EDC Pouch Emergency Survival Gear DIY Mini Survival Kit

EDC pouch emergency survival gear DIY everyday carry disaster hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you hoping to
always be prepared for an emergency situation no matter where you are or
what disaster you encounter somewhere between an Altoids tin and a bug out bag backpack there needs to
be some sort of emergency EDC gear that you can easily carry with you and still feel like you
have the things that you need I’ve been looking for a little bit larger EDC kit that
I can put together the things that I want and still be able to carry it
around easily and it’s not obvious yet it’s very handy for everyday emergency use I discovered a few
different options that work for me the first EDC pouch one I found at the Dollar Tree and
it’s an eyeglass or a sunglasses case it’s large enough to fit a few more extra EDC emergency tools
things that I might want to have along with me and it has a clip on it so I
could clip the EDC pouch on to a purse and I have my everyday emergency gear separated from other
things that I have in my purse but I always have the supplies right at hand another EDC pouch bag I found it a thrift store and it’s just the right size to slip
onto your belt it can slip around on the belt and be disguised or
out-of-the-way under your jacket or your sweater it is still clipped to your belt
it’s big enough that it can carry a few extra EDC tools things that you might want in any
kind of a situation and it has a nice zipper on the top so I could easily open
it and access my emergency supplies what kind of gear what I want in this kind of an
emergency survival pouch EDC the same things you would in a tiny pouch or a great big
pouch the emergency survival tools gear supplies things that you feel you need to make it through each day choose first-aid supplies in a size that fits in your little pouch when you
choose an EDC knife remember that virtually all states local jurisdictions and
countries have knife laws that restrict or prohibit the possession or carrying of
knives check the local laws where you live choose a flashlight in a size that
will fit in your EDC pouch choose some tools everything from a flashlight
to screwdrivers a compass a whistle a can opener a sewing kit some cordage or
look for something like this handy survival keychain it has cordage but it
also has survival gear woven into it to meet all kinds of emergency needs maybe you need hygiene items Kleenex hand warmers hand warmers or an emergency blanket your kit is designed to meet your needs put in your EDC the things that you want there’s no right or wrong answer to what is essential emergency gear the supply
choices are going to be the same but you’re going to be able to have a little
more than an Altoids can emergency kit but a lot less than a bug out bag backpack so you want to look for EDC emergency gear that you want in a size that fits into the pouch that you have if you
can’t find the gear to fit in that pouch maybe you need either a smaller piece of
gear or a little bit bigger pouch the nice thing about these is they’re
individualized you can make your EDC disaster emergency survival gear to fit your needs so that you’re prepared
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