DIY Matte Liquid Lipsticks! Easy, Cheap, Long-lasting! NataliesOutlet

(Cool Poses and Music) Hello there! I’m Natalie! And today’s video is a really exciting one because The whole liquid matte lipstick craze has been like going around all over Instagram, Twitter, Social media, and I was like it’s about time, I make my own! Liquid lipsticks to be a little bit pricey, and especially if you want to be buying a whole bunch of them. So I’m here to tell you that you can make your own! You probably already have all these materials laying around around the house if You are someone that tends to buy a lot of really bright Eye shadows, and you promise that you’re going to be using them, but you never end up using them? This is a perfect chance a perfect project to take them out to create Beautiful liquid lipsticks. Here are some of the colors that I made, they’re really awesome. If they’re a little bit shiny, It’s due to the lights, But they haven’t dried out yet. This one’s one of my favourites.. That one is gorgeous! Like perfect for fall.. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy! I will be having a giveaway on my Twitter and Instagram. But stay tuned to the [end] for a little bit more information on that and let’s get to it! So the very first thing you will need is an old eyes shadow palette or a very colorful one in this case. I just went to Marshalls and bought this broken one for three bucks! Now, there are a few shimmery shades in here, But I chose the matte ones, so all you do is pick a color of your choice! I have a little thing to kind of stir things up in there, basically. I used this like nail filer. I know. It’s really would just go with it, and then you got to use a foundation that’s matte! It doesn’t have to be this one, this one’s high-end.. So don’t waste your high-end product .. The first time I added two pumps, But I recommend one then I added the shadow, and then I added vitamin E just for moisture. And then you’re gonna go in with you know whatever other color you want if you want to mix it and get creative. I added coconut oil now you want to stir this up until it’s a consistency That’s really nice it might look shiny at first, but once you apply it, [it’ll] dry matte I promise and then I just tried this out with several other blushes you can use other old Eyeshadow colours, anything really! honestly the payoff is incredible, and it feels pretty comfortable! It is a bit drying if you don’t add the right amount of vitamin E oil, But other than that it looks pretty good! What do you guys think? So I thought this was so easy and fun, that I decided to go in for the kill, and make like five more colors because they Were super pigmented they really did apply very nicely and Overall they’re so inexpensive why not make yourself a dozen more I would recommend adding an essential oil if you’d like it to smell better, and that is all you [are] done That’s it for this video, I really hope you guys enjoyed and if you try any of this out, Please let me know down below or what color you plan on making because I’d be kind of curious to know what your, What’s what? Are you in a matte liquid lipstick form? Mmm. Let me know video thumbs up if you enjoyed, and don’t forget to subscribe down below if you want to see more videos it’s Free, and it’s on and it’s you get to join in on this weirdness okay? And I hope to see you guys next time bye! Captioned By Amaya 😛 Big Fan!