Don’t Be Sad : Allah Knows

Hey in this world you will never truly be happy no matter what allah subhanho wa taala gives you you will never truly be content this place is designed to break your heart it was designed that way if you’re looking to be happy in the dunya you’re in the wrong place how could you feel worthless my dear brothers how could you feel worthless my dear sisters you’re not the servant of allah or a loser or ASA or Krishna or Ganesh you’re not the servant of fashion or money or fame or beauty or power or position you are the slave of Allah Allah has chosen you from amongst the billions of human beings Allah chose you and blessed you with Islam pain and suffering only becomes negative if it creates a barrier between you and allah subhanho wa tada but it becomes positive pain becomes positive a motivation for you when it brings you back to allah subhanho wa tada o my slave come back to your Lord o my slave this is a reminder for you that I want to bring you back to me whenever phone I lay with a yes saloon on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve don’t get stressed out Muslims over things that haven’t happened yet that’s fear and don’t get stressed out over things it’s already happy everything has been decreed the most difficult pill for the Muslims to swallow is article number 6 of our Deen the gutter of Allah we don’t want to admit it we forget about the power of Allah we forget about the presence of Allah we forget that we came from a clot and we were Mohammed even Abdullah son Baba who and they were selling had to correct everything because we weren’t doing anything right and we get so afraid because we forget we fear and we forget that Allah is in control surely we shall test each and every single one of you with a loss of wealth with a loss of life with a loss of profit and trade so give glad tidings to those who are patient those when they are tested they say to Allah we belong and to him we shall return upon those people are the blessings and prayers of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala and indeed those are the ones who are truly guided so if you have Allah you have everything you desire if you don’t have Allah nothing you desire will make you happy nothing it’ll all in then bring you misery while lying and that’s the truth it’s not a lie ah my dear brothers and sisters I would like to dedicate this talk to every individual who was abandoned by their father who has loved someone in this world yet for one reason or another was left abandoned who has lost someone to death and he couldn’t figure out why there are people across this world who are living in pain and agony different types of pain different types of agony but it always comes down to the same conclusion that Shaitaan somehow or another finds a way to get the better of them and derails them from the path to allah subhana wa ta’ala and this lecture is dedicated to all of those individuals we all have problems in our life brothers and sisters and that’s the reality life is a test we are going to be tested indeed allah spondylolysis do you think that you will be left alone saying you believe without being tested like those who came before you were tested and even the prophets of those who are with them said when will the help of Allah come when will the help of Allah come and then Allah says the meaning of which is verily the help of Allah is always near Subhan Allah so yes we will be tested there will be hardship there will be difficulties and that is the reality of life and then you have to realize everything that’s happening is from Allah you know you don’t get depressed if you forget about Allah you end up getting depressed you think if things are black and they’re gloomy and don’t know we don’t believe this we believe in Happy Endings no matter how bleak it looks out there is dunya you’re in the lowest dunya means the lowest place at dunya we’re on the bottom there’s only up from here really there’s only up this place will lie all of you I’ll give you sincere advice and myself this place is designed to break your heart it was designed that way if you’re looking to be happy in the dunya you’re in the wrong place trials and tests from allah subhanho wa taala are not just the calamities that strike us in terms of death in terms of loss of wealth but there are also blessings that allah subhanho wa taala gives us that we don’t thank Allah subhana WA Ta’ala for and we don’t use them in their appropriate means if you are not being tested by allah subhana wa ta’ala if you do not see that test then now is the time to realize that you are there being tested by pain or you’re being tested by pleasure they both need the exact same result you turn back to allah subhana wa ta’ala the one who is being tested by pain he seeks allah subhanho wa taala is help and finds a recourse out the one who is being tested by pleasure he thanks Allah subhana wa ta’ala for those blessings and he uses those blessings to get closer to allah subhanho wa taala how many wealthy people do you know that I have a lot of wealth who have children that are in tribulation who have sons that are completely wayward or really look out there people are in tribulation you think you’re looking at him because he has a big house he has nice Mercedes here if you were in his shoes you might say I want to be back in my old shoes even though they