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Guess what we’re doing today! We have an extra dog helping us! This is Nora, from ‘PawRecord’
and we’re watching her for the weekend. She’s gonna help us and today… No joke, you guys! We’re gonna make… ‘Fidget Spinner’ Dog Treats! One of you, actually few of you suggested this
down in the comments of our most recent video. We thought, ‘You know what?’ Let’s see what we can come up with
for Fidget Spinner dog treats! I don’t know if they are going to spin… But, they look cool! Let’s make em!
Hi Nora! Wanna make some treats with us?
Sounds like a plan! So, yes! We really are gonna make
‘Fidget Spinner’ dog treats. Again, don’t know if they will spin or not… If you are new to this channel,
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Again, if you are new… This is Oakley.
That is Shelby. Memphis is down over here
and this is Nora and she is not our dog. She is from ‘PawRecord’ and if you want
to see more from her, you can go and check that out. We’re just watching her for the weekend.
Nora is joining us to make some treats. Let’s get to make some ‘Fidget Spinner’ dog treats. The first thing you want to do,
is figure out how you want to make
your template for your ‘Fidget Spinner.’ There’s two (2) different ways you can do this.
Actually there’s probably more than two. I’m gonna tell you two (2) different ways to do this. You can, either take an existing ‘Fidget Spinner’
that you already have and when you get to the point
you roll out the dough, you can lay this down and take a sharp knife
and draw all the way around it. Then, take a straw to poke out the little holes
in the middle. You can either do that, or… You can make your own cookie cutter. Jamie made it for me and is made it out a piece
of aluminum. I already washed it. What Jamie did to make it,
took a piece of aluminum and he bent it
around some caps for soda pop. Then, he took and used needle nose pliers
and just slowly bent it. It kind of came out in the shape of a ‘Fidget Spinner.’
This is what I’m gonna use to cut out my treats. Once you figure out which way you are
going to cut out the cookies, the next thing we’re going to do is,
take and pre-heat your oven
to 350F/180C. Next, we are going to mix all the ingredients together. First, we have two (2) and a half (1/2)
cups of whole wheat flour. Here’s two (2) thirds (1/3) of a cup of
pure pumpkin. This is actually organic pumpkin.
Would you like a bite of this? Oh my goodness!
What’s that amazing? Here you go Nora. Nora’s not sure what she thinks about it.
Oakley’s like,
“I would take another bite of that!” Memphis is like,
“I will take another bite of that!”
“I love pumpkin! It’s so good for me!” How about Miss Shelby? Aww! Almost! Did you see that? It was almost! Try again? There you go! Oh… See, I thought you liked pumpkin! Now, we’re gonna take the pumpkin, What’s left is two thirds (2/3) of a cup now.
That’s pretty good! They eat just enough. We’re gonna put that in the blender. Make sure you are using pure pumpkin. I’m using canned ‘Libby’s organic
100% percent pure pumpkin.’ That’s actually what I’m using. Next, you will need three (3) tablespoons of
peanut butter. Make sure the peanut butter
does not have ‘Xylitol’ (sweetener) in it. I’m actually using an all natural peanut butter
that was made in Michigan. It’s so nice and creamy. Check that out! It’s nice and creamy…
Smells amazing! Three (3) tablespoons in the mixer. Lick the spoon? Oh my goodness! Lick the spoon? Whoa! How about you?
Lick the spoon? I knew you would like that! You are like,
“I love peanut butter!” How about you Nora? Test it out? You don’t know how to eat with spoon? (Laughter) Aww! You are adorable! And then, two (2) eggs. As always, if you don’t have a kitchen mixer,
you can mix it together in a bowl. Any of these things you see us using
in the videos including the ‘KitchenAid’ mixer
and my favorite rolling pin in the entire universe. (whispers)
Favorite rolling pin ever! There will be affiliate links to these,
down in the video description below. You can check those out. We’re gonna mix together,
some dough.
Are you ready? Alright! Here we go! Let’s do it!
(background noise) The dough should turn out, just about perfect. It should form like ‘Playdoh.’ That’s the best way
to describe it. Actually forms a lot like ‘playdoh.’ Now, I’m gonna give you another tip. If you are going to trace around your’ Fidget Spinner,’ I would flatten the dough out on a cookie sheet
and stick it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to firm it out a little bit, because it will help
when you go to cut through it, it won’t
drag the dough so much. If you are gonna do it that way, freeze the dough
for about ten (10) minutes after you roll it all out. We are going to roll it out to a quarter (1/4)
of an inch. That’s why I love this rolling pin. Exactly a quarter (1/4) of an inch thickness
to cut out these treats. Let’s get to roll out some dough…
Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wanna try some? Oh my! Wanna try some? Come on up here!
