.” I’m want to use it in one of my zodiac looks, but I’m not sure which one, yet. Whichever one reminds me of green, which I think is Gemini. Or Virgo kind of reminds me of green. I’m gonna keep this, even though it’s kind of bulky. But it’s just such a display palette. Like, I don’t know. I think it’s really fun. This Pixi by Petra Palette. I’ve swatched this shade, and it’s really pretty as a highlight, but they’re all shimmers, and I just don’t think I’m gonna get that much use out of it, so I’m gonna declutter this one. But the formula’s really nice. I know I’m gonna keep my Zulu by Juvia’s Place. But am I also gonna keep my Masquerade one? I just love the colors in this. Like, look. But this one is not so much. I was really excited about it when I first got it. Don’t get me wrong. And I love the formula of these. But now I’m seeing that all these colorful shades are shimmer, except for this one. And this is a matte with glitter in it. So I don’t know. I think somebody else might get more use out of this than me. Oh my god! Is Laura Lee’s brand — Laura Lee Los Angeles? — are they gonna come out with “conciller”? [gasps] They should call it “Conciller.” I’m gonna get rid of this. Some of the colors do look interesting, but . . . This drawer is kind of like my backup palettes that don’t really get as much love as they should. Bad Habit Aphrodite Palette. It’s like a dupe for the Huda Beauty Rose Gold one. So I don’t need that. I have two e.l.f. palettes. An all-matte brown one, which is the Mad for Matte. And then I have the Mad for Matte Summer Breeze. It’s cute. I like it better than the other one, for sure. But I’m still not a huge fan of it. I have a bunch of these Essence palettes, which I don’t need. I’ve never even touched, I don’t think. This Wet n Wild palette is actually pretty good. Rose in the Air. It was their new formula. I really like that pink color. It’s kind of a dupe for the Modern Renaissance, I heard. I don’t know. I kind of want to keep it, but I literally have the Modern Renaissance, and it’s a dupe for the Modern Renaissance. Declutter that. And then, this NYC palette, I’ve gotta throw out. I’ve had that for ages. And then, oh my god, Wet n Wild Comfort Zone! That’s so cute. I have to throw it out, though. But that is such a throwback. Oh my god. Morphe 25A, I mostly bought just for this gold shade, and now I have so many shades like that. I’m just gonna declutter this, because it’s mostly neutral. There’s a whole row that’s the same. We decluttered almost everything in this drawer. That’s kind of . . . wacky. This is a face highlight. Gonna move it up here. And these are my face palettes. This is a ColourPop: “I Like Your Face.” I’m so out of breath. It was supposed to be a dupe for the Nicole Guerrero one, maybe? I think I had the Nicole Guerrero one, but I decluttered it a while ago. And I have not touched this in so long. And I just have so many highlighters that I love more than this. So I can declutter that. This Cover FX Palette I just got in my BoxyCharm. And it’s nice. I don’t know. I feel like these shades are just a little bit too dark for me. Like, the highlighters are a little bit too dark for me to enjoy. and then, the contour is a little bit too light. Anastasia Moonchild. I have this, and I also have Unicorn Glow for, like, interesting colored palettes. And I think I’m gonna keep Unicorn Glow over it, honestly. Because Moonchild has more blue tones, but this one has all of the shades. And this one is from . . . This palette is by [voice cracks] Face . . [cracking] “Face” This palette is by Face Candy, which is sold on Shop Hush. So I think I’m gonna keep this one, just because it has more colors in it for me to choose from. And I’m going to declutter my Moonchild Glow Kit. Wander Beauty Dusk to Dawn Palette is brand new, so I’m gonna declutter that, because I’m just not a huge fan of that. This Nude Rose Palette, I’m gonna keep, because I actually really like it. I don’t know if they still sell it. Benefit Cheekathon. I have to declutter this, because it’s not cruelty free, and I just . . . I never really used it, anyway. I just don’t have a use for big palettes. I don’t know. This is a PUR face palette. Wow that’s a dark . . . that’s a . . . Wow, that’s really dark! Wow. Okay. I remember this highlight was really pretty, but