Dr. Barry Morguelan on How to Use Ancient Energy Practices to Heal Yourself and Succeed in Life

all right my friends welcome to this
extremely special podcast episode I think your your lit up there yep
today I’m gonna just do a little reading for you but after this I’m not going to
it I’m gonna let this incredible human being talk we have dr. Barry Morguelan
he’s a 35-year practicing gastroenterologist and endoscopic
surgeon from UCLA wise before wise but so I got to listen to a few interviews
that he had done beforehand and dr. Barry as we’ll call him he’s kind of
this this bridge that I think a lot of us have been looking for of somebody who
is extraordinarily well trained in the medical field but saw some of the gaps
that are in that field and perhaps how people are being taken care of and got
extraordinarily curious with not just treating people when they’re sick but
also what’s the source of the cause of some of these elements that people are
dealing with or probably all the elements that people are dealing with
and then how can we start looking at that from a more spiritual energetic
perspective and has gone a pretty tremendous I think does an
understatement of the century from what I’ve heard kind of late life journey
that aligns itself with some of the really cool blockbuster movies that
people see and so I’ve heard quite a bit about that and today I’m super happy to
share this genius with you and something I want to let you guys know that kind of
knocked me on my ass today and I was wondering for myself how many people on
the planet have this name but I found out from Dave Asprey that one of your
titles is Grand Master and that there’s only a dozen of you on planet earth and
you are the first Western Grand Master and I’ll let you kind of get into what
that is so dr. Barry welcome to today’s show super happy to have you yeah thank
you so really like the first thing I just
want to give some people context I know I give a really brief summary on who you
are what you do but ultimately I just want you to tell a little bit about your
story maybe why you got into medical school what was the reasoning behind
that and ultimately kind of what led you more on
this spiritual path it’s it’s great to be here guy I’ve also heard a lot about
you so that’s why I soon as we were in the area I said oh this is something
we’re gonna do yeah I appreciate that yeah no no really
and your bina sincere genuine person is your mo that’s how people said oh yeah
he’s you’ll like him and so that’s what’s happened I’m glad to be here
thank you yeah thank you for so my I think Oh dis is prevail well and life
started you know about 30 years ago when I was at UCLA working in my
fellowship and gastroenterology and I was already board-certified in internal
medicine and I was getting might got my boards in gastroenterology and then did
researching and Gi and was able to you know produce something in that that was
successful and then extremely busy practice after that right after I went
into practice in Los Angeles and I still have two practices there that have been
continuously busy and that was great to see so many people that you could help
with the endoscopic techniques that were blossoming then so initially believe or
not before of the endoscopy equipment got really really good there were still
a heavy pressure from old guard Western medicine to you know surgery for
everything yes I was thrilled to see that could be doing surgical techniques
without it cutting people just on the inside with an endoscope you know go
through the mouth through other orifices through the abdomen and then you could
take tumors out you could laser you could do all kinds of things and get
somebody completely well without ever having to cut and they could go home and
you know it sometimes a day two days but the point was that people really healed
faster and I was so excited to see all the things we could do for people except
that I noticed that over and over again I would have clients either in the
emergency room who would return with another illness yeah something else and
hey Fred what are you doing back is well you know now I’ve got this other
problem and then I’ll and I said okay let’s fix that and you don’t have to be
admitted this time or I would have a patient on the floor I think some I
think other people heard about this older Hispanic woman mrs. Gonzales sir
and there was a mrs. Rodriguez there’s more than one who were there
with multiple polyps came in we removed them they were very happy but then they
would always look at me and say you know I got to get back to my nine children
and take I’m the mother of the house yeah of taking care of all these
wonderful kids and everybody works and you know I wouldn’t sit on their bed and
I’d say you know it’s I really wish there was a way that people could get
well and stay well and not have to come in at all and both of these older ladies
would I remember because it happened more than once would look at me and say
well you know if anybody’s going to do it you’re the guy why don’t you go do it
and I went yeah I think I wanted to do that so I made a pact with myself hmm
and it was a very ethereal the day the time that I might remember the most with
miss Rodriguez where the Sun was coming in and I was sitting on her bed and I
was sort of holding her hand this elderly somewhat obese Hispanic woman
but a sweet face and saying you know God I’d really my heart goes out to her and
I feel that towards all the patients that I’m gonna be treating going on for
the next who knows how many years sure there’s got to be something that can be
done and of course I mentioned this to other doctors and they all said you’re
at the top of your field what are you doing where are you going you’re all
ready there’s no place else for you to go except keep doing more research but
you know you have to stay in the Western model there isn’t anything what are you
looking for a fountain of youth yeah and I said maybe let me see
so then I went on my search but there was no one’s gonna fund it in those days
they fund for traditional Western medicine research but not for what I was
looking for which is how not to even get sick but also could it be possible this
is what really turned me on could it be possible that instead of you know most
people I think of life as sort of you go along
this like this and then like this and then overtime it’s down and then you say
well you know that’s age and that’s all things oh yeah and I said what if what
if it didn’t have to go that way what if you could go like this and they get
stronger each day and get more powerful each day but it isn’t that you’re
actually made to be actually more vital because the cells in your body do that
all the time and you know in those days didn’t have all the research on genetics
that is known now epigenetic she’ll come out all the stuff from Harvard and MIT
is coming in a lot now about saying that there’s a whole lot that can be done
just how do we access it what that’s but there was no one even saying that in the
days that I started out people were just saying no there’s nothing you can do
people just sort of go like this that’s more a fixed way of thinking I I said
you know well there’s no evidence for that now that people could get better
better but if it is I’m gonna make it my search so that was my new research which
was to go anyplace in every place I could discover something that would be
alternative to the and I’m at the top of technology to help people painlessly
with endoscopy and still that wasn’t enough to stop them from keep coming
team back to the emergency room or the relatives or whoever and so I saw her
vice painters bother me you know every time I was sure I’m sure it would be
like with you with your child you know with me every patient him it’s like a
child or a relative I was feeling more and more sad that you know this is not
the way I want my career to completely end up I want to be able to make some
kind of difference for all these people if it’s possible but it doesn’t exist so
I went and I used my own funds there was nobody gonna fund me and I went like
every two three months somewhere and remember in Los Angeles in
those days there was no like alternative care there was no Integrative Medicine
there was just barely there’s no Starbucks there was no expresso coffee
that was doughnut shops and maybe one or two vitamin shops but that was it I mean
I don’t think we even had croissants in those days and LA was suppose to be
somewhat advanced I mean there was a one grocery store though that eventually
grew mrs. Gooch’s which turned out to you know eventually
be a chain that you not to grow and it was wonderful to find someone interested
in farm-to-table kind of food but that wasn’t even big then either everything
was already you know prepackaged and ready Cherie grocery store so anyway I
went I studied so many different things I mean it wasn’t he I mean I actually
learned acupuncture chiropractic Osteopathy crystal therapies water
therapy I went all up and down the coast of California I went to the Native
Americans and southern United States and did the you know vision quests and
breathe a lot of smoke in those TPS yes but and also went through all those
things about being left out in the forests and you know all the outer
bounds things that were available in those days to test yourself and see is
there something else that I could discover talk to people mostly I was
interested in going through whatever anybody else had gone through and say
well what’s the results because if it’s the results I want to bring it back to
UCLA sure even though I was in private practice then I still was you know
connected with teaching there sometimes or connect with all the the rest of my
colleagues there so and really quick out of curiosity at this point are you clear
that these symptoms that people are exhibiting or that they’re they have
energetic components I have spiritual components or you still looking at it
completely from the Western physical you’re just looking to hear those kind
of elements I think that’s what you hit on the point the inside I constantly had
this like GPS that kept going this is not the direction you want to go this
direction with the whole body yes heart gives a person a better chance
because everybody knows in athletics as you’re going through grade school high
school if you do anything it’s really great you get into the zone space where
you’re really really capable where’d it go
and how do you get bring it back and I said there’s other places the body can
really do great things let’s how could I access that so and
then I’m ended up traveling over the next six or seven years about a hundred
sixty thousand miles around the planet my code Central America South America
Europe like shamanic work plant medicine work or well there’s even photos of me
with all the shamanic gear on yeah man with the painted face and all that stuff
