Dr. Oubre teaches you the basics about toxins and detoxification.

In this video I want to talk about
toxins and detoxification. Too often in this world people start referring to
toxins and you need to detoxify and you need to do all these things and these
words are used very loosely and people are confused by them and they think
there that they need to do certain things in order to detoxify and they think
that if they avoid these things they will never be toxic but the truth
is that toxins are everywhere including inside of us our own body makes toxins
that must be gotten rid of and our own body uses these same detoxification
processes to get rid of some of our own toxins that it used to get rid of Monsanto’s
chemicals and roundup and herbicides and pesticides
and all those things. So what I’m going to do today is go through
the generic ”what is a toxin”, what are the different categories both biological and
environmental and then moreover how are these things gotten rid of. Now this will be a very basic cursory
understanding of the topic and then what I will do in my
future and subsequent videos is I’ll go through each one and talk about it in a
little more detail and expand upon these these things so don’t look at this is
the all-inclusive this is the 10,000 foot overview of toxins and detoxification. So first of all I want to
start off with the top category which is the biological toxins versus
the environmental toxins. So biological toxins, they’ve been here since the dawn of dinosaurs and whatever you want to
believe is that the biological things are organisms and they are live and they
are growing, okay. The environmental stuff is more of the
modern industrial things that we may be exposed to today the chemicals and heavy
metals and stuff, now of course the Paleolithic people were exposed to some
of these environmental toxins as well but not nearly as much. This main
category has come into play ever since the modernization of man and
industrialization and all of the chemicals and things that we’ve been
creating. So I’m going to start all theway over here and what is the first
toxin that you see? Human. Now humans, we make our own toxins but quite frankly
toxic relationships can be just as bad as any toxic out there so I don’t mean
this to mean other humans are toxic to you I mean your own body makes toxins. You breathe out, you poop, you sweat, you get rid of toxins in multiple ways and
why did you create these systems? Why did the body create
those systems of detoxification? Because your own body makes toxins, so we breathe
out CO2, CO2 is a toxic byproduct for us. If you hold your breath you will feel
like you were dying because that toxic by-product begins accumulating so it is
very important that we’re managing our own toxins because if you’re not
managing your own toxins you cannot make energy so I’ve used this metaphor in
other videos where if you cannot detoxify you cannot make energy. The
metaphor is simple if you have a car and you put a sock in the exhaust pipe or a
grapefruit or whatever you want to put in the exhaust pipe if the car cannot
detoxify its exhaust it will eventually break down and not make energy. You are
the same way, you must poop every day you must sweat
regularly and you must breathe, of course. So our own human body makes toxins
everything that it makes must be destroyed it doesn’t matter what it is
everything your body makes it must be destroyed. The example I love to use the
most is estrogen. Estrogen goes to the
same phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification pathways also known as methylation and glutathione that regular
toxins do when we’re talking about these chemicals, pesticides, herbicides all that
stuff, goes through the same exact pathways. So your own human body makes
toxins, don’t forget about that. The second line of toxins in the biological
world is what I’ll call mucosal surfaces and these mucosal surfaces is basically
anything that makes slime, drool, intestinal mucous, snot, ears, lungs,
coughing, whatever. Any of your mucosal surfaces basically the wet areas of your
body I left the genitals out but these
sinuses and lungs is a big category for the mucosal surfaces as far as where you
can harbor biological toxins and biological toxin in this category we’re
really referring to bacteria fungus and yeast and so in your sinus and lungs you
can have mycoplasma you can have pneumonia as you can have
strep you can have all kinds of things going on in those sinus and lung
categories. Next is on the list is mouth and teeth
how frequently we forget about and medicine how the dental health of your body
affects everything. It’s a well-known fact that if you have dental decay and
gingivitis that you have earlier heart attacks and strokes, you have more
autoimmunity. All this chronic inflammation that
happening in your mouth from either a bad root canal or heavy metal fillings
amalgam fillings or whatever biofilm disruption you may have in there those
things are creating constant biological toxins that your body must detoxify and
in the metaphor of a boat and you’ve constantly got leaks in your boat you’ve
got to be paying bailing out this water that’s leaking in and so if you have too
many toxins coming in there’s only so fast you can bail water.
