Employee Spotlight: Tara Smith, Pediatric Pharmacist

(ding) (cheerful music) – Hey Tara.
– Hi. – Carlton Ulmer, good to see you again. – Good to see you. – Yeah, well we were doing
our Employee Spotlights and each week we kinda showcase an employee here at West Florida. Their role, their department,
who they are, what they do and I wanna spend a little
bit of time with you if that’s alright. – Sure, absolutely. – So maybe start off, for all
of our social media friends out there, tell us what you
do here at West Florida. – Okay, well, I was hired to
be the Pediatric Pharmacist. So primarily I work on the
pediatric side of things, looking at order sets
and kinda gearing us up for the new incoming Nemours project. So, really focusing on the peds aspect of pharmacy right now. – And when did you start
here at West Florida? – I started part time in June but then came on full time in October. So just this past year, very recently. – Alright, so tell me,
what’s the typical day for a Pediatric Pharmacist? What are you doing? – A typical day is looking
at mostly the Pediatric OR in the morning, ’cause they get started very bright and early and
then assessing any patients on the floor that might be
up in the pediatric ward and then of course any
add-ons from the ER or OR or any patients that are coming in for other procedures and
surgeries and things. – How long have you been a pharmacist? – Oh, a long time, almost 20 years. So, and all of it has been in pediatrics. – What do you love best
about being a pharmacist? – That I can work in pediatrics. It’s a very specialized area and it’s just been a good career. It’s been a fun area because
pediatrics is so different. You get to see the good
side of kids getting well and going home and so that’s
the positive side of it. And I enjoy working in that field with the families and the children. – Yeah, sure. And it’s gotten busy here. – It has, it has. – We have a lot of, in January alone I think around 163 pediatric surgeries. – Yes. – So to your point,
– It’s getting busier. – It makes for busy mornings
– It’s changing, yes. – For the pharmacist, so. Tell us, what do you love best about your pharmacy department, the people your surrounded by? – Well, being fairly new here, they welcomed me very
easily and very quickly and it’s just a great group
of people to work with. We always help each other out and if anybody has any needs,
somebody else is right there to support you and
they’ve trained me well, taught me well and just
been very good to me. I’ve enjoyed it. – Great, alright. Well wonderful. We appreciate you being able
to spend some time with you. Appreciate all you do.
– Absolutely, thank you. – For our smallest population of patients we have here,
– The youngest patients. – The youngest ones. And keep up the great work. – Thank you, I appreciate it. (cheerful music)