because I wanted to find out what could you do with that same you know how much
you know you’re down in Ecuador or you’re in the the jungles there and yes
I tried all those wonderful things that if people are playing around with now
and doing micro dosing I must say that not all those herbs and these big
wonderful things that you could take and people are trying now we’re still not
something although there were great experiences there you know out-of-body
experiences transcendental experiences just you know the herbs they have done
they’re amazing sure we still you have to go down there to actually and get to
know them to know more than what people are really experiencing even now there’s
something you know they’re beyond LSD kind of from destinations but the point
was I couldn’t bring that back to UCLA of course not I can bring them back to
say okay we now have something mrs. Rodriguez that you don’t have to worry
about you’re going to take this you know this dose of this everything to make you
strong yep and and so that I study all the herbs I could and there was let’s
see what else was there was there’s all these crystal caves in Brazil I mean
really big crystals I’m sure you went down there and then you can meditate in
those it was great we mentioned Parma Hansie Yogananda who’s when I remember
reading his book and I wanted where are you
I don’t I have to find where you were connected and so I learned all about
meditation and enjoyed all many forms of meditation but you know there’s so many
different wonderful culturally around the world ways of learning to meditate
yes which all contributed to me you don’t have to just you don’t have to get
as far out as the shamanic techniques or as the deep jungle techniques or you
know meditating Egypt and the pyramids I mean there’s so many different ways that
you can connect and people are finding out but still that’s me I wanted to have
her I wanted you whoever cut I wanted to give this up to the world yeah I want to
find some we could distribute to the world that everybody would have it so
you want to go the hospital mhm to get sick and you wouldn’t have to buy
any medications you’d be able to take care of yourself and your family and I
felt it existed and so the only rough part of that was every time I would come
back because I’d have other doctors covering my practice remember they’re
all still very solid those that were white coat yeah they’re rigid structures
here at a time yeah right out of you know routine
dr. Kildare look and because that’s what was the uniform and other doctors go you
know you know we’re people gonna steal your practice if you keep taking all
these trips and what are you going what do you think find the Fountain of Youth
or you you know you’re out of your mind you should you shouldn’t do that and I’d
and I’d go I don’t think he was gonna see my practice and so far I don’t mind
you all taking the patients because I think I have to find this out this is
like I’m not finished yeah I’m just not finished with my
education and research of finding sound and doesn’t seem to be exist yet and
they say well you’re never gonna find it one of my nemesis said that you’re never
you’re just wasting your time and it’s it’s a bad idea so I said we want to
thank you but that’s it’s not like what my goal is I’m gonna keep going so year
after year I wonder different place and so let’s see we talked about Central
America South America I went to in Europe in in Germany they have all the
electrical equipment which has gotten much better there they have a lot of
better equipment now all of it you can get on the Internet you’re talking like
Beemer mats and those kind of things that be more that rife rife has been
completely upgraded they’ve got millions of different choices there but at that
point was it was still after the fact yeah see so know what’s going okay well
you’re gonna use the electoral device to find out what else you need and then in
current through you but as far as your body cellular structure to dial in just
the right sensitivity of the vibration that you need is it takes really close
monitoring and all the internally as far as like a personal awareness or
monitoring from well let’s see there’s machines like the rife in those days
yeah yes and I had a friend in South Africa
in Cape Town who had two rife machines yeah big tall guy Austrian guy and he
was always using his rifle machine and I would always say and I tried it out and
I tried I worked with people in Germany and Frankfurt and Munich with the
equipment they had and garmisch-partenkirchen and number of
places in Germany Bremen where I would also teach endoscopy but which was my
technique for being able to travel I would always get to visit with doctors
in different places and I would say okay I’m gonna teach all the techniques that
we’ve advanced that you see like it was a very very good program meaning the
first endoscopic surgery and I and what while I was there I’ll never forget this
guy in London who I talked to a really prestigious Hospital and we were talking
about advanced techniques and removing gall stones out of the bile duct system
and relief sensitive things that took a lot of
adaptable bility with your fingers to be able to manipulate the scopes and be
able to do the work correctly and safely and I said okay okay you know it’s an
afternoon and I said we’re gonna close up now so these other questions when I
asked you those what else I said is there anything that you know it’s
alternative that’s integrative there that would allow people not to develop
these problems or what are other people taking that are not coming the hospital
or not coming down with these problems and now I never get looked at me what
you want you need to talk to my grandmother
yes stuff from the old country you know before she came over she’s she does
stuff like that but we don’t have anything in the pharmacies are in place
else that it’s going to really make that big of a difference you know because I
think in London what I got enamored with in those days was the Bach remedies all
the flower remedies and the wonderful things and in France when I worked in
Paris not that had to be Paris other cities but the point was it was a center
for great knowledge in Western medicine and yet even there what I was able to
learn in those days was all the back a lot of air Raiders for all the flat
all the beautiful wonderful aroma therapy that they had developed so they
had wonderful aromatherapy and I had them all over my office my office had
aromatherapy machines going in each room and I was always testing asking the
patient how do you feel do you think this is gonna you know have an effect
and you know it’s wonderful but it still wasn’t the thing preventative yeah yeah
it wasn’t enough to get people stronger either sure it was just something that
made things a little easier for where they were at so it finally ended up in
China and in China I you know I would that was at the end and this isn’t it
this is an 80s China yeah that’s right yeah different place is completely
different yeah completely they’re still wearing the outfits
mm-hmm oh now Alfa’s because it was a poor country then it’s not like now it’s
extremely well that’s right yeah and actually I prefer the old style
because that’s what I that’s where I finally found what I was looking for and
I was working with on the hospitals there and I’ll never forget I saw a book
and on the libraries there and everything all those since world war ii
they hadn’t really been able to have that much money to improve all the
hospitals so there was a lot of still you know unpainted areas and books
stacked things weren’t taking care of they’d have much money but I found this
book where it showed this one master with the whole regalia treating a client
who was obviously had broken wound and he but he wasn’t touching him teach him
treat her from a distance you know there was showing that he was was I looked
through the pages he was healing them without even having to do any surgery or
he lasering like we would have to do with endoscopy but in China I finally
got to see this book where and I ran to the head of the hospital there where I
was working I said hey I couldn’t meet this guy who’s doing this and they went
what you’ve been doing right here and you’ve been teaching us and we’re hoping
you stay and you’re we’re very satisfied with all the your work but that’s
impossible and I went to second that’s impossible
he said this impossible mmm and I said why he said he is a national treasure
and China that’s a big thing we have guards and there were these badges and
no one’s allowed to be near them yeah because he’s the repository for all of
Chinese medicine which even in those days and these things are
still the yellow our first book mm-hmm and they said all that is been delivered
not only to him and through him but going back all the days 5000 years ago
back to Lao Tzu and back to Wan Dee and back to the wonderful people that
trained them yeah and they said that his oral tradition he’s the one who has his
located different monasteries but he’s not gonna see you plus if he ever did
see you you’re not a dignitary and it’s very very expensive so he wouldn’t see
you I said well how expensive the good well in those days is like you know
twenty five years ago ten thousand dollars well one visit and you can
imagine but they didn’t so I said I mean you could imagine how upset I was I was
real I felt like I finally found first I was looking for that here’s someone who
possibly had the juice to be able to show me that this is really real yeah
oh I let me say there was also trip to Philippines you know about Philippines
but they have the psyche surgery there okay so I actually worked with those a
few people who could actually demonstrate that they could do psychic
search interests it was extremely exciting it was fun but again you’re not
gonna come back to the University and saying okay I want you lay her flat
don’t worry about the blood I’m just gonna hand in your abdomen and write a
lot of the bad stuff which is all they did they were doing in terms of
technically what was coming out but there’s a lot behind that what they were
doing but it still wasn’t gonna be accepted and plus you’re still saying I
want you to come would you be here you ever do it yourself yeah and I want you
to be able to stay well on your own remember I my goal is that you keep
getting stronger in your own sure so I said wow that’s unacceptable for me I’m
so I asked him and asked him and finally said okay this is the chief Lawson said
I’ll refer you to my cousin who it can possibly get you someone who can take
you up the mountain to the monastery said and so he referred me to because
the cousin was real not really free with all the translations so he handed me
over to a friend so now I don’t even know who I’m with and he commuted the
mountain but then the motorcycle broke down and so I had to walk half the