have holes in them because at least I can sleep at night in his shoes can I have to take all these pills to go to sleep when it comes to tests and trials from allah subhanho wa taala you have one of two choices you can either deal with the pain right now and get closer to allah subhana wa ta’ala or you can delay dealing with the pain seeking the pity of others seeking help from others and prolonging the pain without any recourse and it’s very important to understand the cycles that individuals go through when they go through pain when they lose someone that they love when they feel betrayed by an other individual the very first reaction they have is to isolate themselves they want to be alone now this is more significant when it comes to men because men naturally like to deal with their own pain they don’t like to speak about it women naturally like to speak about their pain and suffering and that’s why their first reaction is going on the phone going to see their mothers going to see their friends however when it comes to true pain at one time or another you will try to isolate yourself and this is the first thing you need to recognize that this is not what you want to do this is not a natural reaction but rather it is Shaitaan telling you that you will feel better when you’re alone because you are the only one that understands what you’re going through it is a deception from Shaitaan so while you may need to be alone for a little while prolonged isolation is very harmful and detrimental to your situation what you want to do at that time is that short period of time once you’ve gotten over that initial rage that initial pain then after that you need to get around the believers you need to get around people who are going to remind you of Allah subhana WA Ta’ala even in the vessel allahu alayhi wa sallam and he is the prophet of the message of allah he went through stressful moments what was the solution that Allah gave his beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did Allah subhanAllah dialysate Imam Muhammad Ganci psychologists and counselors so he could relieve your stress go on antidepressant tablets get a higher dosage of that because this is what happens these days not against it saying it’s right or wrong that’s not my topic but I’m saying that the best relief and the best cure and the best medicine for depression and stress is the one that Allah gave Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and gave to the entire allah so allah azzawajal gives him the qur’an he says for some baby Hamdi Rebecca come Mina Sergey did ward Rebecca Hitachi akeli Akane this is the cure this is the medicine remember allah azza wajal and glorify Him prostrate to allah and pray team continue worshiping the lord until you make your last moment in life and this is what every individual who’s going through pain and suffering needs to realize that this point of pain and suffering is not that allah subhanho wa taala wants to punish you but rather this is a calling from allah subhana wa ta’ala o my slave come back to your Lord all my slave this is a reminder for you that I want to bring you back to me and this is one of the wisdoms of trials and tribulations that while we call each other on the phone while we text message each other the calling of Allah subhana wa tada comes through trials and tribulations and you can react one of two ways either you can deal with the pain at that moment and decide to get closer to Allah subhana WA Ta’ala or you can decide to just restrict that pain to yourself not do anything about it and then you’ll see what it does to your Deen and this is the last stage of the cycle of isolation that once you’re isolated you will see that eventually your Deen starts to disappear the content of your Salah the khushu and your Salah it disappears your ability to recite the Quran is no longer there your ability to fast during the day it gets taken away what did you do differently what you did differently was you gave yourself into Shaitaan and shaytan’s promise is that he will lead you astray he will lead you away from the path of allah subhana wa tada so in times of trials and tribulation you need to seek out the believers you need to seek out the righteous let them be your guide and help to Alaska Nevada everybody has their tribulations and it’s very rare people that have happy time wonderful life all that those people are rare but even at that said the foundation of dunya is tribulation the best worship is waiting for the ease from Allah to come when you’re in hardship so if Muslim would just have that perspective they would realize that if I’m just patient here with all these tribulations I’m in every badda you could just be sitting in your house and if you’re Marta sit with Allah you’re in every better but if you’re there complaining and woe is me and everything’s horrible and it’s doom and gloom and it’s all black and it’s all dark Allah will give you more things to complain about and he’ll give you some real things to complain about because there’s a hadith if you complain about small calamities Allah gives you great calamities trials and tribulations are a means of purification there are a means of purifying you so you can go to the purest of places the punishment of Allah is not out of anger and wrath the punishment of Allah is a means of cleansing you of your sins the punishment of Allah is