these are just so dark I don’t even think it’s worth keeping just for the one highlighter. I will give that away. My hands are just covered in . . . sh–. Okay, I have two glow kits. I have the Sun Dipped Glow Kit. I have to keep both of these. And then, I have the Sugar one. I’m gonna keep both of these. You already f-ing know. This PUR palette, I got in a dumpster. Gotta get rid of that! Makeup Revolution blush palette. Oh wow. Those are some colors, sis! I will declutter this, as well. Mini Tarteist Contour Kit and Highlight Kit. I’m gonna keep this, because I like it for traveling. It’s actually pretty good. Smells really good, too. I’m gonna declutter this giant Smashbox thing. Probably won’t end up donating or selling that, just because I’ve used it so much, and it’s kind of old. This Tarte palette is actually really nice. I love these. I don’t think they still sell this palette, though. Skin Twinkle Volume II. I think I have to keep it, just because, like, God would punish me for not keeping something this blinding. Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette? Nah, sis. I’m gonna declutter this. I’m decluttering so much. It’s crazy. Sam Marcel . . . Oh my god, a Sam Marcel highlight palette? Oh my god, that’s so pretty! I feel like I could actually donate this to a woman’s shelter, because, sh–. They need to pop, too. Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter Collection. I’ll keep that, too. I forgot that I had that. This is really pretty. Cute. Alright. Maybelline. Throw this out. And then, this Tarte Live in Color set? Uhhhh, no. Okay. So, I’m gonna put everything back in these drawers. I probably . . . I’ll see what . . . I’ll see what I’ll do, and I’ll come back. Alright. For the face palette drawer, I just put these here. And I have my glow kits, my colorful highlights, and then, my normal colors right here. It hardly even fills up the drawer, but that leaves room for growth. And I f– with that I do not f– with my camera. I’m not going out of focus. And I just moved the rest of the palettes into the back of my palette drawer. [burps] Innovative! Alright. I’ll see you guys next time, whenever that is. And we will go to lips. Hi thots. In the past videos, I was wearing makeup, I looked really cute. But in the past videos, my uterus was not shedding. The circumstances are different today. But we’re gonna be doing my lip drawer. Which . . . [groans] I never even wear lipstick. I don’t even know where to start. [groans[ I actually might start crying . . . my hormones . . . Hormones. I’m so overwhelmed. Oh my god, eww. Wait. Kylie. It’s not empty. That’s liquid. Do you see that? Oh my god, eww. Will it shake back up? Oh, no. It smells fine. I can’t do this. I’m gonna look at my NYX Soft Mattes really fast. I’m probably gonna get rid of most of these. The only one that I really want is “Zurich.” I like the shade Zurich, and I have two of them. So this one’s like brand new, so I will donate that one. And then, all these other ones, I’m pretty sure I’ve used. Athens? Have I used that one? No. That one’s new, too. Oh wow. I love this focus. And then I have a bunch of . . . Okay, this is really bugging me. Should I turn off the light behind me? Oh my god. [moans] Okay. I have a bunch of the Butter glosses, and I definitely do not need all of them. I don’t like this shade: Sunday Mimosa. That’s disgusting. I’ve used it, though. So I should throw that out. And then I have these two nudes. I have Madeline . . . Oh, they’re both the same thing. [laughs] This one is new, so I will donate that one. This one also might be new, but I will keep it, because I actually like the shade. And then, I have this one in Fortune Cookie, which I’ve definitely used, but I don’t know if I want to keep. It’s this one. It’s just a nice kind of peachy nude lip gloss. I f–s with it. I have two Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. I think I’m gonna keep “Abused,” but I don’t know if I should keep “Posh Spice.” I used to like it, it’s just soooo cool tone. I cannot pull that off. I’m gonna get rid of this one. But I’m gonna keep “Abused,” because I don’t have anything like this. This Lime Crime one, I’m gonna keep but I think I have another . . . Oh no, I think I decluttered my other Lime Crime one. It was in a really bright purple, and I did not like