Your body’s creating toxins you’ve got dental infection creating toxins and we
haven’t even gotten into the other ones and then the size of the bucket is
determined on how quickly you can detoxify. The next section on the mucosal
surfaces is the gut. This is the biggest one and it should be written in big bold
and exclamation points and stars and all that because you can harbor so many
things in your gut whether it be bacterial overgrowth,
yeast, fungus overgrowth, parasites numerous things can grow in your gut and
create problems for you every day. There are more and more studies coming
about out about the gut health and how important it is one of the most
fascinating ones lately that kind of blew my mind was that they were able to
prove that a healthy bacteria in the presence of bad bacteria or bad fungus
actually makes a toxin. I believe it was called polysaccharide a I forget which
bacteria it was but they’re so little we know about the gut so the most important
thing is to feed the gut very good nutrients remove any trigger foods like
gluten and dairy, the two most common ones and then of course get rid of or
weed out the bad guys that are in there the bacteria, the fungus, the clostridia
or whatever it may be. I made another video called the biofilm video
so you can go look at that on some of the processes that we utilize in our office
in order to restore the the microbiome. So I can talk all day about the gut as
everyone knows but I will save that for another time in my other videos. The next big category and the biological
toxins is mold. Now I asked nearly every
patient that comes into my practice what mold exposures they’ve had and
some understand that they do actually have a mold exposure some are currently
living in mold and they’re taping it off in their house hoping it doesn’t get
them that didn’t work by the way but mold is literally everywhere and whether
you think you’re exposed to it or not you have been exposed to it it’s just a
matter of how much and where and for how long. This can, all of these things can be
tested by the way so if you have mold that mold is collecting inside of your
body you’re the mold toxins are microscopic little particles and they
stick to your DNA they stick to your cell walls where they’re called mold
adducts where they stick to you and so these mold toxins, it is the same
metaphor: if you’re on the boat and the boat is filling up with water and you’re
trying to pay a lot as much water as you can. If you’re living in mold and you’re
collecting those mycotoxins all of a sudden you can’t focus on your human
toxins and if you can’t focus on your human toxins guess what? Your body starts
shutting down it’s mitochondria. Starts shutting down it’s mitochondria, that’s
what makes energy. If you stop making energy guess what? Now you have brain fog,
you have fatigue, your heart doesn’t work so well, your liver detoxification
process slow down, something’s got to give you don’t want to die your body
doesn’t either so it puts in defense mechanisms and it sacrifices where it
can so mold is the big hidden thing that most people don’t know they’re exposed
to. This is an easy test that you can do you can do in the urine, it’s very
difficult to find it in the home many times but if there’s an old water leak
or something that you’ve neglected or maybe didn’t didn’t think got fixed
entirely it’s time to go investigate if you’re suffering from any of those
chronic conditions or autoimmunity. The big category that we work with first
in my office as far as functional medicine is concerned is we work on the
biological toxins because all these other things are terrible and bad and
all that but the first way to start eliminating these is just to eliminate
your exposure so eating organic foods, try not to drink dirty water eating
dirty food and exposing yourself to these things. But this is the number one, without your own biological toxins flowing and
getting detoxified you are not going to be able to get rid of the environmental
toxins very well, so we always start with a gut first cleaning out the sinuses and
mouth and teeth and mold and human toxins all at the same time before we
start moving into the environmental toxins. So let’s shift gears a little bit
to the environmental toxin section and what you see here is this this list is
by no means comprehensive I mean I could talk all afternoon on the environmental
toxins that that we’re exposed to on a daily basis but I want to break it down
into two main simple categories of environmental toxins.
One is the chemicals so the environmental chemicals that are created
in the industrial environment, I’ve listed a few pesticides herbicides
plastics, Teflon, VOCs, petrochemicals petrochemicals just means anything
that’s involved in the petroleum process of making chemicals and there are
thousands of metabolites and if you don’t believe they’re in your water then
you should get it tested. The millions of chemicals that have been
created and grandfathered into our society as far as the government is
concerned as safe before we started measuring it they are all over
the place so start eliminating your chemical exposure wherever you can I have
already mentioned a few of course organic foods when possible, look up the
”Dirty Dozen” list if you don’t know what that is that means those are definitely
the 12 foods you want to eat organic all the time, the ones that are not on the
”Dirty Dozen” maybe you can skip and save money by buying regular and then they
have the ”Clean Fifteen” list this is populous by the EWG. The ”Clean Fifteen” list says hey
you never have to buy these organic because they’re relatively clean and as
non-organic so start limiting your chemicals in your food and your water by
having a water filter or putting a hole in house water filter like a water
softener on your house because people always think about the drinking water
but don’t forget about the showering the bathing the washing your hands and
washing your dishes and all those, that’s the same chemicals that are going to be
on your plates and your Forks and your knives and bathing your children bathing
yourself and what not. Don’t forget, your skin is one of your
largest organ so you can get a lot of accumulation through that not just
through drinking water and then the last in questionably the most important
environmental toxin is heavy metals. Heavy metals frequently gets a lot of
attention especially in the chelation world and all the things that go along
that with atherosclerosis reversal the potential dangers of chelation and all
that but heavy metals are a particular problem because our body’s not very good
at getting rid of heavy metals. In fact, it doesn’t really have a natural process
to get rid of heavy metals. If you think about it your body was designed to hold
on to metals, it was never designed to get rid of metals your body was designed
