Emergency Dog Health Care : Choosing Clippers & a Muzzle for Dog First Aid Kits

Hi Dr. Adrienne Mulligan and I’m here to talk
to you about how to put together a doggy first aid kit for those emergencies that you may
run into at home and I’m here on behalf of expertvillage.com. Today I will show you a
few items that could be luxuries or if you want to go invest in them you can buy them
it is always nice to have a pair of clippers. You could buy clippers at large pet stores
for usually around $150 and they could be a good investment but you could also sometimes
use little tiny clippers that men use for there beards these could be for small wounds
but you may have this in your house. You can purchase better quality clippers to keep in
your first aid kit. The other most important thing to keep in your first aid kit is a muzzle.
When my dogs hurts or is in pain or injured they are very like to protect there self by
striking out. So when you are going to work with your dog on a painful pressurizer and
to them that might be something in there ear or something in there foot then you really
want to be able to put a muzzle on. You don’t want to use a muzzle on flat breed, flat nose
breed like boxers. Boxer come here lets show them you little flat nose. I don’t know if
you could see that way on dogs like boxers there noses there noses are really not amenable
to be putting a muzzle on them and so it is best to use something like a Elizabethan collar.
Elizabethan collars could keep you from getting bitten because they could protect you or they
could also be used to keep the dog from getting off there bandage. If you don’t have a regular
muzzle or an E collar you could actually make a muzzle for most types of dogs and what you
want to use like a long piece of material or long piece of cloth. Tie a knot a large
knot, a large loop, but that over there nose like that pull it tight and just you could
make a figure under there shin and tie it behind there neck and they you effectively
have the muzzle so they could not hurt your or there self.