Dog First Aid : How to Bandage a Dog’s Torn Toe Nail

So now I am going to cut off a pad of gauze;
make a little gauze pad here and put over the wound. So I’ve got my little gauze pad.
I’ve disinfected the area. The gauze pad over the area and then I am going to use my vet
wrap to secure the gauze to the leg. You want to be careful with the vet wrap when using
this. It is self-adhesive. It is a great product to use but what you want to be careful about
is you don’t put it on too tight because you don’t want to cut the circulation off. So
when you are pulling it, make sure that you are not wrapping it at the same time. We’ve
got that in place. The vet wrap is self-adhesive. Okay, this has come off a little bit. Make
sure you have the hair out of the way,
bring it right around, here we go. You can see it is self-adhesive when it gets onto
the other side. Now this will keep the aera clean and it will keep the dog from further
irritating it by licking it.