that. But this is in “New Americana.” This Catrice volumizing is a lip plumper. I like lip plumping things, even if they really hurt. I kind of want to get the lip injections, because I’ve heard that that really hurts, and I . . . This I don’t want. At all. Okay. And then I have a bunch of bullet lipsticks. I’ll tell you right now, I’m just gonna throw all of these out. No necesito. I have . . . Okay, this is the ColourPop. This is my gloss. I’m gonna keep this, because I like it. “I’m gonna keep this because I like it.” Two OFRA ones. They’re pretty dark. I have “Tuscany” and “Cape Town.” I have another really dark one called “Bordeaux.” They’re all different. The f–? I hate that. They’re all different! Ugh! I really like “Tuscany.” I think, that one I’m gonna keep. And I think I’m gonna keep “Cape Town,” but get rid of “Bordeaux.” I used this recently in my Pisces look, but I would have definitely used this one, if I knew I had it. I’m gonna keep all my Kylie ones. I hate to be that b–, but . . . I don’t know why I’m so sentimental. Wow. This one’s really gross. Do you see that? That one’s really gross. But once you . . . I have a bunch of these brand new Suva . . . Moisture Mattes, I think. I’ve literally never opened any of them. So I need to pick which ones I want to keep, and then I can donate the other ones that I don’t want. Oh wow. That’s that’s gonna make my teeth look really yellow. Wow. These are just like . . . yellow teeth. Okay, that one’s more flattering. But I still don’t . . . I don’t really need it. I really hope this is not as light as it says it is on the packaging. I would love to keep one of these so I could try them. That’s cute. I’ll keep this one. I’m sorry this is taking so long. Actually, I kinda want to keep this. I only have my Anastasia one that’s like this, and no. This one’s a little bit darker, so I like that. I’m gonna keep that. I don’t think it would make my teeth look yellow, but I don’t know when I would wear it, so I think somebody else will enjoy that. Okay. Now that we have those out of the way . . . I also have an entire Pop Beauty box of . . . I’ve had this for months. I’m just too scared to go through it. I have this High Definition. I don’t need this. I think I got it in a BoxyCharm. Oh, it’s a lip gloss. Wow. That makes me need it even less. I’m gonna keep my Too Faced “Lady Balls,” obviously, and also my “Gingerbread” one. I love the formula of these. I love this ColourPop. This is an Ultra Satin Lip. I love the color of it. It can make your teeth yellow, but with the right look you can make it work. This Tarte lip gloss, I really like. Stila Citrine. This, once upon a time, used to be my all-time favorite. But number one: They don’t sell it anymore. And number two: This one is really old. Probably should throw it out. Wow, I’m really proud of myself. If you’ve been an OG, you would know how much I loved that. Stila Patina. A classic. I think I have to keep it. Wow. I’m keeping all the same colors. What’s the difference between these? I have these Caitlyn ones which — Okay, why do lipsticks do that? These are really, really, really, really long wearing, but they get kind of crusty. And I haven’t worn them in a while, so I think I’m gonna throw them out. But I’ve honestly had my Kylie ones for longer than I’ve had these. No. I don’t need them. Two more OFRA ones: “Verona” and “Coven.” This just looks like another nude. F–. I like it. I’m keeping it. B–. I don’t wanna talk about it. And then, “Coven.” This one’s from the Nikkitutorials collab, but it’s a metallic. I’m gonna keep it cause it’s really unique, and I’m sorry to be that b–, but . . . I’m gonna keep this Anastasia one in “Lovely.” This OFRA one I just got in “Monaco.” I got it in my BoxyCharm. I’ll keep it. I don’t love metallic lipsticks, but I do occasionally find myself needing them. I really don’t like this. This is so much work. I did not know I had this many lipsticks. I don’t like going through them. Wow. I do not need any of these. Are these the only San Marcel ones I have? I have to keep some of them, right? Okay. I’ll keep this one. That is in the shade “Claudine.” I also like “Colette.” It’s a really deep purple. I’ll keep that, but I’m gonna get rid of “Chloe.” Oh, I have another Sam Marcel one in “Rouge,” which I’ll keep. I just . . . I’m kind of