Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit (for NEW Preppers + MOM Preppers)

Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit Hi Lovelies! It’s me, Cherie, with LiveLoveLatte. And thanks for joining me for this Emergency Preparedness video. Today I’m going to show you how I put together this First Aid Kit for my family. I did
this video about two years ago so I’m going to put the link below in the
Description Box. And this idea is from abowlfulloflemons.net. Again the
idea is to grab and go. So this tackle box from Walmart was a great idea from
her. This can either be used for sheltering in, which means to stay home,
or to drive away. We have first aid kits in our bug out bags, which are backpacks
filled with stuff for the times when you need to walk away because you can’t stay
home during the disaster. Those are the time you’re required to evacuate your home,
and they set up shelters in the area. I’ve labeled every section of this
tackle box for my First Aid Kit. You can see here – it’s scissors, tweezers, floss, and splints. And on this side, it’s exactly the same as the other one. You just open it
like this. There are non latex gloves and baby powder. Of course, if you have a
larger bottle of whatever you can always transfer them into trial size or small
travel bottles like this. Just make sure to label them also. And then the top part is for wound
management. And then it opens like this just like a tackle box or a toolbox. And
the door opens up. So there are basic things here for wound management like
bandages, wound wash, iodine, hydrogen peroxide. I did put masks in smaller
ziplock bags. There’s wet wipes, tissue, alcohol prep. There’s also a pen here and hand sanitizer. And that’s a BP cuff. Someone told me to take that out and
put some other stuff in there so I’ll have to look back at that comment and
figure it out. If you want more detailed
information on this First Aid Kit, please check out the link in the Description
Box because I’ve answered a lot of questions there, and I put links. And I do
that more in detail. And then the front looks like this. This door opens like that. And this left
side opens up the same way. And then the one in the middle opens down. And this can actually slide in. On the left side I have small cream cheese holders that hold bandages and neosporin. And then there’s a small insect repellent there. This holds the bandages, and I’ve labeled it also in front – assorted sizes, waterproof, and butterfly.
And when you open it up it looks like that. You can also get them at The
Container Store. This one holds the Neosporin and a rolled bandage. And on the right side, I have cotton and swabs. This one was actually from the Dollar Tree. So there’s cotton swabs, balls, pads. And then some more cotton swabs. And then the other cream cheese holder has medical tape in it. And then I’ve also
put gauze pads and larger bandages – tightened them with a rubber band. And then they just go in there vertically. I try to have the labels
facing the same way so that it’s just easier to read. Not only do I label the containers
inside, but I also labeled the door. In the middle are containers that slide in
and out. And they are for different types of medicines that we actually can
intake or apply topically. And the categories are allergy and bites. Cough and cold, fever and pain are in one container. And then the last one is bowels and belly. So they come out just like this. Then you just flip this open just like any container. And it looks like this inside. I’ve labeled every container including the wound management with the labels down at the bottom so
when you’re looking above it, you can see the labels. I do have to
replenish the anti-itch and the A&D ointment because my kids have taken those.
We do use this throughout the year. It’s kind of like our medicine cabinet also.
My kids are old enough that we are able to do that. Cough and cold, fever and pain are
in the same container. And I like this because even when the container’s closed, you can see what’s inside. This one has Tylenol, Aleve, aspirin, a pill cutter, cough drops. And this has a thermometer and a cup inside. I do have to replenish this
with the plastic for the thermometer. And this last container is for bowels and
belly. I have here stuff for diarrhea, gas, stool softener, laxatives, Tums. And I
also have glucose tablets in here. Every container has both adult medicine and junior medicine. And for the medicine that doesn’t have directions on the
bottle (they are like in these little packets.) I did cut out the directions
from the box and left them where the medicine goes so that I have the directions for each and every medicine in these containers. I hope you enjoyed this video of my family’s Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit. Please leave a comment below and let me know which part of this First Aid Kit you think is going to help your family. And I will see you in the next one! Bye! Please subscribe to my channel – LiveLoveLatte – and join me on my daily adventures as a MOMpreneur!