DIY India First Lambretta Scooter With DIY Modified Double Silencers Modified By Ramesh-YouTube

These two are the modified silencers. Which I made. These are Diy silencers. You can see the routing how I routed silencers This is the heat resistant hose Which is in red colour. You can have a watch. You can have a look The routing is same The routing is as usual which comes through the bend pipe And goes to the exhaust. Let us have a look of other side You can have a look this side this one is The side which I modified For the second silencer This is the second silencer This is the left side silencer and this is the hose It can hold the temperature upt to 400 degree centigrade The scooter actually from the scrapyard. Which I brought from the scrapyard. You can basically have a look How I routed the lines The performance of the scooter is very well After modifying the silencers I will show you the running of the scooter This is the bend pipe Final fitment is pending. I have to fit the floor plates and side doors also So some measurements are going some cuttings are required for the final fitment. This is the condenser and this is the wiring. This is the temporary wiring for the starting purpose only This is the heat resistant Hose It is the full length hose This is the bend pipe and these are the packings. This is the modification towards the bend pipe for double silencer