to absorb magnesium and hold on to it absorb iron and hold on to in the liver
and a protein called ferritin and copper in the Ceruloplasmin and zinc and manganese and
molybdenum and selenium. All those minerals that we think of as beneficial are metals, so
your body wants to accumulate those from your nutrients so if you start exposing
it to arsenic and lead and mercury and cadmium and an antimony and all those
heavy metals the body’s not used to seeing those metals so it in
appropriately accumulates them and doesn’t have a proper detoxification
method it, doesn’t know which one is good and bad the body’s just trying to
collect those metals. So unfortunately our bodies are really good at
accumulating these heavy metals and it takes a very specific process to get
them out. So you will read online if you google it right now ”heavy metal removal”
you will see all kinds of things like spirulina and methylation and
glutathione and all these things to get out heavy metals. I will tell you that in
order to get heavy metals out of your body for sure you must do chelation and
you must use the drugs in order to get them out. I have seen it at my patients, I’ve
seen it myself, I’ve taken supplements for years and and glutathione and
methylation and everything that we do in the detox world and when it came
down to it I still had mercury even after those years built up in my body
and it wasn’t until I did the chelation process I used DMPs,
was I able to get it out in three months and three months I was able to
get it out. So even if supplements are able to get it out
it’s a much slower process if you don’t have access to someone who’s knowledgeable in chelation
how to do it and by all means avoid it but if you want to get metals out of you, if you
believe metals are one of your problems then first of all get tested but second
of all find a knowledgeable doctor who knows how to chelate safely because it’s
one of the few detoxification things that we do that can be dangerous if not
done correctly. I will do a whole another video on heavy metals
so I will stop there. The main thing I want to point out next is now that we’ve talked
about the different varieties of toxins and the different categories of toxins I
want to briefly touch on how to detoxify these toxins but the main thing I’m
going to point out is let me get out of the way is that pretty much all of these
toxins all of them: the human ones, the mucosal surfaces, the mold, the chemicals,
all of them are removed through the same detoxification pathways that I’ve listed
down below here that I describe as a push and pull method but notice heavy
metals are all by themselves and in order to get heavy metals out you must
do chelation. So what we start with, to back up back to reiterate, we start with
the gut, we start with the sinuses, we have to clean out all these bad bacteria
and bad fungus that are creating toxins because each one of these categories you
need to eliminate the source before you try to detoxify it so in the back to our
metaphor of bailing the water out of the boat if you can plug some of these holes
in the boat it takes a whole lot less effort to bail
if you’ve already plugged some of those holes Restoring the human hormones
the detoxification process of the hormones balancing out the bad bacteria
and fungus getting rid of some of those bad guys that are creating toxins,
getting out of the mold in order to not be exposed to any more mold
toxins before you go down this pathway. Same thing over here: eating organic
foods, drinking clean water, limit your exposure to the environmental metals,
Then once all those things are in place then start the detoxification process,
then start bailing the water out of your boat. To talk about this this
detoxification process very briefly I’m going to talk about a pull and a push
mentality. So everyone knows that glutathione ,most everyone knows that
glutathione is your master antioxidant it is listed right there. Glutathione it’s the
magnet it’s the thing that grabs onto the toxin and holds on to it and
carries it to the the stool and the urine and the sweat in order to formally
get rid of that toxin and in order to create glutathione eating methylation
and so methylation helps you make glutathione as well as detoxify those
two get ready to be escorted by glutathione. This is what we call the
pull mentality, as soon as something is released from a storage place, the liver
has to detoxify it, that glutathione has to grab it like a magnet and then it
pulls it to the detox organ whether it be sweat, stool or urine. The other way we can get things to detoxification is we can push them out so the time since we
struggle with getting rid of as I talked about with mold or these adducts. These
chemicals, these mold toxins, these bacterial toxins, they stick to our DNA
they stick to our cell walls these are fat soluble toxins. Water soluble toxins
are really easy to get rid of, you drink a water soluble toxin you can pee it out,
it is really simple, water soluble toxins don’t bother us that much. Fat
soluble toxins are very difficult to get rid of because they stick to our fat
cells, they stick to our cell membranes they stick to our brain, our heart, our
liver, anything and everything. So in order to get rid of it you have to make
it a water-soluble toxin which is glutathione what glutathione does or you
have to eject in and get into the liver so that the liver can dump it into the
stool through the bile so this process of getting it to the liver we call the
push method so in order to get a toxin that’s in your brain, your brain doesn’t
have an exhaust pipe right? There’s no brain urine or brain stool that comes
out that if you want to get a toxin out of the brain you have to push it out,
it’s got to enter the circulation it’s got to run the body until it meets the
liver and in the liver it goes to the detoxification phases in order to find
that magnet, that pull to get it out of the system. So in our world we’re trying to push the toxins out and once they’re pushed out
then we’re trying to pull them to the detoxification organs. So the way we push
things is we use oils and ways to break up our oils and new oils in
order to get rid of these things they’re getting them out of the organs are in.
I’m gonna list a few phosphatidylcholine or phospholipids, fish oils, butyrate and
of course fasting so we’ll go into each of these categories in my future videos
and in the specific ones but the idea of detoxification is around pushing the
toxins out and then pushing them out of their storage place and then pulling
them to your detox organs, your blood, urine, sweat and stool. So this is the
whole diagram of toxins and detoxification in a nutshell, in some of
my future videos I’ll dive into each category to explain it in more detail. I hope this helps, feel free to leave a comment, a question.
I will do my best to answer them. Thanks guys!