Epilepsy drugs: Seizure Medications: Benzodiazepine, Phenobarbitol, Ethosuximide, Valproate

Help Hippo: Help Support the Hippocratic Oath Our previous tutorials explained seizure classification,
and the drugs to treat simple partial and complex partial seizures. Additional seizure drugs can be remembered
by: “Barbara Valiantly Sucks Good-Pam” Phenobarbitol helps GABA activation –
remember “NO BARB” – means do NOT use phenobarbitol unless you’re desperate,
because there tends to be better (but more expensive) drugs Valproate – valiantly tries to do many things,
including preserving GABA Ethosuximide – it sucks that you have to learn
ethosuximide, but everyone knows it for one thing:
it’s the 1st line treatment for absence seizures. (Remember, if it starts with a vowel, it goes
together.) “Good Pam” means Benzodiazepines– – it makes
GABA work better. This drug acts quickly,
so it’s good as 1st line treat Status Epilepticus emergencies. Pause and Review Help Hippo: Help Support the Hippocratic Oath