Can’t try them unless you are up here! Here you go! How about Nora? Alright! How about Oakley? Oakley you have peanut butter on you… There’s Miss Memphis trying to steal the ingredients. There you are! Huh? Trying to steal the ingredients now? We already put them on the bowl,
what are you gonna steal? Always make sure to roll your dough in all directions so it’s evenly rolled out. Here’s the test! ‘Fidget Spinner’ cookie cutter. (laughter) I think… That looks pretty perfect! Now, I’m going to take a straw. You see, they have a little hole right here? I’m taking a straw and push that little piece out. And there we have a ‘Fidget Spinner’ cookie! It starting to look just like the ‘Fidget Spinner’ right? I’m gonna decorate these after they cook,
but we’re gonna go through and cut a bunch
of these out. Alright! There they are!
All cut up and ready to go into the oven. We’re gonna put them in the oven for
thirty (30) minutes at 350F/180C. We now have ‘Fidget Spinner’ cookies.
I left them in the oven on, for thirty (30) minutes. Then, I shut the oven off.
I left them for about another hour or so. What you are gonna notice and don’t know
if you can see that somewhere. See if that will focus… See how it has a bump up a little bit? That’s perfectly OK, so the treats are
gonna be bump up a little bit. Some of them are gonna be a bit more flat. See this one, is a bit more flatter? We’re gonna show you what they’re gonna do. The ones with the little bump… They will spin! (laughter) You can’t really spin then like a regular
‘Fidget Spinner’ but… That spins pretty good! Just take a look at these ‘Fidget Spinners.’
They have these nice black circles right here? We are taking a candy decorating pen. Round the little holes on our ‘Fidget Spinner’ for dogs. We’re just gonna draw a nice little… black line… There’s the black little lines around each one. These one has the bump on it. It doesn’t really neeed anything else done to it,
as it will spin on it’s own. This one doesn’t have a bump on it. It spins, but not exactly like we want. So, we are going to add a candy melting disk
to each side of these. You need to use the candy melting disk
or the yogurt melting disk. Both will work and if you have
the yogurt ones, use those because
they’re are bit better. If you do this, while the cookie still a bit warm,
you can kind of push it on there. Until they melt a little on the bottom and sticks. I think these cookies are already a bit too
cool off to make this works. I’ll show you another way you can make these work. We’re taking a pair of tongues,
take the flame… We know how to use it. Light it and put it on there for just a second. When it starts to melt out… Oops! Set it right on the spinner. You can see that it melted a little bit. Set it on there. Push it down a little bit. Now…
(blows) Let it dry and do the other side. There you go! There you have it! That’s the ‘Fidget Spinner’ cookie… For dogs! And it actually spins! There you go! I think that spins pretty good! What you think? Maybe not as regular ‘Fidget Spinner’ but… Holds it’s own pretty good! That’s so cool! ‘Fidget Spinners’ for dogs you guys! We actually made ‘Fidget Spinners’ for dogs! Now, comes the real test! I guess, the first real test was to see if
they actually spun and they did! The next step… Is to see, what everybody thinks about. Let’s let them try out some treats. Alright! Looks like Memphis… Ah! Ah! Sit and wait! Wait! This is the first one to try! The ‘Fidget Spinner…’ Wait! You got to wait! I know! I know!
(barks) Sit! Fidget Spinner dog cookie! Ready? Nice! Nice! That’s very nice! Very nice! What you think? Is it delicious? Was that the greatest treat you ever had? I think Oakley wants it really bad! Alright! Memphis thinks,
“It’s a win!” They did! They turned out nice and crunchy! Just like we wanted! Alright Oakley Is next! There you go… You got it? What do you think? You are supposed to spin it before you eat it. She’s like three (3) good chunks? It was delicious! Shelby’s turn for ‘Fidget Spinner’ cookie!
(barks) Speak!
(barks) Ready? Yeah? (barks) OK! OK! OK! Ready? Here! Nice! Take it nice! Oh! You are the best at taking nice! Will Shelby of course, as always… is a denty little eater. She’s like,
“I will chew this cookie as I like!” Aww! Cruchy cookie! Crunchy cookies are good, huh? Oh delicious! Now, it’s Nora’s turn to have a ‘Fidget Spinner’ treat. You’re ready? There you go! You eat like Shelby! Super slow… Super denty… You can eat it. That’s for you! Jamie – “Don’t you wanna spin it?” None of the dogs spun the treat before they ate it. I don’t know what the deal is. Nora’s like,
“I’m pulling the red piece off and eat it first.” They’ll be delicious! Well, thanks to you guys suggestions,
we made ‘Fidget Spinners’ dog treats and
they turned pretty good. If you guys have suggestions on what
we should make for our next video. Leave it down in the comments below. Maybe, will choose your suggestion
for the next treat video. Right? What you think?
Were they delicious? Again, if you want to see more of Nora,
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