Diane, ipinakita kay Lorenzo ang kaalaman niya sa first aid | PHR Presents Los Bastardos

So, were you able to read it? Yup. This jar came all
the way from China. When the Han
Dynasty collapse some of them went to
the Philippines with the empire’s
gold coins and they hid them
inside the jars. They smuggled the
jars into the country by covering it in mud. Yeah. I heard that
story before. And some were stolen
during the World War II. Some of the jars
are allegedly still buried somewhere
in Victorino. I’ve assembled the
first-aid kit. We can use it just in
case there’s an emergency. This is my way of
helping you guys. Hold on. Don’t tell me you’re going? Yeah. Isay’s going, right? Diane, our mission
is very dangerous. Do you know that? What about Isay? This is not the time
to argue, Diane. I’m not arguing with you. Then what’s this about? Do you want to prove just
how stubborn you are? Wait, are you shutting me down? It’s not that… Look, Isay knows
hand-to-hand combat, okay? And she had to practice
for hours and days. We don’t have time
to train you, Diane. So what? I have CPR and AED
certification. How about you guys? What if one of you
needs first aid – who would be able
to administer that? Well? Gani knows CPR. Yeah, except he can’t be
seen with all of us. I renew my certification
every year, just so you know. So I don’t see why you
think I can’t help you guys. I’m not useless, Lorenzo. I was a girl scout –
I was an actual girl scout. So I know a thing or two
about first aid. You don’t believe me? – I do.
– No, you don’t! – You’re laughing!
– More like amused. Amused…?! How about… …I give you a demo? Let’s start with first aid for
choking on a foreign object. First, you go behind the victim. And then… Pretend
you’re choking on something. Okay. Whoa. Next… Feel out… …where the upper abdomen is. Once you do,
position your fist there, then wrap your other hand
around it, and then… …pull the victim inwards,
then upwards! Inward, upward! Until… …the object
has been dislodged. There! Wait, wait. How is this useful – who eats
in the middle of combat, anyway? We’re going to war,
not on a food trip. Why don’t you teach me to do
first aid on a fractured limb? Or on an open wound,
or for a heart attack? That would be more useful. But what you just did… Well… …first aid for fractures and
bruises is much easier, so I don’t have to demo that. As for first aid for
heart attacks… …or cardiac arrest,
you do chest compression, or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. In order to let air circulate
to the brain. Okay, so… …am I doing this right? That’s not how you do it! Fine, sorry. Then just do CPR. You know CPR, right? Let’s say
I’m having a heart attack. Diane…! Are you? Alright, then… If you say so… You want me to do CPR? – Yeah, hurry.
– Just hang in there. Here we go. You need CPR? Then stop smiling. Open airway… As if! In your dreams! What? But I thought you
wanted to go with us? Whatever!