Dog First Aid : Recognizing Symptoms of Bloat in Dogs

So how do you recognize the symptoms of bloat,
some of the symptoms of bloat. There is a couple of different very typical standard
symptoms that if you find in your dog, you want to make sure that you get your dog to
the vet hospital as soon as possible. What I am going to talk about is not the only symptoms
of bloat so you want to be careful if your dog is acting strangely and they are a breed
that might be susceptible to bloat. You don’t want to take a chance because it is something
that could kill your dog very quickly. So one of the things you can look at is, right
here Rave, is the distended belly. So in the area right here if the belly is swollen and
tight when you are pushing in, one thing you want to do is make sure that you know how
your dog feels normally when you know your dog is healthy and fine. Feel their belly
see how it feels. Feel what a soft loose belly feels like so you know the difference. If
your dog is pacing around and panting, if your dog tries to throw up, if your dog is
circling and cannot get comfortable and is clearly in distress, go ahead and feel for
the belly area. If it feels like that belly is swollen and tight, rush your dog immediately
to the closest emergency facility for dogs. The beginning of bloat that the stomach is
swelling up and is swelling up with gas, wait Honey, and you want to get your dog to the
emergency room as soon as possible.