Diabetes, Nerve Pain, and Medication

(electronic music) – Hi, I’m Joan Lunden. Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with serious complications. Vision loss, limb
amputations, kidney failure. Joining me is Dr. Ann Albright, director of the CDC’s Division
of Diabetes Translation. Nice to have you here.
– Hi Joan. – What I just listed, those
aren’t the only things that are associated with
someone dealing with diabetes. – There are some things that people often may not hear about that are
associated with diabetes, and we’re trying to
learn more about those. Things like hearing loss,
Alzheimer’s and dementia, and certain forms of cancer. We’re learning more, and
we need to learn much more about why and how those are
associated, and what to do. – Another thing I don’t know
if everybody thinks about, is that there is a connection
between the opioid problem, that we hear about all
the time in the news, and dealing with diabetes. What’s the connection? – Well, with diabetes
there can certainly be a damage to the nerves,
and that causes pain. So people need pain management. In the case of diabetes,
opioids are not the first or second line recommendations, due to their addictive quality, and the fact that there are
other side effects of them. But, there are some
options for pain management in those with diabetes, and the bottom line is people need to work with their physician or health provider to get the right pain management for them, because it can be very difficult and debilitating for people. – Wow, I didn’t even think about that. What’s the final take away, the advice to people
who are trying to manage all these complications? – Continue to work hard
at eating a healthy diet, to staying active as
much as you’re able to, certainly taking all of your
medications as prescribed. And get that diabetes
self-management education, so you can learn how to live
effectively with diabetes. – Alright, thanks Ann.
– Thanks. – And to learn more about diabetes, nerve pain, and proper management, visit cdc.gov/diabetestv. We’ll see you next time, I’m Joan Lunden. – [Narrator] Sponsored by
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