distance up there when I finally got to the camp though it was just like I was
you know Star Wars it was amazing seeing what was going on there because they
were bringing people in front of the Grandmaster and he was treating them
without touching them and I saw wounds heal in front of my eyes well and I’m
used to sawing people after the emergency room but I’m not used to
walking up there and have anything go yeah like cellular generation I can sit
in his head it was great so I was like that’s incredible and with a real
interest in anthropology I just did anything I could to convince the people
around there to talk to him because my Mandarin wasn’t that good at that time
to tell me that I would have just loved to see if I could just hang out and
study there and just watch what he does and and I was the only American only
english-speaking person I was wearing my baseball hat so I was much taller than
my the people there sure and they called me you know they also gave me the same
welcome they went no and worse they call me quail ow
and so quail out in these white ghosts or just means ghost is this means
something not good yeah in terms of Chinese culture mm-hmm so it means we
really don’t need we’re gonna avoid you we’d really don’t need you yeah you’re
of no value and he doesn’t need people around of no value and you wouldn’t
understand it anyway but I stayed and that’s another whole story and that’s
you know I’ve got material that’s gonna come out and talk about those rough days
of staying there wouldn’t they wouldn’t you know they wouldn’t get me place
asleep mm-hmm but I’d care and and eventually I got people would give me
food each day but I always stayed because I was just know that the place
this is it I got to see it plus you could feel it you could feel this much
honor god help people go there and also you know it’s this sort of a general
feeling of well-being yes at him well this was more than will be this like
being in a hurricane yeah like a field of wellness was the other being levity
the whole time you’re there I was gonna I feel great on a wild reading that guy
but I feel great mmm 20 feet behind him mm-hmm
so the field he was creating was enough that he was bringing through him to
treat the clients that came up and the him up for all kinds of reasons some
psychological some people I saw you look at being completely crazy again not
without touch some people came for business and those people paid even more
than 10,000 I heard they wanted to make great financial decisions and when your
brain is completely clear and you’re not flummoxed with all the
distractions that are in the world were young you know the stress yeah and the
confusion and where do I go next and all that it’s very easy eventually don’t
think I’m not sure to see in reality what your next specs best choice is
you’re actually made to make great choices yes and you do that if you’ve
ever done your ski yeah one of my favorite sports okay so that’s one of my
favorite sauces yeah so in skiing you know a lot of times you’ll see maybe the
two red bars there and you’ll see that when you weren’t expecting as you come
over hill and you just quickly shift and ski around and you’re still having a
great time sure right so that’s what he was trying to elucidate to me
when we finally eventually got to connect which is that within you if you
open up these sensors just like in skiing you’re so in reality the real
reality that if something’s not good for you to avoid from it yeah if something
is good for you can then start to enjoy it so you called it bean 360 that you’re
involved with your entire experience in front of you behind you on either side
and so it without two years back forth back and forth to China I’m just all
thrilled of course I got sick many times you know there’s not much Clement sure I
don’t want to recommend people getting all the different in dysentery that I
got just to be there but I really didn’t care about that either because as bad as
I felt getting there each time with either finding out where they were gonna
be and what no cell phones in those days so it’s hard to work things out all the
time it was still worth it whenever I get to the camp wherever he was working
on people it was just phenomenal finally one day said would you like to learn and
I went wow this would be the greatest thing the world’s just a big surprise I
never thought he would even care to train me and he said but I have to tell
you those through a translator he said you know it’s it’s not a fun training
and no one would know one likes it yeah you wouldn’t like it and plus nobody
makes it and I went wait a minute nobody makes I made it all these distance you
all they over almost up to that time 200,000 miles traveling around
leaving my practice yeah I’m just going for it to find the city says I’m not
gonna make it he said yeah you can see around me there who was in the level
that I’m in that I can you know work with and at the same level to treat all
the different clients that come up here he said that you’re only meant to go as
far this lifetime as in this training to be able to help people with the energy
like this this special powers as you were meant to be so if you don’t go as
far that’s it so I said okay I’ll take the deal he said less than all he said
also there’s no malpractice here as you notice when you come up the mountain
wherever we are you don’t see fences you don’t see any signs sure we have people
you know get hurt all the time and so no one’s gonna help you if you get hurt and
you could even die and I went this is not good but I don’t care I remember the
feel like was in a beam of light while he was talking about us going I’m gonna
do it may take a long long time you may never make it to you know as long as you
live yeah and I said I still want to be trained so I did I started the training
program with him and the wonderful thing about it was it was old China with a lot
of rules and a lot of severity and a lot of danger I didn’t like the danger part
at all and there were other people who would come to the camps where we were
from different parts of Asia no Americans no english-speaking people I
was the only person who ever was you know well being there as the English
speaking and no other doc medical doctors either I ended up being the only
medical doctor only english-speaking person Western ever to have been trained
in this and to have made it all the way to the end to be able to do this for
other people which is you know chuckle it didn’t happen overnight hello how
long did I take from start to finish Wow and were you there the entire time
or you don’t have bounced back before but he wouldn’t let you stay I say he’d
give you certain challenges and then you’d have to do them some of the
challenges right there and then he’d leave you and then you may never come
back yeah you had to find your way back to the camp wherever he was a lot of
times you would never know where he was so they’re showing you like a technique
your technique and yet to master if you master the technique the
information will be on call self in the tech so far totally they sort of showed
that in well let’s see they showed that you know the movie Doctor Strange yes so
you know how they said you can pick your your robe or your special item it will
pick you remember that mm-hmm that comes from one of my talks which is that he
said that if you’re gonna make it through each one there will be something
revealed to you at that moment that will give you the information to go on
that’ll mean your to go to the next step and if you’re not subtle for that and
there was one it’s just not a good story Hong Kong I became very good friends
with mainly because he was funny and he spoke Hong Kong people speak great
English so he was always helping me in translation but he was really super
educated guy and always would come to the camps not always when I was there
but it was often there and he was always complaining you know grandmasters should
show us things that this why is he stuck me with this one exercise which I don’t
see anything on the other side of it and he was always fighting him you know and
always saying that I mean internally not in front of him but internally he
wouldn’t just give himself fully to even simple exercises that we were trained in
that you would say that’s such an easier how could their beginning value of that
yeah but there was great values and just like people say how can any value in
meditation just sitting there yeah you know they just don’t have a clue that in
some of these positions when do you keep doing them you get more and more opened
up more and more open to all of a sudden all what turned out to be finding out
that you have these sensors all over your body that people don’t learn to use
you only use a few of them use your ear threader to vibrate that’s the sense or
use your eyes that’s light sensors I mean there’s just so many but mostly we
focus on the big five here in western US mm-hmm and they’re learned this sucker
focus on thousands of them and so he didn’t do too well that guy he ended up
dying yeah it was sad and he thought it was him one of the challenges too which
made me even more wondering don’t know how to continue with this I mean just
you know sometimes that be at the camp and and say a week earlier I was doing
surgeries in the hospital with nurses and giving orders and having all
people come to me and getting people what quote-unquote well in Western
medicine getting them out to revise happy and I’m going that is a good life
what am I doing here people are dying yeah maybe next yeah but I still said
what else can you give some examples as I heard I heard you know from previous
interviews some of the things and I thought they were fascinating in terms
of like challenge the type of talent challenges they were putting you into
because they really were not easy to say yes to work with no guarantee on yeah
yeah so I just want to like give some people some context so they kind of know
what energies you’re working with allowed for these things there’s for all
different levels there’s this energy I eventually found out was told me that he
was the repository of all the source energy that had spawned Tai Chi Chi Kong
herbal medicine which is one things I learned before I got to go up there I
said it was teaching China actually studied or biology well here and there
worked in the pharmacy there yeah and there herbs were you know it wasn’t
anything pure I’m not like today with the capsules we grind up all kinds of
things from the mountains and we’d have to go out and get them it was almost
like being a botanist which was sort of exciting because that was before I ever
got to meet the Grand Master but in also learned acupuncture there which could
have been you know something I could have stopped with but it wasn’t I still
wanted to keep going till finally I met him and got to work with min so some of
the challenges let me see okay so there’s two branches one branch of the
