Dog First Aid : How to Give your Dog a Pill

Often times when your dog is sick, they need
medication and that medication sometimes comes in pill form. One problem that faces many
dog owners is how to get your dog to eat the pill. Certainly you can try to camouflaging
the pill in the dog’s food and some dogs will fall for that and they will eat the pill with
their dinner. However, some dogs are quite picky and they will not eat their food, they
will eat around the pill. You an try and putting the pill in a piece of food and giving that
to the dog and hope the dog will eat it with the cheese or the hot dog. In fact, some companies
will make pill pockets that are supposed to be tasty for dogs, so you can try that. But
if you need to give your dog a pill by hand, which I personally find easiest way to do
it. I’ve got a pill here I need to give the dog and the way you do it is you are holding
the dogs head, you are going to open the dog’s mouth and you are going to take your hand
with the pill and put it all the way back in their throat, close the dogs mouth and
keep the dog’s mouth up but closed until you hear the dog swallow. This way you know that
the pill, stop messing with your foot, has been swallowed by the dog. You are not going
to have to worry about it dissolving in food or have the dog eat half the food and spit
the pill right out.