Do you Spend Time to Sharpen Your Mind Everyday? | Mind Management | Swami Mukundananda

there was one woodcutter he used to cut
wood daily slogging it out in the hot Sun sweating the same company employed
another woodcutter as well the second woodcutter used to cut more than the
first as a result of that after one year the company increased his salary
the first woodcutter complained I have been working so long in this
organization and you have increased his salary more than mine they said look we
are production oriented he is cutting double the trees that you are cutting
you also increase your performance will increase your salary more than his so he
tried harder and harder but he was not able to increase his production so he
went to them and said how does he cut so many two trees they said why don’t you
ask him he went and asked the second lumberjack how do you do it that
lumberjack said every time I cut a tree I take a five-minute break
in which I sharpen my saw do you sharpen your saw the other one
first one said no I just keep hitting and hitting and hitting said that is the
mistake you need to sharpen your saw similarly you are working in the world
you’re running from morning till night from crisis management to problem to
difficulty to resolution of conflict at home and the office amongst the
relatives with the people in India over the phone and via Skype
but all these conflict resolutions etc that you keep doing requires your own
elevation of consciousness the more sublime consciousness you bring to bear
on your task your work your issues the more efficient you will be so do you
take time to sharpen your saw do you take time to improve your mind through
sadhana no Swamiji we are so busy we don’t have time that is the problem
it is like that lumberjack our scriptures tell us that look you do need
to do sadhana on a daily basis just like you exercise now in modern day
occupations and professions people are doing sedentary work through the day you
have to sit in your office all day long so people realize if I continue this
lifestyle I will fall sick I need to take out half an hour to one hour on a
daily basis for exercise to maintain my health the biggest cause for ill health
is lack of exercise and the biggest solution is the exercise whether you do
the yoga Suns or walk a run or aerobics a gym anything will help but to maintain
your physical health you do need exercise
now you don’t exercise 24 hours a day you know exercise for a little portion
that helps you through the day what about the exercise for the mind the mind is subject to wear and tear
because you are handling the world that is why the attachment the hatred the
hankering the aversion the distraction all this is going to happen when you
live in the world now for some time you need to enhance the quality of your mind
and thoughts otherwise then you will say well bad thoughts coming to me always
because you are not endeavoring to purify the mind so simple
Lord Krishna says in the bhagavad-gita Vivek the xavie laguage I do sadhana in
isolation even the Bible says when the priest entered I closed it and locked I
do what is the idea of that the world should not be able to distract you that
is isolation even if fifty people are sitting for
sadhna and the world is not distracting that is isolation
you have heard from me in the past the example of milk and water if you take
milk and pour it in water it will mix in the
the milk does not have the strength to remain it maintained its Sun I diluted
entity when it is in association with water now you do something to the milk
keep it separate from the water and in isolation you transform it into yogurt now turn the yogurt and extract button this button is now immiscible it will
sit on the water and float it will challenge the water mister water you can
do nothing to me now as long as I was milk you would dilute my concentration
people would throw me away in Indian restaurants waiter Casa doodle iOS play
funny Malala gyroscope but now Polly bazaar
you can do nothing to me because separate from you I transformed myself
into butter how did that milk become butter by
staying separate from the water like the milk is our mind like the water is the
world when you live in the world the mind becomes diluted by it and if you
wish to make it invisible for some time you keep the world away this is the
principle of sadhana in isolation you