like a red lipstick hoarder. When I find a good one that’s a good shade, I’ll keep it and hold onto it. I love my Fenty one, obviously. Revlon. Gonna throw that out. I’m just going to see if I have any Maybelline ones. Maybe. What the f– is this? Oh, that’s a lip exfoliator. I’ll throw that out. Sam Marcel bullet lipstick I’ve never used this on my lips, so I think I’m gonna donate this, I don’t love bullet lipsticks, Huda Beauty, I’m gonna keep this. Milani, um . . . I don’t need. Baby Lips. Can throw that out. This is a Pop Beauty in “Nearly Nude.” That’s a pretty color. “Sigma Red.” I don’t need. Then, I’ll just throw out these EOS’s, because I don’t think EOS is cruelty free. and I’ve had this e.l.f. whatever for so long Okay. And then I have some more back here. This Morphe lipgloss, I’m gonna keep. I just got this recently, and it’s cute. She’s cute. And I’m just gonna get rid of . . . Should I get rid of these? I’m never gonna use these, because they’re just unflattering. I wouldn’t use these, even in a fun look because they’re just unflattering. Like, you know what I mean. Is this a lip gloss? I feel like it’s gonna be a lip gloss. How much you want to bet it’s gonna be a lip gloss? Oh. It’s not a lip gloss. Wow. Woulda lost that bet. I’m glad that we didn’t bet any money. Why the f– not? I’ll keep it. Ugh. I’m so tired of this. This Smashbox one, I don’t think I’ve ever used on my lips and I don’t want . . . Like, if it’s brand new, then I’m just not gonna use it. I’ll donate that. Sigma lip gloss. I’ll keep that. And I’ll keep my Sweet Peach one in “Peach-sicle.” I’ll keep this because I don’t have any black. This is the closest thing I have to black, and it’s not even black. It’s grey. I’m gonna get rid of this so quick. I don’t think I’ve used this, but I’m definitely not even gonna donate this, because I can just imagine some woman at the women’s shelter that I’ll donate it to. Like, she’s going to a job interview, she’s looking for lipsticks to wear. She pulls this one out. She decides to wear it for her job interview. Like, no. I’m not letting anybody do that. So I’m gonna throw this out. Girlactik. I like this one. Sephora. I’m gonna throw out. It’s not cruelty free. I have another Kaelyn one that I’ll throw out. Au Natural. I’ll just throw that out. And then, this HAN, I haven’t even opened. It still has the seal on it. I haven’t opened it, so let’s donate it. NYX London. I’ll throw that out. I’ll keep this NYX clear lip gloss. Lauritzy. It’s pretty. I’ll keep that. And then, I think this is a K-beauty lipstick that I just don’t need. We f-ing did it. Dude, I definitely did not think I could do that. Wow. My uterus hurts so much. [gasps] So I just need to group them together. I’m kind of really slow at this. But with lipsticks, I don’t know. I’m kind of really anal about it. Also, I was in a yoga class. I’m in this yoga teen class. It goes from, like, 12 to, like, 19, so there are some pretty young kids in it. And the teacher said that she was really anal about something. And I was like . . . I mean, obviously, I don’t care, but it’s . . . I don’t know. She said it so casually. But she wouldn’t swear in the class. I’m just wondering why she thinks talking about -holes is less inappropriate. I don’t know. Not even assholes, but b– s-x. I thought it was weird. It caught me off guard. That was really random. I just thought of “anal,” and then went from there. But even if they aren’t the same brand, if they look the same, like these — those hoes together. [singing Smash Mouth’s “All Star” really badly] Eww, sorry. I’m sorry. [continues to sing] Welcome to my youtube channel, guys. Wow. That’s actually crazy. We did declutter a lot. Look at that! Aww. I’m really proud of myself. Huh. Nice. We did it. And I really didn’t want to. And I’ve got a lot of things to donate to women’s shelters and might go on my Depop. F–! I’m really balancing my vlogging camera on top of three Fenty Beauty Matchsticks. So what’s up? Still shedding. But today, I’m wearing makeup. But my hair is not brushed. We can’t win. But my nails are done. I got them done, finally. Back on. I won’t be able to play ukulele, but it’s fine. I’m going to Disneyland with Dote this weekend, and I wanted to look like I have my sh– together. But we’re gonna be doing my eyeliners, and, also, my lip