source energy is what you would call the martial arts branch the other one is the
branch that has to do with high performance self-realization
enlightenment and improving your mental faculties so that you actually are
better each day at being able to make decisions and help people help your
family help everyone without you know making mistakes and running your skis
over the orange yeah us there so in an example of one of the training things
was one time he sent me up to go up there there’s a old temple and
don’t come down until you have you know your transformation of what the next
step is so I go up to this old temple I don’t think I’ve told this on a podcast
before but it’s it’s a good example so I went to this old temple and it was old
and was broken down and there wasn’t many people around there and so I went
wow this is great there’s nobody here speaking English no
idea what I’m supposed to be getting out experience plus he said don’t come back
until I have the result and I don’t know what the result is
yeah so you know that isn’t what you tell the chief of the department and
Western medicine sure at the hospital where everybody goes here could you sign
this note here then this patient Lee can you give this prescription you’re always
doing the right thing and it gets done here I’m gonna go there I have no idea
when the ends gonna happen yeah so I went up there and finally I just I
just looked around and there was some really destroyed old I different
carvings of Buddha and there were some some drawings on the walls that in
Chinese lettering and some old faded paintings but it was really a broken
down temple so I said well you know I guess I just but I should just like try
to find out at every level and he taught me a lot about different levels of
existence by that time and to see what else is there
here that for me to get so I sat down and just you know in a meditative
position likes crossed and just sat there and kept you know just getting
deeper and deeper and deeper and then finally I opened my eyes at one point
and I saw this this Mandarin sign up there which earlier had seen it but it
really I didn’t taken much cognizance of it and it’s how it said no body you know
nobody and then I read that said nobody and I went no so everyone thinks that you exist
and that you’re important and you’ve got worries and you’ve got concerns and
you’ve got family got money to make you’ve got a professional to crave got
love to experience however without your body you’re still nobody yeah
and so what the purpose of that was at that level was that this wonderful
structure that we have is underrated a thousand percent how about a million
percent how about a beam percent you’re distracted into okay well if I could
make this stock trade then I’ll have enough money to be able to buy this
Sharon wouldn’t that be fun and it’d be great to make this discovering something
at all super narrow whatever you’re doing you can’t do it without this
mmm-hmm and people want to say oh no I’m existing and you know with all the books
I’m existing in multiple planes at one time and I’m I’m really not here you
know almost wonderfully people like to say however you know if you stub your
toe you know you’re here and if you cut yourself you’ll see that you bleed or
even if you learn how to stop the bleeding which you know now I’ve shown
the people but the the key is that I got that experience there that I would no
longer not just experience my body sort of an athletic experience and trying to
stay in great shape and learn all the different martial arts that they were
teaching me in the camp but and learn how to defend myself but also but at
each moment I would start to experience the body something else and that
something else allowed me to go through a number of different other levels which
were extremely dangerous and it I’d never had those magical abilities to
handle those kind of experiences without knowing that the body was eighth a
wonderful structure to bring in all types of different vibrations to allow
you to do things you never thought possible and people say well what do you
mean well just you can go back to the examples I’ve done to do a China I mean
we have stories about you know a woman who I mean it’s recorded a woman who
lifts the car off show off her son sure where’d she get that strength all
of a sudden yeah I mean really did she did work out no does she have the
strength no could she do it again maybe but she isn’t going out try
that’s why she’s our weightlifter so where does all that ability come from
what it’s that you have the ability just like generate play baseball or tennis I
play tennis here okay Kevin oh it’s a good tennis shot where all of a sudden
you know you hit it and and it just you know he was a great shot even without
looking to see where it went mm-hmm and it makes that special Sam yes like no
say yeah it’s like a no effort no is that that’s being totally in actually
action without achievement almost like yes you’re totally in the zone and
that’s we’re supposed to live all the time yeah the Grandmaster so that was
the next level I needed to stay learn to stay in that level all the time if I was
gonna go up any higher so from that point on you know you talk to people to
go well you know I’ve studied meditation and I’ve learned to meditate in
different temperatures and things like that but and there’s walking meditation
but with him after that there was no difference between meditation and life
and awaken station the meditation you’re waking editing you’re always you’re
always rising in a higher and higher vibration along with the planet along
with everything else is going on here which is wonderful because you get
infused by all that so when they had me sit and meditate once in the snow with
just small Yeon you know and I was hoping it wasn’t going to take too long
because I and they said you sit here and don’t come we won’t come back until you
know you’re ready you know when well I hope that I’m ready before I freeze out
here but eventually I said well I am gonna freeze unless I do something to
keep generating more and more and more you know the body warmth and heat even
though that wasn’t enough right to do all that and and eventually you know I
was in such a state that I would say it wasn’t aware when they finally came back
but when they came back the Grandmaster pointed and they showed that you know
all around me all around the snow in a circle it had melted and I’d stayed in
the center even though I was thinking completely unaware of that now being in
that state to be able to bring that much energy to keep myself warm and my
surroundings was what kept me I think from getting a you know severe frostbite
or flu shirt would it be accurate to say that years ago extremely spacious
awareness at that point on your that you don’t exist
in terms of just what you think is any resistance that’s in
front of you what’s in front of you is just an opportunity for you to expand
even further at every moment that’s what I learned there wasn’t anything that was
considered an obstinate aware of your endocrine system or no no don’t have to
go to different place yeah Western medicine although I love it in terms of
what it’s contributed that’s not this discipline this this one’s more like
quantum well like quantum physics which actually Tesla and Einstein refer all
the way back to the yellow our first book that says that they had a scenes of
quantum physics even Einstein refers that is back discovered back then with
the norm of the yin-yang some mhm and what that’s all about you know is that
you have it you have everything to do with everything it doesn’t happen in
life for you without you being there or you could say it the other way
unless you choose not to yeah and then it doesn’t happen to with you but you
still chose yeah so you’re always the chooser and people say well that’s just
a philosophical approach and you can take that attitude but if you study any
of the materials that we’ve got for you on the website and energy for success
that’s the name of the website energy and the company energy for success can I
just roll that’s are you saying that life is arising through you like
everything your experiences are right is arising out of you there’s nothing that
you’re not experienced that you don’t have an option in having a relationship
to it one way or the other now how intense that relationship can be
you take some training yes but in terms of being able to heal somebody who’s not
in the room who’s on the other side of the planet who calls me and wants
something that takes a little more work but it’s easier to treat someone who’s
two feet away from you or it’s easier to show them a technique
rather than showing them over the phone or showing them over zoomin but now
we’ve recorded so many of the videos and audios that my you know my goals finally
been accomplished that well the first goal was finally making it through the
whole system and you won’t hear all that happen well I’m curious afore you go
there is a relationship done by an area like you’re no longer looking at is it
this or this it’s just kind of everything is in a coexistence meaning
you know like most people are so you know and very like basic meditation
speak right there’s things arising within you there’s a pleasant sensation
there’s an unpleasant sensation oftentimes just you’re told to value
them equally to just notice sensation and kind of remove the unpleasantness or
pleasantness from it because I’ve also sat in ten day silent meditations of
gained what would seem like science fiction type power is done sporadic
healing on my own body nice things of this nature
good have struggled with stabilizing those frequencies and energies yeah you
take a breath that’s your breath right so I’m curious again like is it that you
because it from a quantum field perspective right like everything isn’t
a coexistence binary the zeros and ones are kind of in a coexistence is it
something along those lines that you’re actually starting to experience reality
or matter and this kind of more of a quantum field yes experience yeah
absolutely yeah Matrix movie goes into that yeah
the first movie you know when finally neo goes right he connects yeah he says
that’s it Smith you know and then he goes and that’s when he’s ready here I
know all feeling and then everything is X’s and O’s everything is pluses and
minuses it’s all something that’s up for your involvement if you’re gonna be
involved in it you have a tremendous ability to have it go one way or the
other and that’s in your tennis shot when you have that tennis shot and
what’s really great about a great tennis hit or someone’s hit a great baseball or
a great softball is that after you hit it first place when it comes at you you
almost know that it’s gonna be a great shot right you can almost hear the words
homerun yeah it’s a no mind experience – no – yeah and if you see the people on
