(ENG SUB)All about Pharmacist in Korea [GoToe PHARM]

Hello everyone. This is GoToe This is 16th class of GoToe PHARM I have special subject today I made contents about DRUGS so far So many peopl ask me about drugs to me and also many people ask about ‘PHARMACIST’ too They wants to be a pharmacist but they don’t have any place to ask about it So they ask me So Today I will talk about How to be a pharmacist? and which place will they work after graduated? I will talk about everything about Pharmacist today if you are interested to be a pharmacist or just any curiosity about them I hope it will be helpful to them Let’s start it First, Pharmacist is people who has a Pharmacist license many people use a word Pharmacist certification but that’s wrong License is right word That is additional thing what is the difference between license and certification It will help you in someday if you know it I will tell you briefly Is it illegal to do that without the license or certification? For example, A person who does not have a hairdresser certificate does hairdressing It is not a problem for a person who does not have a Korean cooking certificate to cook Korean food However, if a person without a driver’s license drives It is illegal for a person without a medical license to operate This is good common sense Back to the main, In order to become a pharmacist, After graduating from the College of Pharmacy, you have to pass the Pharmacist License Test If you graduate from another department, you can not take the pharmacist license examination You have to graduate from college of pharmacy to be a pharmacist So how do you go to a pharmacy school? Most of the other departments have to go to the department after they take the SAT As the system changes in 2009, students can not enter the College of Pharmacy directly through SAT After completing two years in another department, you must take the PEET test Since I entered college in 2009, there was no way to come through the SAT So I spent two years at Kyunghee University and took the PEET exam So the fastest is 22 years old As far as I know, I know from 2022 that I will again select students from Pharmacy College through the SAT However, from 2022, they will not select students only through the 100% SAT They will gradually switch to the SAT for the SAT and PEET tests Students preparing for the exam now do not have to worry There are four types of documents that must be submitted to enter the college PEET exam score ENGLISH test exam grades etc Given the importance of the three scores except etc one PEET>>ENGLISH