Eric Elliott, Prime Therapeutics, talks National Walking Day

– [Tom] Let’s go to M.A. – Don’t go walking like maniacs today. (“Maniac”) – I just wanted to take this opportunity, keep going mascots. For Heart Health you have to do the Flashdance dance
for 30 minutes a day! Just kidding! You only need to walk for 30 minutes a day, keep going maniacs, for perfect heart health. Do we have a doctor in the house? Because dancing in this mascot outfit could be heart-damaging. We’re going to talk about
National Walking Day and why you should lace up today and walk like these folks
are, when we come back. – All right, 9:35 now. Switching gears a little
bit back home here. – We gotta lace up our tennis shoes because today is National Walking Day. – I think it’s maniac day. Someone who’s got her sneakers on as well, M.A. Rosko, live at Normandale Lake in Bloomington. She’s doing the maniac, she’s ready to go. She’s hasn’t stopped moving in six hours. – [M.A.] No, I should
be really, really thin if that were the case, but it’s not. I am walking with some employees from Prime Therapeutics here in Bloomington. They are taking part in
a walk around lunch time. See that lake over there? Lake Normandale, they’re
gonna be walking around that. Some people are doing it already. Good morning, walkers! Good morning! How you doing? Hey, nice to see ya! God, they’re heart healthy, look at them. That is awesome. Today is National Walking Day, that’s why you should
lace up your sneakers, bring them to work, take
a coworker out walking. Why? I got a couple facts for you. Number one, doctors
say that walking is the single best form of exercise you can do. It’s low impact, it’s not
intimidating, it lowers your blood pressure and has
a host of other benefits. Number two, all you have
to do is walk 30 minutes a day to improve your heart health. It doesn’t even have
to be all in one throw. It can be in chunks, 10
minute chunks, 20 minutes break it up, whatever you want to do. Thirdly, a lot of us
think we’re heart healthy, but actually only 15% of
us are walking the 150 minutes a week that the Heart Association recommends that you do. So tally it up, keep track of what you’re doing and see
if you’re getting there. Some folks who will get there today are the folks from Prime Therapeutics. I’m joined by Eric Elliot. Tell me why your company is taking part in this today. – We take part in Heart Walk and different other things for health
throughout the year to promote health and wellness
within our organization and have our employees be healthier. – They’re not required to do this but a lot of them voluntarily do the walk, like National Walking Day or
the Heart Walk next month. What improvements do you
see in your workforce? – They’re not required to, like you said, but we do have a wellness program that encourages them through incentives and our benefits and what we see is people achieving better health
and lower bio-metric screenings, improved health all around. Productivity improves, morale improves. People come out here and
enjoy the day with each other. – [M.A.] I’m not seeing
a lot of frowny walkers. – [Eric] Not many frowning walkers here. – [M.A.] No, they’re
smiling, they’re happy. They got their co-workers,
it’s all kumbaya. Thanks so much for joining us today. We really appreciate it. These guys work literally just steps away from Lake Normandale over
there, which is just beautiful. We have so many walking paths around here. If you don’t live near
a park or a walking path like this, great website,
Start Walking Now dot org, it’s the Heart Association’s website, it’s an app, Start Walking
Now dot org will tell you where some safe accessible
walking paths are where you live. So you don’t have to circle a parking lot if you don’t wish to. You could actually find a walking path. Back to you. – [Tom] I tell you, they’ve
been walking all morning long. – In a circle. They’ve been going, and going, and going. – They’re dizzy, they’re
dizzy but no one minds. – That’s all right, hey, just keep going! Tell them we got another hour to the show and see if they’ll stay out there till 11! – Leave and come back and check on them. – Drive around in circles. Thank you M.A. Tomorrow M.A. helps us freshen up our–