TV who fall into the zone like that you know they almost don’t move right away
even though they hit the ball great they’re sort of suspended because
they’re fascinated by the fact that they got such a great hit and it feels so
good sure that you’re just not ready to go run and then also and then you take
off and run the bases or some like that and and that experience is available to
you and those results are available to you moment by moment in everything you
do and we have a program that goes into the fact that it’s available in all
eight areas that the Grandmaster you know instructed me in which is that
you’re you know in relationships and I’ve got all kinds of testimonies
about this in love and connection with other people in your financial success
and your physical prowess and your being flexible and stronger every day and
you’re actually being functional without stress you know you don’t have to be
taking something to distress yourself if you’re not getting stressed every day if
you’re actually able to I mean I had one lady from Silicon Valley said well you
know they said I couldn’t multitask and I thought I could I thought I had to
stop this is making me crazy but now it’s fun and I don’t get stressed out
about anything yes I make and it’s just like something comes in on the ways and
I go back with and I don’t have to you know reprogram myself each moment going
on calm calm oh yeah if there’s none of that this is the way you were meant to
be true alignment yeah does that what you’re meant to be and whenever you hit
that ball retook that ski turn I mean think about it when you made the turn on
skiing and you avoided the two red X’s our bars there I mean you didn’t go
through let’s see I want to micro turn my right hand just sure to centimeters
and I want to turn my knee one eighth of an inch and I want to rotate up on my
tee no all that is a command your body your
body responds mm-hmm and the environment responds with you and then all of a
sudden you’re connected to it that’s the 360 so that’s the part that has that’s
the joy of of taking all these practices that I brought back for everyone to use
to allow you to have this kind of life to keep going forward up stronger each
day because you can just focus on whichever one you want
and we haven’t free an auditory you just listening guided breathing
visualizations or videos and what’s embedded in them is the vibrations to
bring it out of you so you know what to think about it because our whole
thinking process has become a little bit you know overwhelming yes and hasn’t
really brought the freedom that people thought it would become you’ve had
plenty of smart people over the years we’ve got a lot of tech but that’s only
one half of the annyeong symbol the other half is you and how powerful can
you be at every moment without you know thousands of other things that you
ingest what if you were pulling in all the energies that are available for you
to take in from the whole planet yeah and I that’s why I stayed the length
there until finally I actually you know what Grand Master said okay you’re you
made it and then he went to this whole thing about in an inner eye he gave me
an interview with him and alone which I never thought I would get and he said
you know why we decided to train you and you know at that moment I’m sitting
about ten feet from him it’s the closest I’ve been to him when he wasn’t doing
some treatment on somebody and I said didn’t you know I said oh this one those
end moments this is where I’m supposed to do something you know and I’ve read
all banned studies and all the different techniques of possible representing
myself in the midst of this why question I knew it wasn’t just going to be a
simple answer I said well maybe he wants me to knock something off the wall by
doctoring it using an animal maybe his son wants to go to medical school I mean
I couldn’t figure it out so finally I just went back to that place in the
energy and then finally just answered him I said I really don’t know mmm and I
didn’t think that I’d blown her and I just said I really don’t know and so
then he said well I’ll tell you and then from that point on while I was sitting
there sort of in this Buddha position he I got hotter and hotter and hotter till
finally I’m just sweating like crazy and he’s all the way across the room smiling
at me drinking tea and tell me about my life growing up in Louisville Kentucky
he’s telling you yeah so a translator verbatim yeah and he’s telling me things
that nobody knows sure especially says why when you were just real small you
know and you had special powers to treat different animals and treat your aunt
and your sister that you stopped doing that later
why did you that why’d you didn’t you make that something you pursued instead
of going in just into Western medicine you know he knew all about this sure
shocked me and then he says yeah it’s time you’ve made it he said you made it
the other sign to be able to help other people with this and and your you know
your integrity is good so that you we want you to go back to the West and see
if you can make the contribution that he knew why I wanted to learn all this he
knew that not only do I want to like give Western medicine a chance to
only be there for therapeutics when you really needed it yeah and let people
take over their own lives any stronger each day and you’d be your own health
provider that you’re actually able to help yourself and your family your
children all is a family unit rather than thinking that you don’t know what
you’re doing or don’t know how to take care of things or it’s all too mental
when it isn’t just like a need a good tennis ball when you did there’s not
much thinking about it right it was all of a sudden you’re in the flow so I got
to bring back all these techniques and over the years some have had multiple
multiple conferences and lectures where I’ve had thousands of testimonials now
but I never wanted to advertise it because I wanted to be word-of-mouth I
want it to be something that if was good if the Western world was ready for it it
would stand on Tara day yeah it would stand on its own ya know the whole
company has all been you know the thousands and thousands of people over
the years that I’ve been able to pass this information on to who’ve been
watching the videos or listening to the guided breathing visualizations actually
we have one for your audience but you share that for sure yeah
yeah that we’ve had great results so I’ve got over 40,000 testimonials now
it’s all being by mouth so now that I’m gonna stop doing surgery I’m gonna come
out and be able to you know kind people like you invited me to be on podcasts
and I’m doing some presentation of stage and we have all these materials now for
people to actually not have to go hang on a mountain China and be left there
for two days and now and not have to be freezing wondering what’s going on to
just get one of the vibrational techniques to be able to make yourself
healthier stronger more able to have a serendipity on command to actually be in
flow and zone it will so that’s the benefit yeah I love that and have you
found that it’s like as you’ve gone through this process you share it
obviously a lot of time has passed kind of I know there’s a lot of science
behind this too but from like a spiritual perspective you know there’s
the Akash like the surfer in the sky that’s holding all the information so to
speak and I have found some research that shows if let’s say 10 different
labs across the planet are synthesizing some kind of protein and one discover is
how to do that the other nine will discover that
with us within a short period of time with no communication between the labs
but it’s almost like it’s almost like something is remembered in the field and
it becomes about bioavailable for everybody it’s like we’re setting the
grooves right so I love what you’re doing because it’s like you’re taking
this ancient wisdom you’re making it exactly more available for everybody so
how how realistic is it now between giving someone these tools and
watching them stabilize a kind of frequency that is reviving the body or
bring any more energy to it like what’swhat’s the time for him that
people can expect it well you just choose which of there’s over 256
different vibrations okay okay but what’s so great about the materials that
I was instructed in that I’ve now brought and recorded for everybody to
use is that if you’re more kinesthetic and you want to do the physical ones
there’s over a hundred of those that I have perfectly translated and perfectly
brought for people to use and there we have them in different courses beautiful
available for people if you’re an auditory and you really like to just
listen to things because some people really would rather listen read or watch
then we’ve got the guided breathing visualizations and you know the guy –
breathing visualizations and meditation have been around for a long time however
to get the result right away I’ve got these ones that we’ve translated we’ve
got report after report after report some are seven minutes long some of them
are twenty minutes long some are even longer and people get results that day
that day so it isn’t like all the promise of finally you know spending a
week and a meditation retreat I hope I get my result with these people get the
result right away even if you’ve never done it you just listen and all of a
sudden you just relax and as long as you aren’t playing with your dogs or your
cell phone the vibrations your sensors will open up
and then you’ll start pulling in the energy afterwards to get the result
you’re moving for in there and we have listed under things for your physical
health things for your monetary health things for your creativity things for
your oh one of the great things that I love about the source energy techniques
is that it opens up the Einstein part of your brain know that other 90% we’re not
using time it’s available to you sure know at certain times when push got the
shove I don’t know if you had this experience but I remember in high school
or college is during finals week all of a sudden you can read anything and you
learn it right you know where did this ability come from you know I said this
here all the time when people say you know that during the semester it would
have been a lot easier to learn all this rather than the week before sure so that
ability you can just turn on now just listen to one of the auditories or that
we’ve got available through an app and they also have the videos that you can
watch and then those that’s more three-dimensional because you’ve got I’m
presenting from stage giving people how to do things both physically and going
along pointing out a lot of the resistances that you face in life that
you’re really not aware of that you get sucked into the really Grand Master you
should always call them tricks so I still call tricks that everything that
knocks you off is really a trick makuu you are and source energy is