liners. These are lip liners. These are my liquid eyeliners, these are my “interesting formula “eyeliners , and then, these are my wooden eyeliners. Let’s just start here. I’m probably gonna end up throwing out most of these. This is a Milani one. Yeah. Basically, if it still has ink in it, I’m gonna keep it. I know that my Stila one does. This is a liquid eyeshadow. I really want to keep it, though, because it dries down completely. [loud car goes by] Kind of rude. I’m gonna keep all of my NYX Vivid . . . [dog barks] . . . all of my NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliners. All of these hoes. I think I have all of them. I honestly wish that they would come out with more shades, though. Do I not have the orange one? I totally used to have the orange one. That’s bullsh–! Where’s my orange one? They have all the basic colors, but, I don’t know. I feel like they could come out with some more ones. These are the eyeliners that people get when they want colored eyeliners, so why wouldn’t you come out with more shades? I don’t know. But I’m definitely gonna keep those. I just got these two. Oh, these should go in my stick . . . I got these two neon LA Girl Shock Wave eyeliners, and they’re really pigmented. I was actually pretty surprised, because I got them on sale, and they were already cheap, because they’re LA Girl. The yellow one’s really nice, too. I’m excited to use that because I just wanna have at least one stick eyeliner of every color so I can have some for my waterline so I just thought I would get some cheap ones and they work really well the color payoff is really nice this Urban Decay white eyeliner I like this a lot it’s better than the NYX one, in my opinion, because it doesn’t crack but it is more expensive Okay, this wheel eyeliner I’ve never even used Stroke of Wow from butter London you’re supposed to be able wheel that sh– oh my god. It’s so watery. No. Wait, I have two H&M ones? I did not know that. I remember this one. I do not remember this one. oh no sis. Uhn-uhn, honey. This one was more pigmented, but I still just don’t think I’m gonna keep it I can’t even open it. Skone eyeliner. Yeah. it looks good still L’Oreal. Throw that out. Eyeko. wow this is dry as a bone Stila navy blue one that isn’t as pigmented as the normal black one it’s not as opaque, which is crazy why isn’t it opaque why would you want a semi opaque blue eyeliner I have this silver NYX one, which I’m gonna keep this is what I mean I mean they do have prismatic colors, but I do want more colors in their actual Vivid Brights line. I like this one Then, I have this brown April skin eyeliner that I like to use for faux freckles it’s pretty pigmented when you like apply it down but I like doing little dots with it okay and then here I’m gonna keep all of my Urban Decay heavy metal glitter liners I have Midnight Cowboy and junk show and distortion I’m gonna keep these these are my b–s I have this little tart eyeshadow that MC got for me for my birthday I’m gonna keep it because it’s very pigmented I don’t know why it’s up here because I do have an eyeshadow drawer, which I’m gonna go through but . . . this is a brown eyeliner I’m gonna keep this okay so I just noticed that for the past minute on my middle finger anyway I was really confused it’s just the sticker to one of the eyeliners It got stuck on my finger I was so confused about what it was. So . . . And then, I have some NYX cream colors, Vivid brights ones I’m gonna keep the reddish one I’m gonna use this for my Scorpio look get ready I’ve already planned these sh-s out and then I have this light blue one which I was gonna use for Libra but I’m not sure. One of the air elements, maybe it’s just a light blue but I’m gonna get rid of this yellow one because I thought it was gonna be yellow but it’s actually gold and it’s not . . . it’s not like . . . Like, if I want to use like a gold shimmer, I would use this, I wouldn’t use this So I’m gonna declutter this. It also came cracked anyway And then, I have two NYX glitter liners which I don’t like as much as the Urban Decay ones, because they burn but I’m gonna keep the silver one, because I don’t have silver glitters I have a silver liner, but it’s not glitter I’m gonna get rid of this blue one and then I have these three Stila . . . what are these called . . . magnificent