Emergency First Responder Pocket Kit

AMP-3, LLC Emergency First Responder Pocket Kit We’re excited to be introducing a new kit today called the first responder Unfortunately, we live in very challenging and difficult times The news is not short on stories involving active shooters There are those among us that want to be prepared for such an event? We hope and pray that you are never Threatened or challenged by such a horrific event the first responder is a great kit to keep with you 24/7 it’s small compact and something that will actually save someone’s life this kit We’re gonna be sending to Colton who has an Instagram account at Every day dot ready Colton is a very good friend of ours and probably one of our first customers and an avid supporter of Am-3 Colton also has a passion for preparedness and more importantly a Passion for sharing his expertise his instagram account Every day dot ready is a good place to get some extra information on preparedness everything from firearms knives flashlights and shelters this kit this very kit will be sent to Colton and he will be debuting it and Reviewing it for the first time on his instagram account. You can find this kit at Wwe MP3 net this kit is small and something that you can keep with you 100% of the time