really much stronger absolutely than any of the distractions or disruptions did
you run into however if you get sucked in to worrying all the time being upset
all the time or being ill and nothing can release you from that then you start
to circle the drain and it’s hard to forget out of that it’s very hard
because he just sort of your feelings and thoughts seem to cave in on you
that’s right what’s so great about listening to one of the audios or
watching the videos is that are doing the physical excesses it pops you right
out of that and all of a sudden you’re back in that centered state you’re in
the 360 state you’re in the ability to go through and not be ruffled by
whatever is in your work sure and you become very creative and you come up
with solutions right there I think that’s one of the greatest things I
think that for me that I’ve enjoyed is that people who are stuck with all kinds
of problems when they call and I’ll say just listen to this tape or go watch
this video and know and they’ll call me back and say well my whole problem is
like really resolved yeah just like metabolized out of the system yeah you
want an example sure absolutely yeah there was a lady
sweet lady I mean she’s I think she’s she she was in med school
but she wanted to drop out and so she she met a friend who was in the energy
at that time and source energy practices and was doing him you know the 30
minutes a day and she says you know I’m dropping on medicine I can’t stand it’s
making me too nervous I’m upset all the time it’s too much work and you know I
just don’t I feel this isn’t the right thing for me this is what you should try
the source energy techniques and she went really she met this lady on the
plane but eventually she did the practices and did so well that her
grades went way up and she ended up being elected the head of her class as
far as the person who was in when when she finally made it from medical school
to internship and residency she got to be chief of her department for the
students he’s like we call chief resident for the up for the other
residents there and then from there she did so well that she got this fantastic
job and he had a number of different universities and then she called me
again which and I was so happy for her that she’d done so well and because we
now have a really heartfelt doctor who really cared about people and she was
just totally getting stronger and smarter all the time and she just loved
the energy and even had her patients listen to some of the visualizations but
she says you know I I’ve been working somehow I really want a husband and I
went okay this is you know the energy is all about you getting all eight all the
time you supposed to be growing in relationship physical health your
ability to contribute to other people your ability to be financially
successful your ability to get smarter more intuitive and insightful so she
says well I just don’t want a guy though I do you know I haven’t had that much
time I’d like to have a soulmate yeah and I what yeah you’re meant to have
rent to have the right guy you’re not meant to you know do the thing that a
lot of people have to go through which is just decide this is worst I’m in love
with and this is gonna work and I hope it works I said there’s waste and no
just like you’ve learned how to work your way back through low grades and
almost failing out of medical school to becoming you know super success so she
did she found the great guy now it’s a better story because she’s Islamic and
she told her family I am not marrying his law
guy I want to marry a guy who’s not Islamic on a marry guy who’s she had her
quite criteria sure and her family who were doctors Islamic doctors were very
wonderful people but they were very strict about what she needed to do she
says I’m gonna do this on my own or else I’m not gonna get married well they
eventually they met the guy in the m4 and with her ability to be in the energy
and loving and caring a sort of creating that field so the parents this one yeah
I seems great you know I was like the ocean there was nothing to worry yeah
they dropped all that stuff and said she’s happy and we’re happy and I don’t
know what we were upset about and so that it’s now one big happy family and
the husband is doing great at work and he’s using the energy techniques to
become actually one of the top guys for a major shoe company that we all know I
won’t mention okay but the point is that his using the energy techniques and her
having not only opened up down some part of rain and her being calm whereas
before she was all cause she she’d cycled through so many nervous reactions
that she couldn’t even say she would actually shake but sure so that’s that’s
the promise of really life life is meant to be that not only can it get better
and better each day but that’s something you can start to expect without having
to jump up and down and say you know I’m positive which is okay use I want you to
be positive everybody should be positive we should be positive cause you know
it’s that’s what’s waiting for you yes that rewards waiting for you and what
pulls us away are the distractions that aren’t really as powerful as you with
the energy and so doing the techniques puts you in that place like neo we’re
all of a sudden even if mr. Smith shows up you’re going to Center to help you’ll
Center and he’s out yeah yeah it’s amazing how a lineman can not just shift
your own perspective but how people are responding to you and you realize like
the internal parts have been kind of giving us energy off that creates the
response in your life I’ve had so many people who think it would be important
for your listeners is that the energy is just like each person is different what
they really want to use the energy for so I mean some people do go out early
like she wanted to Soul me I’ve had people come to me who didn’t have a
chance at some things as far as making it a lot of money or being successful
they just didn’t have a background and you know now they’re contributed
charities in less than 10 years they’ve made a ton of success financially some
of the people you know they’re on the website you mentioned some of them yeah
and being able to work with those people it’s been very satisfying for a while I
was working with just you know people in the MBA people then at NFL people in the
National Hockey League that just to show that you could be a pro athlete but you
know they get injured all the time sure so they use the energy just to be able
to improve its to go back in the game mmm and and stay in the game and succeed
I I really want people to get the the expectation that it is meant for you to
do better and better each day and if it’s not happening that way there is a
absolute solution for that using these techniques and that if you use them you
have the same results that you know 40,000 people have done so far without
any marketing at all we’ve just saw been word of mouth for
the past twelve thirteen years yeah I miss around I’m excited to try it myself
I’m you know what I find is I will stabilize a frequency for a period of
time feel some slide back I often feel like if even if I’m releasing trauma or
something like that it comes out kind of the way that it came in could be very
uncomfortable at times doing a lot of different methodologies that’s the best
thing about Source Energy remember it’s the root and then out of
the root comes all these different branches so the branch of acupuncture
the branch of Tai Chi the branch of Chi Kong all of which I had learned before I
came to the mat right I was in the Shaolin Monastery learning all the great
Shaolin techniques on how to fight and balance yourself it was phenomenal but
once you’re in the zone or in the flow it will you can do many of the Shaolin
tricks without even knowing you’re doing this you’re there hmm
and you’re in that position so I think one of the most important things about
the energy is that you get to choose depending on what you want and then you
don’t have to think so much about it just by watching the videos and getting
the your sensors in your body to open up to
that vibration you need you don’t have to feel the vibration we’re in the
Western where we’re so much interested in being able to know what yeah I think
you understand it but when you hit a home run your not knowing or thinking
anything you’re just all of a sudden yeah and you’re there you’re part of the
bad you’re part of the ball it’s all one motion and it’s beautiful yeah same
thing in golf I’ve had people use there’s techniques in golf and I talk
off and it’s phenomenal when people find out that they can improve their score
right there just by doing the energy practice right there without having to
do anything else other than say ok I’m going to you know just not gonna be
concerned with anything other than being in this space not some funky face to
face you choose to be in with the ball and then the ball is gonna go there and
that people do that over and over and over again and they just surprises if
they start laughing because all of something yeah look at the power
can I go can you go with me all the time I go I’m not going to ease you’re doing
the practices and then they go on and do that so there’s really a Terry is that
it focuses on the source centers it’s the gift we’ve been given to be here
from whether whether you believe in God or mother nature or the universal energy
all of that still encompasses the fact that we’re very fortunate to be here on
this planet to help each other by being able to strengthen ourselves every day
by opening your all your abilities to get stronger each day as far as becoming
more creative we’ve had people write screenplays write books we’ve become as
we mentioned financially very very successful athletically very successful
so your body gets stronger we won’t have a guy gentleman 83 who came to me one to
learn how to fly a plane hmm and I said really 83 you think you
can do it in a three he says yeah I really want to and I said he says you
think the energy would help me keep my license I said yeah if you if you’ll do
the practice and he ended up you know buzzing the lecture hall one time with
his airplane after in his 80s so it doesn’t man I’ve had children use the
breathing exercises you know there just barely verbal one year on two years
old and it allowing them to listen to these breathing exercise read guided
visualizations at ninety Emma allows them not to have those night terrors mmm
they sleep better they don’t keep waking up all the time it’s quite a bit what we
can eat we could use that right now audio you want to listen to is this one
and so cool I think his Charles what maybe four months old but the thing is
that you you also get serendipity you know I love that part serendipity on
command word se let’s see what your to-do list is ten things you say you’re
gonna do and then if you do the latest tech it’s pick one thing and do that one