a preparation that you can go into noblest and purest of places Alfredo’s and Anna and this is why Allah spino Allah sends trials and tribulations and that’s why even a bastard along who said that in every nickimja there are three Nima in every tribulation there are three blessings and the first one is that it could be worse than it is that it’s in your worldly matters and not in your Deen like if you lose money is money but if you lose Deen you lost everything so that’s an air ma if it’s not again we’ll see but then I ve Nina I mean if you think about he didn’t say later cheb nah do you see the do our he didn’t say lettuce if Anaya Allah don’t give us any calamities he said Latin and mercy but enough IDI Nina don’t give us tribulation in our Deen we’re going to get tribulation and we know that because that’s the nature of dunya so you’re going to get tribulation but don’t make it indeed make it in dunya so that’s an Emma you lost your job alhamdulillah I didn’t miss my prayers alhamdulillah I didn’t lose my email at hamdulillah there’s wudu and a place to pray cuz jobs come and go but Dean once it’s gone alo Adam if you’ll ever get it back and then the final one it’s in this world it’s fiducia whatever laughter as long as the massif is in this world it’s a nama because the real Messiah is the Messiah in the next world so if you look at that and realize we’re in blessing will lie the whole lot of us some maybe more than others outwardly more observable but the whole Ummah is in bless will lie Palestine Kashmir sheesh and everywhere we’re in MO and you have to see it you have to see because we have know the people of Co far they have no Lord we have our la semana with Diana and as long as you have a lot they can’t take anything away from you everything you desire exists without loss of Panama so if you have a lot you have everything you desire if you don’t have a la nothing you desire will make you have nothing it’ll all in then bring you misery while lie and that’s the truth it’s not a lot in this world you will never truly be happy no matter what allah subhanho wa taala gives you you will never truly be content you can have the most amount of money in the world you can have the biggest house you can have the most beautiful spouse you can have everything that you desire and you’ll never be happy true contentment and satisfaction comes in the al-quran alone it comes when we are in paradise all this is about perspective and how you deal with the situation and that is why it is very important that an individual who goes through trial he changes his perspective of the trial it’s not a punishment from Allah it’s a means to get closer it is not a punishment from Allah and say calling from Allah that he wants you to come back to Allah subhana WA Ta’ala he does not burden a soul more than can bear a lot of the times when we go through trials and tribulations it feels that this trial is so great that there’s no one being persecuted more than us at that given moment but the reality of the situation is that is not the case there is always someone who is in the worst predicament than you now the situation is already as difficult as it is you’re going through a trial why make it worse by not being patient because you only incurring the wrath of Allah and an individual who’s patient and remembers Allah subhana WA Ta’ala they get the remembrance of allah subhana wa ta’ala upon them they get the drama of allah subhanaw taala upon them and Allah spinal other ends of the verse by saying what will they be a human what they do that they are the ones were truly guy when you’re stressed remember Lars order when you are depressed praise online so I’ll ask a live soldier to relieve your stress when you are so worried during your moment of stress say subhanallah subhanallah why is it when someone gets angry now laughter with every single word that comes across their Lord except sayings have had a lot you know why because the moment the size of have a lot will come down Subhan Allah Subhan Allah the close servant star lives imagine there’s no fear on them and there’s no sadness for them what’s the point of having all the money of this dunya and the luxury of this world and the comfort of this world and the strength of the param dhaam flow in the influence that anyone that can obtain in this world and Allah is not happy for me what’s the point of it what’s the point of course you said of course you said yourself because Allah is not happy from me please Allah Allah who make you happy but you want to commit the scenes during the day or not and you want to be happy and allows that me from me that’s impossible you want to disobey Allah Azza WA JAL and you want a lot to make a happy return that will never happen you want to fall into the Haram and you want the LA soldier to make you happy that would never happen and that’s all my brother and sister when you are sad and depressed I’ll see solve that question before you look into your bank account how much money you’ve got there and before you make an appointment with a psychologist or a doctor and before you see and speak to this person and that person ask yourself what’s your relationship between the other lives so again because of the relationship you said because of your tongue being dry from not remembering allies so a geliar said well law he from the moment you remember loss of Hannah hotarla