Draping a patient in supine or prone position

Hello everybody and welcome to another
segment of Surgtech Academy. Before I start I want to remind you that if you
haven’t already please subscribe to my channel for the latest videos and
notifications. So today we are going to be talking about draping a patient in
the supine or prone position. Draping is one of those skills that can be pretty
scary for new people because each surgeon has their own method and ideas
of what the right and wrong way is to drape. I’m going to demonstrate some of
the basic concepts knowing that everybody does it slightly differently.
So now I know that there are some considerable positioning concepts for
those patients that are in prone position but it doesn’t really affect
draping which is why I think we can cover both positions with one draping
video. Now, first I want to start with a few key concepts on draping. And these
concepts are surgeon first, create a cuff, never move down or up. Alright, I want
to say that again. Surgeon first, create a cuff, never move down or up. So first
let’s start with supine position. I have my good friend Charlie the Mannequin
acting as our patient and my good friend Emma who’s going to act as the surgeon.
For demonstration purposes I am not wearing a mask or my goggles. Alright,
so first thing are the medium sheets or half sheets. So, I’m gonna bring my medium sheet up I’m gonna pass half of it to the surgeon and we’re gonna drape the
inferior patient. We’re gonna extend, make a cuff, and drop. The next medium sheet
I’m gonna give to my surgeon we’re gonna unfold it, extend it, make a cuff and
place it superiorly. Now, I like to do this first because it covers most of the
patient and helps cut down on contamination. Next are the towels. We
want to make sure that we’ve already prepared the towels ahead of time if we
bring all four up at the same time. So my surgeon is gonna grab the first towel
and place it on their side. Next, we’re gonna go superiorly or the top side, Inferiorly or the bottom side, and then
the last side is my side. Now, I always made sure that I was at least 12 to 18
inches away from the field even though I’m protected by a drape I still don’t
want to risk contamination. So we have a pretty good squaring off right there.
our last drape is the laparotomy drape. Now the great thing about drape
manufacturers is they tell us exactly how to put this drape on the patient. So
we can see our little man here telling us which way it goes. So I’m gonna place
this right at the incision site, we’re gonna unfold it, the surgeon is gonna
grab one side,I’m going to grab the other, we’re gonna cuff our hands, and
extend. Good. We’re going to completely unfold the drape, cuff our hands again,
and extend. There we go. Our surgeon is going to grab the white paper for us and
there we have it. A complete and perfect patient draping
for supine or prone position. So this is Mike from Surgtech Academy wishing
you a great day in surgery and reminding you to be a superstar in your O.R.