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Come on , Let’s cheers! Why is it not focusing Halo, today is the first day after my post-natal care This is Charli She’s covered inside I’m going to buy some clothes for Charli Yup, the first thing I do after post-natal care The first thing that I can think of Gosh, I’m already in a mum’s mode Yeah, because most of her clothes don’t fit in anymore It was still alright at the beginning but kids grow up too fast She’s only a month old, but most of it don’t fit it anymore so I’m going to Baby Gap First time bringing Charli out for shopping I realized there’re too many things Here’s her baby bag with milk, towel, diapers and etc. and the one and only Charli right there and the baby trolley is huge as well We’re installing it now since we don’t use it that often, so we’re still new to it I’ll show you how the trolley looks like later It’s pretty cool, kinda big Do you want to be in the camera? Nope Just for while What for when you can’t photoshop it Charli, are you awake? Haha, look at the clothes I choose so many Charli, don’t cry~ That’s really a lot I just can’t control myself I spent around 20-30 mins in the clothes shopping My feeling on my fist day after the post-natal care is that hmm, apparently I’m not fully recovered yet Normally it takes 3 months of recovery for postpartum and actually.. I feel some soreness in my waist, feel tired after walking normally I would never felt tired Halo, today is the 2nd day of post-natal care 2nd outings I’m going to a bank I’m here I wanted to visit the branch where Regina works bu Regina can only serves normal customer now she can’t handle the business category just yet so I can’t go look for her I feel like recording everything, I’m so excited The first time driving my own car again This lipstick is.. from Fenty Beauty The color code is Freckle Fiesta The color is something like pumpkin orange, which I think is pretty nice I’m here in a Japanese restaurant It’s one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Toronto The price is really reasonable and delicious which is called Shinobu Today I’m actually here with my mum Let me introduce her to you I’m going to drink a hot sake happy~~ Do you want to eat chicken? chicken? One Uni Sashimi Uni Sashimi? Okay. Yeah Cheers? I’m going to show you my favorite dish here It’s not like extremely delicious but I think it’s alright judging by its price and it has… spicy raw salmon fish with some caviar I requested for extra avocado The sauce is inda sweet I’m done with my natal-care, so I’d eat something mild just mix it like this kinda looks like porridge Halo, we’re heading to the mall I really like the lipstick I’m wearing now I’ll lure you in getting it This one It makes the lips look really plump and the color is the pumpkin orange color that I like I think you shouldn’t use it alone The color is Lights Down, Va-Va Plump so it makes the lip looks fuller Yeah, you can use it alone, it might smudge the outer lips because the color is very strong as you can see, I only apply one layer of it so, I’d recommend you to use to together with a lip liner The lip liner I use is this.. from Huda Beauty The color is called Trend Setter, if I’m not mistaken Yeah, Trend Setter and lastly the eyeshadow, I’m not sure if you can see it clearly but it has this moist feeling kinda like Natasha Denova I just stumbled upon it on the official website I like it a lot Sephora is over here I’m having breast swelling now Too-much information okay, I got a new glitter from Too-Faced I met a cute little girl just now she’s kinda tall, so shouldn’t call her little girl kinda pretty, she’s paying at the counter now We were chit-chatting just now I got Too Faced’s latest product for draw my eyeliner or eye-tail I put some at the end of my eyes, not sure if you can notice it I’m going to try a perfume from Tom Ford There’re so many things I wanted to do in post natal care so I’ll try to do everything today at once The background is kinda pretty It’s all green. I think it’s a good place of taking photos Halo guys! My hair got all tangled I’m having korean food in a Korean Restaurant I’m going to dye my hair after this Regina’s going to join us later I just order a bibimbap with a raw egg on it I didn’t have raw egg for a long time, so good! We have got our hairs done She got a retouch, so am I You just did the whole head alright My hair looks cleaner now .. I cut it shorter just now he cut the hair strands like this kinda looks like her Golden Retrieve linting.. a pile of it , haha Regina and I didn’t get anything while my mum got some chewing gums and nuts since we didn’t do any research, so we’re not sure what to get we’re planning to get the lipsticks from Loréal x Balmain but they only have 2-3 left with really ugly colors What’s the color you recommend again? Flavor? Someone lured me into buying it as well but they don’t have the color but it’s not that… well, it’s a pumpkin color Let’s go Do you want to say it ? We’re ordering some alcohol Emma’s