from the moment you’re not on the gates of allies so I gel and pray to him you filter the taste of happiness in your heart because darkness in the heart brings sadness darkness in the heart brings sadness darkness in the heart brings depression darkness in the heart brings stress but light and North brings happiness light and Lord brings comfort light and Lord brings calmness and tranquillity we have the wrong understanding of comfort and tranquility we think that money is happiness we think that power is happiness while Lari Allah knows no one is happy with just money and no one just happy with fame you hear every single day the richest people commit suicide why the most famous people on drugs why if they were happy why did I go on drugs for if they were happy with the money they had one do they give me suicide for dunya is there worry dunya is distress dunya is their concern but subhanAllah you’re a movement you’re a believer that your concern every single day is how to place Allah so again you sleep the best sleep you wake up the best you eat the best your heart is the best your comfort is the best it’s fun Allah when you please Allah Azza WA JAL Allah puts happiness in your heart when you place a loss of Hannah Tyler Allah makes you content when you please a loss of Hannah Tyler Eliza’s origin bring you satisfaction when you please Allah subhana WA Ta’ala and lots of Hannah or Tyler makes you from amongst us who is happy Allah who relief your stress lots of Hannah Tyler take away your depression a lot of Hannah Tyler will make you concern matters are worthy to be concerned Allah he yes there are moments that we are stressed or longing my brothers and sisters our only way of happiness a relieving stress from us is the police to please a large cemetery turn to Allah subhana WA Ta’ala and Allah will turn to you be with Allah Allah will be with you do the righteous deeds and actions and a loss of Hannah – I’ll give you happiness if you are stressed for your lives or general loss of handle tile or make an opening for you if you are stuck in a problem fear allah subhanaw taala milazzo they will take care of the problem if you are depressed fear loss of an old item Amazo Adel make an opening for you out of the depression rely on loss of a note Allah and he bought everything rely on Eliza’s Oh a gentleman loss of hanataro give you everything rely on logic a note Allah the lies those have grant you everything the Prophet sallallaahu ajnanam said that if any of you has ever tried by a tribulation then let him remember his trial and tribulation through my calamity for indeed it is the greatest of trials what is happening here the pharmacy la la la new setup is alluding to the death of the prophet sallallaahu a new sauna it is the greatest trial that every Muslim goes through without even realizing it and let’s look at why you look at the status of the prophets of Allah who a new Sodom he was every man’s best friend so people lost their best friends people lost their consolers the wives of the Prophet lost their husband the Muslim community lost their leader the old women in the community who had no one they tell their problems to they used to tell it to the Messenger of Allah they lost the ones who would hear them out now imagine the greatest of all trials the prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam was our direct link to allah subhanallah time the province of Arsenal was our direct link to a la soprano China in terms of trials and tribulation you have a decision to make either you can get closer to Allah subhana WA Ta’ala and that is your way to paradise or you can decide to live with your pain seek the pity of people and let the pain get worse and create your own destruction he who has Allah has everything I pray that Allah subhana WA Ta’ala alleviates the pain every believer and every Muslim and that he makes it a path to get closer to Allah subhana WA Ta’ala rather than the path that leads away from him Razak Milan fair salam alykum for my some are like to rehearse all a wolf bucket data I hope you are in and I’m hoping that you have hi man I want to tell you to uh never be sad because I love with you this life is not where worth of being sad so you should always smile even sometimes you feel that I also thought that a lot of time because I really just want to get home to Jenny and I want to listen to good and I want to read good on all day if you ever feel that you should just go juice is good and you should remember that you’re from the Muslim Ummah that means that everyone is making that for you including me so just keep your head high and be strong because because half the hardship is is just like a love from and Quran when you feel sad my Magic’s life is just a test and soon you’ll be over and you’ll be happy flavor and Jenny you won’t be sad everything that’s happened to you a long one it’ll happen to you to be happy for that don’t be sad you’re almost something I love you so love him back around just a little girl please listen to me when you get you Jenny won’t even remember these times and when something bad happens to you all you get her alone take the bad things away insha Allah you’ll find your way eh sorry about that sometimes a lot of drugs with hardships but la testa people that he loves so he loves you and I love you so much I hope this made you happy so my Lake mother had to love her