metal . . . things. I have kitten karma, “Ballet Baby,” and “Next to No.” and I think I’m gonna keep next to no and “Ballet Baby,” because those are interesting colors. I really like next to no It’s really pretty. But this is like one of the basic ones There’s still a good amount in there, so I might donate it And then back here, I have some Suva Beauty liners. I’m gonna keep both of these. I have a color called white eyeliner in a pot and haven’t tried this out yet, but I’m gonna keep this, obviously, because I haven’t tried it out. it looks really pigmented though I’m excited oh my god Then I have this random glitter back here and I’m gonna keep this I used it in my New Year’s Eve tutorial. There. That’s better. okay and now my pencil eyeliners I’m probably going to end up throwing away most of these. I only just need like I’ll keep this one I remember it’s good It’s by prestige I did get in a dumpster, but when I got it [dog howls] but when I got it it was wrapped up so. Doesn’t count. I’m gonna keep this ciate one oh here’s a brown one I’m gonna keep this And I got that in a dumpster. An essence one no honeybee Gardens. I have not used that donate that So these are my eye pencils. [dog howls] Oh my god, Delilah. Shut the f– up! These are my eye pencils. That’s nice and clean. I respect that. [dog howls again] OH MY GOD!!!!! [knock on door] Yes? Can you get Delilah to shut up? DAD: C’mon, Doodles. No. I’m filming. DAD: Well, she can come in here and film with you. DAD: She won’t bark that way. Okay. C’mon! Are you gonna come under this way? Hi! Look at her. She came underneath that way. Like, through. That’s so cute. I love her. So, for lip liners, I’m gonna end up throwing out most of these. I think I’m just gonna start with the ones that I hate the most This is a Makeup Academy one. It’s really bad. NYX. I’ll keep this one. Oh, that’s a clear lip liner? That’s gross. I’ll keep my Kylie ones, but I’m pretty sure that they fall out of their pencils oh no they’re fine don’t leave me I’m gonna keep . . . I’m gonna throw out I’m sorry. I’m having. . . . I’m having . . . a moment. I’m going to keep this essence one the essence lip liners are really good, actually And it’s a twist up one which I prefer Rimmel one I’ll throw out Maybelline throw out I have two essence pencil ones I’ll keep both of these why not Urban Decay one. I definitely got this in a dumpster. yeah Lancome one. throw that out. benefit. Throw that out. Kardashian beauty throw that out this is a bite Beauty lipstick that’s cute I will keep that Two of kathleenlights’ little lippie stix in “Lumiere” and “Aquarius.” I’m gonna keep both of these, but I have a pearlized one that I’m just gonna get rid of. I have a mini cookie it’s so similar to the bite one but it’s more matte I’m sorry I’m gonna be that b– and I’m gonna keep it and then I have this dark one called b–tchette. it says it’s a matte but that does not look matte to me does that look matte to you? that does not look matte to me It’s kind of a badass color, though. I’m gonna keep it. Okay. This is an elf one. Don’t need. Kat von D, I will keep, even though it’s a really gross color. I don’t know why I got that color, but I have used it before. Heather Berry, that’s like brand spankin new. I’ll donate that. Oh, a NYX red one? Oh, I did not know that I had this. I’ll keep it. Deck of Scarlet? Absolutely the f– not. Nope. Oh my god! I’m so proud of myself. I cannot wait for this video to be over. Like, I’ve literally been working on this for, like, two weeks at this point. Wow. That’s nice. I like that my hand looks like this. [sighs] That is literally the biggest sigh of relief I have ever gasped, ever. I cannot believe I did that. I cannot believe it, honestly. And I feel so relieved. I’m so happy that I’m going to be giving away some of this makeup to people that need it. People do need a way to express their creativity, and people do need a way to feel confident and beautiful. So in a way, people do need makeup. I’m happy to be able to give that experience to some people. Don’t forget to check out my Depop, which will be down below, if you want to get some of this stuff for yourself. and yeah, thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe and keep on decluttering and donating! Reduce, reuse, and recycle. And help other people.