thing right get the main thing to be the one thing you know it isn’t that much
fun but anyway you do it and suppose that pulls the other ones through but
what’s so great about the energy was serendipity things start coming to sure
so you obviously have all these people trying to help you they didn’t even know
they were there was oh that’s number 32 on my list but that person’s coming in
and I wasn’t even thinking about that today I was anything about that for a
week and yet now here’s this person helping you so you get through your day
and you do get home in time to be with your wife and your kids worse before he
was gonna be off how am I gonna make it yeah and your your abilities become more
manifest each day which i think is a great experience rather than saying you
know as I get weaker and more tired I’m gonna have to take more and more
whatever the latest rage is as far as a supplement or some other kind of you
know western medicine to try to solve the problem when that doesn’t solve the
source of the problem yes is that you actually have the ability to have that
be warded off or even if you did take the medication for the medication to
work it’s got tremendous support by you being in your best possible shape so
we’ve had people who actually had metastatic cancers who have had to go
through chemotherapy and the doctors have said well you know I don’t know
sometimes the chemotherapy is really rough on people and for you it’s not
bothering you at all usually these people say you need to do this energy
techniques tell your other clients to do that and you’re not losing your hair why
is that and yet they come out you know and they’re doing better so there’s
nothing wrong if there’s the right chemotherapy for you or the right thing
in Western medicine that’s great but all the side effects and you’ve been
strengthened enough to go through it and not sure about for a long
period of going through it is the thing I was always looking for because my
whole goal since they won you know over 25 years ago it’s been that I I had the
experience and then it’s been realized and that’s what we didn’t advertise for
over ten years is that them because I wanted to prove this with all the
testimonials that people once you’re more able and do things so you don’t
flunk out of medical schools then you can do it and I’m not there you’re doing
it you become more peaceful and the more peaceful you are the more your peace
will run your family and they’ll pick up that field it’s my strong strong you
know it’s almost certainty that the source of world peace really can come
from people being peaceful there’s no safety without having to stress about
being peaceful and there’s so many books about how to be peaceful and how to get
the latest thing and I love all this you know I was inaudible all the time you
know 1.5 1.7 to play as fast as I can look sure cuz it’s so fascinating all
the things that people bring out but you still have to be able to include
everything and still be peaceful and successful and view their family you
want to have this thing that almost everybody finds difficult which is to
include it all yeah and the way you’re made when you’re in the flow all the
time in in serendipity helping you out and being creative is that you can just
rely I mean I just remind someone gentleman told me who was quite a famous
writer he says since I’ve been doing the energy practices I know when I go to bed
at night then I’m gonna get up tomorrow morning and I’m going to write you know
at least 50 pages and it’ll be good it was come out straight out and I just do
that every day and I’m finished I don’t have to tie myself to my chair you know
like some famous writers have done just to be able to finish you know the next
novel I want to write I was screenplay and it’s what’s so much fun about is is
that people come happy or them because you sort of know that tomorrow is gonna
be a good day there’s an ease to life yeah so I can and I can go to sleep now
and not worry that I need to be up on right now not you on it yeah all that
stuff yep so you have more joy of being with other people you more joy of being
out in nature I think I think that’s one of the largest reports I hear from
almost everyone is that it immediately after starting with any of the practices
they start to notice that things take on that extra glow that you start to notice
that things are actually vibrating a bit and you’re not on any drugs right
actually are experiencing what you know you were meant to experience being here
on the planet so the joy of this existence is heaven on earth once you
get the experience now if you choose to say well I really don’t care about that
and what I really want to do is you know do something injuries to myself while
view we have that option but we’ve already seen where that’s led us for
2,000 years and that’s not gonna get me world yeah that gets people who are
upset I want people to find out that you can be so positive about what your
opportunities are every day with this structure you thought that you can you
know it doesn’t matter what age you’re at you can start doing you know yoga and
Pilates and all these other things you’d like to do and your body will respond
once you’re opening up yourself to all the different vibrations that are there
to heal you moment by moment by moment and you to count all the different
sensors in your body would be a wonderful project for some people for me
to train them in each one of those but the more important thing is get the
result that’s why the name of the company’s energy for success the start
getting success in feeling good all day start getting success of being able to
lift things worth before you fold you know I feel like my back’s or my necks
or something start finding out that you’re not argumentative one person said
they found out that they were a comedian yeah and one lady told me this is a
really funny story uh this is know she won’t mind me telling the story
but I’ll leave her name out she’s 92 so she came to me and said you know synergy
is really working and she was 88 and so that’s really great I’m glad it’s all
working together when you wanna tell me says well I want you to tell me what I
want you I want to tell you that it’s really working in my family and what all
its grace doesn’t me and my sister I went all that’s fantastic what’s
happening says well I haven’t talked to my sister in 55 years Wow this is an you
know after doing these energy processes the guided visualizations and watching
the videos and and just recognizing that there’s so many things that I can do to
actually experience life and a more fun exciting and vibrant level as if I was
getting younger each day which is one of the one of the pseudonyms for this type
of energy in the Orient which is to get younger 3 what if she says that I just
decided I was just going to connect with my sister and see what would happen and
they became very very good friends and that Oh at a much advanced age and she
ended up being connected with her for years until finally the sister passed
away and so this lady is now in her 90s and still cranking and still comes to
some of the live seminars IQ and she shows up my sometimes have her share and
I said tell it because we have these uh I know she shares we have free we have
these everyday people calling from all over the world and share their miracles
we have someone facilitating that every day of the year for one hour sometimes
it’s twice a day but there’s so many people in so many places around the
world who are the views the techniques and found out that they could become
smarter more flexible stronger and more productive and more effective that they
want to tell other people and show them that that creates this environment I
mean I know I didn’t started as they asked for this and so that I I said sure
we’ll set that up for you and so sometimes it’s azuma call sometimes it’s
everyone just calls in on one of the big big lines where so many people can talk
and people call in from all different parts of the world and what’s exciting
is that one person stimulates the next person who stimulates the next person
saying well that person did this they did that what a great sir I think maybe
I’ll try that and then they go back and do their practices are more inspired to
do it so it’s more one example after another sometimes there’s 30 people
sharing sometimes 40 in just one hour beautiful yeah I’m the figuration try
myself yeah so yeah yes we I have something for your audience you know
super said it’s a it’s an app yeah which is really a very good at it feel free to
share with them well there’s an app and it’s very very good app it’s very useful
we’ve got on there I think a guided breathing visualization there’s one on
there which is people seem to love and it’s I purchased it for every one of the
people who use this special code so it’s something that usually would have to pay
for but I wanted to purchase it for your all the people following and so it’s you
go to i noth /iz we’re going we’re getting it right now look at it what’s
the forward slash so we got energy for success org backslash Satori forward
slash forward slash story yes so we’re accurate Satori this is great
SAT or I yes yep yeah so it’s forward slash Satori and then the beginning of
its name of the are URL energy for fo our success and remember successes to
seize and two S’s often to writing you know success at MCCS
yeah but it’s energy for FR success all one word and you can even download from
the site an icon that you can have a beautiful icon on your front page or you
can just click that and go to see when you go the website other things that are
there but this free item that I mean it’s I know that I’ve purchased for you
is really effective we’ve had people really enjoy using it so I recommend you
start with that and listen to it every day or before you go to bed or in the
morning when you’re shaving just something when you have a chance just to
fully this listen you can have your eyes open or eyes closed but just don’t think
about anything for a moment if you can and just go along with me in that and
see what the result is beautiful and then
text us back on social or you can let harmony know from customer support just
how it works for you and I’ll be very interested in how your audience enjoys
this one of their many guided breathing visualizations but this one is one we
picked we thought that for starting right away and getting a result it’d be
something fun for all of you amazing thank you for sharing that just to start
wrapping it up I mean obviously look you’ve had a I mean incredible life
isn’t understatement and I know you left out a lot of a very long story of how
you got there so when you I’m just curious like now you’ve come back you’re
finishing the medical practice but philosophically obviously going through
that experience must have changed something about your view of the world
the view of society view of politics view of medicine you know coming back