planning to get drunk today We’re here in a Japanese restaurant eating sushi How do you feel, Emma? I’m so happy Me too. Just like old time so awkward Let’s just stop here Annie,Hi! Halo, guys! Today is the N-days after my post natal care I’ll visit all kind of restaurant after my post-natal care before I start to record my makeup videos again I just want to roughly record down the activities I did I’m not sure if I’ll post it but if I do, you’d most probably be watching it right now Let’s me show you, my belly is pretty much back it how it was it’s still 3kg difference from my body weight sometimes it was 2.5kg but I’d say it was quite fast since I didn’t focus much on my diet When I posted some photos on Instagram or WeiBo I got lots of comments telling me not to rush into the diet which I didn’t. I actually eat a lot since I need to get some nutrients back I just slimmed down naturally I guess it has something to do with my workout habit plus I wasn’t that fat before my pregnancy and i didn’t gain a lot of weight during pregnancy so it got back pretty easily plus I’m wearing the band which is what I’m wearing now It has three parts I’ll show you the box later so it helps to reshape your pelvis and the waistline, which is pretty useful can’t just leave it attended after all ,right Puppuecho? Puppuecho? A product for mother-kids It has three parts so you should wear it from the pelvis Mostly I tend to use this one more especially for the pelvis area and another two on the waistline actually girls can wear it too not just for pregnant ladies but it is a must-have for pregnant ladies The one that I’m wearing now is the one I wear the most I realize that my pelvis has becoming wider after birth It’s not fully back yet but I asked some of my friends they said it would be back after 2-3 months including my fingers as well I can’t really fit in my rings hi guys, I’m on my ways to the airport to pick up my dad My dad really wants to meet Charli well, not that long ago, one month ago? Charli is 6 weeks 3 days now wow, so white This is Little Rock Today he is Red Rocks hahahaha I’m at the airport I’m so excited since I didn’t come to airport for a long time Even though I’m not the one who would fly, but still… I love taking planes, you know that right? Little Rock hates to take an airplane His palm always got sweaty when he is on the plane He is mentally sick. It has to be cured It’s so noisy. I’ll record it later Today is 14 February 2018 It’s Valentine Day, so we’ve booked a restaurant My parents are eating home while come out for Japanese we just got our seats. We booked this restaurant pretty early Take a guess on my lipstick It’s from Fenty Beauty, it’s pretty red The lighting here is not that strong If it is brighter The teeth will look really white XD It’s a new earring I got. I like it Pretty nice. But it can be hard to spread should use it with a lip liner I guess the lips would look that nice after eating so i’d show you now My teeth looks white isn’t? I’m actually wearing a breast feeding bra Cheers This is steamed egg and this is.. the mushroom and I think this is spinach I’m tipsy now since I drink this Ba-Xian-Hai Ah, my face is pretty red They have it everytime, don’t you remember? It’s a special edition for Valentine Day I’m sweating Halo guys, I’m going out now Let me show you my Outfit of the day Outfit of the day Gosh, my hair is so unorganized Halo, I just parked my car ad I’ve arrived Today I’m out for..well..work I’m planning to take some photos since I didn’t make any videos recently because my house is pretty packed with people so might as well use this time for some photo shooting I’m at B1, have to remember where I park my car I always forget it! haha and.. The one who will help me to take photos is my best friend he always know where to find the best photo shooting location that girls would like Yeah, pretty interesting I’ll show you where we would be having lunch later okay, I’m going up to the elevator. Might lose my signal soon So I’ll stop talking now Let me introduce my outfits today Well, I dressed up pretty thin It’s not that cold today Why is it unfocused? Why do I look so pale today? Gosh well, it’s still cold. Should have get a gloves We are going to pla..plan..Planta? Planta? Okay, I’m gonna order a ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ This is just.. Do you want to say hi to the camera? okay, he doesn’t look good today I’ll show you next time when he has makeup on You like my new hair? I’ve seen it last time Phew Look at how red it is. Outside is just too cold I’m in the car now so cold I’m heading to Toronto Auto Show I like this color, the Malachite Green Ah, I really like this car This car is cute We’ve done watching it and heading home now Halo, good morning It’s 7:44am I will film the ending of the video before Charli wakes up I hope you enjoy watching the beginning part of the video A little bit here and there on I’ve done these past two months But most of the clips that I’ve seen are my outings But most of the