Euphorbia Hirta: Do You Know This Herbs? Rare Opportunity To Meet! / Medicinal Plants / Indian Herbs

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel! i’m looking for a plant. It’s euphorbia hirta Euphorbia hirta is a strange, hairy herbaceous plant that is often found growing on the roadsides in tropical parts of the world. Considered to be native to India, this herb has now become a pantropical species, which makes it very easy for its popularity to spread. Health benefits of euphorbia hirta includes: Immune System, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-parasitic, Gastrointestinal Issues, Skin Health…. Let’s go… It is not a good idea to consume large amounts of the herb orally, as it can induce vomiting, in some cases. Also, pregnant women should avoid use of this herb. speak with a trained herbalist to ensure that you are a good candidate for adding a powerful herbal remedy to your diet or health plan.