from that reintegrating into society reintegrating into the medical community
watching what for big pharmaceutical drugs are doing to the you know to
people and all these side effects knowing what you know how do you come
back into that space I mean were you still working with people and subscribe yeah decided that’s enough this the
world’s ready for this in the world needs this now and so that I just
decided that’s there’s time for me just to make this full full time before that
I was doing surgeries in the daytime seeing patients and then in the evenings
on the weekends unless I was traveling is I was treating people either
one-on-one or giving the lectures or recording all the material so if you
have available for you on the website yeah I said it’s check those out and so
your let me make sure I answered your question specifically I just I just
guess like I my curiosity is so you come back with I mean this extraordinarily
high level of awareness you know you’re awakened in many respects that people
might call and then you come back into this like really traditional rigid
Western space and you have clients and and people coming to you and wanting
help like how how did that reintegrate I’m wondering did you bring that
philosophy forward were you very open with people who came to you and you’re
like hey by the way we can do the surgery and
there’s a solder in the early days yeah when I first came back I would always
give people in my office the opportunity I would say hey you know you’re having
trouble with this antibiotic and you keep having a side-effect with it would
you like to try something that you know I brought back from my studies in China
I would even tell them my level of exertion
and they would go we trust you we’ve been your patient for years sure and so
then I would say okay here’s what you do and then just let Rosie in the front
desk know and get back to me how it works let me hear from you in about a
week and then over and over again people are getting profound benefits profound
gapping up found amping up into B humming like I feel stronger today and I
was like coughing up garbage yessiree mm-hmm and I don’t my fevers gone and my
and I’m not so irritable matter of fact I’m not irritable at all I’m sort of
positive so I noticed that as I kept bringing as an adjunct to my own clients
that and as I met other doctors who I would give them the opportunity to see
the videos than the audio that’s the odds and do the physical practices that
they loved it for themselves and then they would bring that to their own
clients and so then more and more people were going all this is something unique
there was no name for it other than something dr. B brought back from you
know his hard work in the mountains in China but after we create the website
and then people could download materials then it just took off and it became
something on its own that people told one percent or another around the globe
that you know we want more of this or more of this and so I kept bringing more
of it out and so now we have all these different levels that you can go through
like getting different belts you know karate or something where you can get
more and more able at each one of the eight different areas that make up the
great eight of your of your sort of birthright of being able to become
healthier and stronger each day to become smarter to become more capable to
become have more serendipity in your life to be in the zone or flow and you
know will to be creative it’s to have
relationships that are really fine and phenomenal and what I love to see its
relationship if you took that as the whole goal mm-hmm that you’re really
here with yourself and you’re willing to with other people and there’s love all
the time as the vibration of just that we’re all connected as one which is part
of quantum is that who do you want to fight you want to fight yourself no you
don’t you want to beat yourself up now yeah so then it becomes it it really
does take a village it we need each other all separate wonderful qualities
in each of us to contribute to everybody else in Seoul now that’s my dream I
think is at least with all the clients that have come through the programs to
see that they’ve gotten that ability that their families are in so much
better shape and people that I mean if there’s one lady I was talking to
Kristin before we started with Syd she has a PhD her husband was a PhD they’re
both really intelligent got intelligent kids and they want to get a divorce and
the kid has Asperger’s disease one of them and so that was two years ago now
they didn’t get a divorce they’ve been doing all the programs their kids are
gonna prove the Asperger’s son is no longer has that problem and his grades
have gone way up and he’s even running for political office which you know
usually s where people are not usually doing that yeah Sheriff and in his
school and he’s very very happy and they’re happy with each other and
they’re no longer they think that was they said it was that was Chris’s joke
she says well the program with energy for success is a whole lot less
expensive and stressful than every other thing we ever tried to try to get us to
get together and so you all became my new therapy we have a lot of
psychiatrists psychologists that have done the programs and they said that it
makes their ability to communicate to their clients much more effective there
was one lady to call this actually from Mexico City and she said I just want you
to know that I had everybody and my practice listened to the you know the
guided visualization we have different ones that are have
or breathing exercises on it but it’s made such a difference in them being
able to hear me of what I’ve been trying to communicate to them so that they
could help themselves so that’s my dream that all the people that become
professionals like you and everyone else is trying to make your contribution of
the world sure can’t do it every day you become more satisfied and she got more
satisfying to bring shaundra doing the next thing in the apron or
self-satisfied rather than the history of mankind for the past 2,000 years is
one of dissatisfaction acrimony and sort of stomach in it or you know taking
medications that you’re not irritated or trying to own out by some you know the
exploratory of medication that somehow it’s gonna give you relief or alcohol or
some other drugs there’s nothing like necessarily like I’m again not against
those I’m just saying that’s not gonna get me the goal that I wonder which is
connection with people that’s on a worldwide basis and I think we need that
no oh great so I’ve noticed that in my office with people and their families
I’ve noticed that with all the the doctors who have had come through the
different programs I’ve noticed with their clients I’ve noticed with so many
different people who’ve been able to actually accomplish the things they’ve
always wanted to accomplish in life and that’s why you’re here you’re here and
you deserve that and I want people to have that and so that’s why I’m still
doing this yeah that’s it thank you for bringing this amazing work I love I love
that you’re this mild-mannered peaceful man who has the most wild stories some
of the most wild stories I’ve ever heard and bringing through this incredible
work in the background yes isn’t gonna come out I was I was hoping that people
that I treated and given these programs to over the years would be the ones that
would be frontstage but you know people like Dave Asprey is no no you need to go
on sure the first book and then since then I’m in the second book and a whole
chapter in there and the third book and it worked with him on a number of
different things and he’s just yeah and incredible growth M&E has done great
with the material the people for whatever you think of you know his
recent news that’s not really important the years
I’ve been working with him he’s just a phenomenal fellow share his heartfelt
sure but if you notice his careers went like this and like this and like this
and like this I’ve been there with him through many many of the years where
he’s been doing the best of trying to make it back and using these techniques
with he and I working together and then his coming out I mean you can do what 16
hours on stage people can do that yeah but he uses these techniques and other
things that he’s worked on to be able to amp himself so that he can do and he’s
always looking for new things so I’m really proud of all the people who have
taken the energy and you mentioned were narrow hearts another person yeah who is
just very respect for him yeah and you know were said that when I think it’s on
his at least said one of his interviews he said I don’t give recommendations to
anybody you know they don’t give testimony see anybody but for dr. B I
will yeah that was nice I like that that’s amazing cause I’m not looking for
the credit what I want is for you all to realize you’ve got an option not really
an opportunity and you don’t have to you know decide how many supplements so I
need to take today and which protein bar money you do need to learn all those
things that are totally valuable to you but it’s not this massive unending thing
that never gives you any relief you can actually get centered with and be more
more powerful each day and then take just the things that are gonna be
necessary for you to go each level up and up it’s beautiful and I wish all the
people in your audience the continued connection with you and your in your
work and your heartfelt space and it’s a joy to see that you care so much and
that means a lot to me likewise I know that’s why we get to meet I think so
yeah I appreciate you being here it was yeah
ladies and gentlemen again energy for success remember two CS two S’s org
forward slash Satori and you guys can go pick up some of those a free audios that
he’s talking about and I hope you do the practices I know I’m very motivated to
try some of those things and work on that so I’ll be reporting my feedback to
is oh you will I go through it and I look forward to being in touch with you
and letting you know how I’m doing thing that I can tell everybody out
there that the best is yet to come a great art with these these practices
you’re gonna find out oh my gosh I mean I remember when I first came in
contacted I went gosh I had this like in grade school or high school you know
since then I’ve been able to pass it on to kids yeah you know you could be on all the
teams and you could still do all your studies and you could travel you can get
all your family do everything because you’re you don’t have those dips no more
those crashes and that’s how life was meant to be you know you are supposed to
sleep but you’re also supposed to enjoy your life and I don’t know people do
either water very well in our society oh great yeah I really enjoyed being here
thank you for being here very much appreciate it
appreciate you bye guys