things I did for the past two months Is staying at home playing and just be with Charli Because the life of a beginner mother can be a little.. overwhelming Today..what am I going to do again? Oh yeah, I’m to go put on my mask while talking with you My skin care routine is rather easy since these two months are kinda busy This is the latest and limited edition of Queen’s Premium Mask It has blue, black and etc. I’ve tried it all There’re four masks in one pack the serum is 30ml there’s another one under the same brand, which is QualityFirst, it’s in stretch sheet it’s really handy. I’m using it recently as well I do the face mask everyday You can still play with Charli even you’ve your mask on I’m coughing right now because i caught a serious cold recently normally my flu got cured really fast 2-3 days but this time took quite a long time so I might be coughing later while I talk The mask is very thin The ingredients of this series, including eye mask are all natural You can use it during your pregnancy and even if you’re breastfeeding, since it’s all natural There’s no irritation on the face I’ve another box This is already empty Other than moisurizing effect, it helps in age-aging as well, the purple one I don’t think I need to mention much, you should seen it somewhere in Toronto It’s an eye mask that you can used it daily It comes in a small bottle like this I didn’t sleep that much due to my schedule recently so I’ll never missed my eye mask while doing this, I’ll update you what are the chances in my life other than having Charli Well, nothing much actually It’s all about Charli, Charli, Charli, Charli, When I just got Charli, which is during my postpartum I told Soap that Soap, don’t worry Mommy will not be picking sides on you and Charli but when Charli smiled to me a few days before when I was playing and tickling her she would smile to me The moment I told Soap that sorry I think I might love Charli more now Anyway this is what I think It’s not that you’d fall in love with her the moment that she was born with a strong love I can’t explain it. I just feel like we are strangers even when I have her in my arm now coz she is pretty tall now she grows up a lot I still wonder how can she gets out of my tummy like this I still can’t accept the fact I just feel like she is…just there.. I can’t feel it she’s coming out from me hehe I’ll show you my little Charli super cute Now I understand why people always said that doesn’t matter if your kids are good looking or not They will always be the apple in your eyes I’m not sure if Charli is consider good looking or not Her eyes is more like Little Stone Hmm okay, it has been 10 minutes I can take down my mask now I’ll use the Refa while the serum is still on my face I’ll use it to scrub it not scrub, but massage How could I, the fashion blogger use such a simple word the equipment.. I got it from one of the Japanese websites since it’s famous, and I’ve heard it a lot of times I got it during my pregnancy period because my legs are bloated so this equipment comes with the squeezing feature so if you don’t have a massage stick remember to pat the serum into your skin after taking off the mask do not wash it off right away after it is absorded I’ll use my recent favourite Let’s me introduce it This.. First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream It’s for dry ans sensitive skin The ingredients are all natural, without alcohol and mineral oils It’s kinda like LaMer’s texture The Ice Cream serum has a really soft and rich texture so it’s a little bit thicker than that so it’s more suitable for cold and dry places Remember when I told you that the Ice Cream Serum is not that moisturizing as it claimed to be It just feels good to apply it on face and for this First Aid Beauty’s face mask you feel good when you put it on as well as in it melts the moment you apply it on but it is more moisturizing than that this is already my second bottle and it is almost finished as well I started to use it since my postpartum It’s for sensitive and problematic skin those with eczema or dermatitis It’s pretty cheap so I’ll use it on my neck as well and even on and under my collar bone and the upper part of my chest it’s really soothing and indeed like what it said which comes with the Intense Hydration feature odorless I finished using this one as well Sometimes Sephora gives out some samples but if you have a problematic or sensitive skin and stay in this kind of cold countries If you want to find a product that comes with moisturizing effect in an acceptable price I definitely recommend it You can look it up the review on Sephora as wel So these two products are my skin routine for the past two months and after this video I’d not start to record any new video just yet since I still have some pre-recorded videos so I plan to upload all of these very soon and then I’ll start to record a new one so you will get to see some new videos real soon That’s all for the video today I hope you enjoy the video and I’ll see you soon! Bye~