we have chef radhakrishnan here with us he’s going to be cooking recipes and dessert for diabetes so the first recipe multi grain Frankie let’s go and see the ingredients oats wheat flour Ragi flour salt coriander leaves Green chillies onion gingelly oil fenugreek seeds cumin seeds asafetida oat flour (oats powdered)200 grams, whole wheat flour 150 grams ragi (finger millet) flour 150 grams, water as required salt to taste, coriander leaves handful, green chillies 4 small onion 100 grams, gingelly oil 5ml fenugreek seeds 5 grams, cumin seeds 5 grams asafetida 2.5 grams, water as required salt to taste that is coarse powder 200 grams ok wheat flour 200 grams ragi flour 150 grams ok ok we a pinch of salt and then mix it with water and make a batter out of it ok take as much as you want for the quantity this is still shouldn’t be too liquid fight it should be a semi-solid stage water make a nice batter out of it and then add coriander leaves say about the teaspoon so do we heat the pan now keep the pan, flame in sim or high flame keep the flame in high and add oil 2 teaspoons the oil is gingelly oil next we add cumin seeds and then we’ll see onion finely onion and then add a fenugreek seeds add then some green chillies depending on how much spicy you wanted make them its become golden brown and then we add asafetida say about a pinch keep it aside for something for some time next we keep the plan don’t use oil for this the cooking time is one minute and preparation time is also one minute so lets minutes, we use for oil for this, no oil keep the flame in sim and spread the batter on the pan so we wait for one minute okay so we’re making our multigrain pan cakes now making the multi grain pan cake it’s almost ready I mean, one more minute is left for the preparation and then so we have this multi grain pan cake with the mint chutney, which is like a sidedish so, sir done sir, almost done should be done so it’s almost done as there is no oil used it takes some time to cook and fried transfer it to our plate slide down as the yummy pancake we can eat it along with the mint
chutney or you can also make tomato chutney along with it and delicious so this is multigrain pancakes to you Diabetes is the chronic disorder and which the body either not able to make the insulin or utilize the insulin that has been made in the body in this it is we are eating different kinds of
foods and all this is that it converted to sugar with the body is not able to utilize the sugar now what we’re trying to understand this what are the different foods and which get converted to sugar but which get converted to sugar in a very slow manner so that the release of sugar from these foods as slow as possible now let us see few recipes one among
them is a multigrain pancake as you have seen the preparation of it what are the different ingredients used would be your whole wheat flour, ragi, oats are used to the idea of using three different green products in this is each has its own specific importance like for example oats why is oats good?
all of us oats is but why isn’t good because it has a soluble fiber that is
high in fiber and therefore low in calori is ragi so more important and considered to be healthy especially in south india is one the best millet status propagating even for and younger age will be within the children age group what is so good about ragi? ragi is very rich in iron, it is rich in calcium and also has some fairly good amount
of fiber so all these three things put together make it idyal millet grain to be used in your daily diets similarly we are using here whole wheat flour and the chef is not using maida and the fibre content is definitely high
as compare to maida also during about that the fiber in the wheat when it is attached it has a lot of new lot of phytochemicals and Molyneux trains which are attachet of the fiber content of the grave drive flag by adding water in a large
bowl and make a battle keep it aside in a frying pan heat oil and fry green
chillies onions add this mixture to the battle add salt and mix well heat a nonstick
pan and pour the batter on it and spread it in the fan after it is cooked remove
from pan and serve hot with mint or tomorrow check