Fandom Discourse Rewind – Part 1

Hey guys, so I wanted to make a video about fandom police and some of the situations that they caused this year in 2019. If you’re watching this video I assume you follow me on twitter and you are already aware of fandom police If you don’t know what fandom police are, I’ll put some links in the description that give more detailed explanations of them But basically even if you haven’t heard of them, you’ve probably seen them on twitter and tumblr. They’re the people who take their dislikes of ships and characters WAY too far, to the extremes. They’re the types of people who tell others that they should die or kill themselves because of their favorite ships and characters. They’re the type of people who accuse others of really awful things like being an abuse apologist for liking a villain character, or supporting pedophilia for liking a ship that has an age gap. Those people. Those are fandom police. Sometimes people also call them purity police or anti-shippers, so I might use those words here and there. But fandom police have done some really awful, vile stuff this year, sometimes ridiculous stuff too and I wanted to shed some light on that for people who might not be aware, because a lot of the crap that they do goes under the radar and I’m really sick of it (laughs) cause they really are kind of awful and people need to know about them, so I wanted to count down nine of the issues that they’ve caused this year. Before I get into it though, a little disclaimer: please don’t bother anyone in this video I will do my best to censor usernames in screenshots, but I know it’s still pretty easy to find tweets and stuff. Please don’t bother anyone, thank you. Alright, now onto the video. Number 9: people accusing Arby’s of supporting pedophilia Basically Arby’s made a tweet featuring their mascot, which I- is a sauce packet, I think, it’s like a little sauce packet girl. And they were asking people to draw fanart of her and they referred to her as a “waifu” in their tweet And fandom police on twitter lost their minds. They lost their minds And they accused Arby’s of pedophilia because they referred to this young-looking chibi-like character as a “waifu” And I just, I- I don’t know what else to say about that Like you can say it’s poor wording, you know, bad phrasing, I dunno It’s a lot of stuff, but it’s not “Arby’s supporting pedophilia.” Are you kidding me? Why-? That’s such an extreme conclusion to jump to. It’s very obvious that Arby’s and a lot of these other corporations are kind of using memes to market their stuff, you know? They know anime – especially Arby’s – Arby’s knows anime is really popular most of their advertisments are anime references. It’s not surprising that Arby’s used a word slightly incorrectly. But I’m just incredulous at people who jump to “oh my gosh. Arby’s are pedophiles” because they referred to this chibi character as a waifu. That one’s basically it, that one’s short and sweet but I’m still blown away that that happened. So that’s just a little example to show you how quick fandom police are to jump on an accusation of something as serious as pedophilia. over really benign stuff that, that’s not evidence at all It’s very weird but this happens often, so that’s just the first case. Number 8: the Fire Emblem modder who got harassed Someone in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses fandom made a hack for the new game that allows gay marriage options. Soon however, fandom police found out that the creator of this hack had some incest ships and they harassed this person mercilessly. They even hijacked a positivity hashtag that someone made for them to thank them for making this *hack. You know, the person didn’t have to do this. They made this hack in their free time, just out of the kindness of their heart, so that there would be more inclusive options in this game. And this is just proof that fandom police are ungrateful little gremlins. You know, instead of being appreciative of this person going out of their way to do this kindness for the fandom they, instead, attack them over their incest ships. Which is really funny coming from the Fire Emblem fandom because Apparently there’s canon incest in the games? So I’m just baffled by how people can financially support a game that has canon incest, yet attack a fan who has incest ships, and made it clear that they do not condone that in real life. Fandom police just really like to look for punching bags all the time And unfortunately this very kind modder was their punching bag this time Number 7: The Amphibia Thing So I had noticed talk on twitter about pedophiles and predators in the animation community (*industry) and people grooming children with art of adult/minor ships and I’m thinking something serious happened. and all of this talk ended up happening because of… This art. This art of a frog character carrying a girl character. It looks like he’s carrying her princess-style. From my perspective, it looks like he maybe caught her falling. But the character is blushing, so this is clearly, automatically romantic and shippy and this is pedophilia because the frog is (holding in laugh) “adult-coded” and- I’m sorry People do say that, and I’m trying not to laugh but but no, this is pedophilia because the frog is “adult-coded,” and the girl is like 13 or something I dunno, I don’t care But this is just ridiculous. People were calling this poor animator a pedophile because of their art of this frog character carrying a little girl. The character’s not even human. He’s a frog! This is as fictional as you can get. This is how ridiculous fandom police are They literally almost caused a smear campaign of this poor animator and accused them of something completely awful and terrible, one of the worst crimes imaginable, because they drew the frog character blushing a little bit while holding this other girl character It’s ridiculous, this one just blew my mind and I just, you know- I don’t know, I don’t know OTL Number 6: the anti-Thorki who went undercover So there was someone who was anti-Thorki that means they are against the ship of Thor and Loki from the Marvel Universe because it’s incest I mean, I have bad news for you about the rest of mythology, but okay, you do you But this person went “undercover” to infiltrate some Thorki group chats and some Starker (Tony Stark/Peter Parker) group chats to make a call out post about the shippers there so these people are minding their own business, and this person comes in there, “undercover” to, to call them out for shipping something that they already clearly ship? I can’t find the original tweet, I think they deleted it, I don’t know, it’s hard to find stuff on twitter but this person made a call out post about what these people were talking about in this group chat and these people were talking about not safe for work (nsfw) fan art, and sharing nsfw fanart which is within their right, especially sharing it in a private group chat. And this person posted screenshots of this art as “proof” that they support pedophilia because of the Starker age gap and incest because they were sharing fanart? It’s fanart, y’all. It’s not real. It’s fanart of fictional characters. People don’t support that in real life. They just like some fanart of their favorite character, that’s it. But this person posted the art. It was either uncensored or poorly censored But either way, you’re taking porn fanart and redistributing that to people who don’t want to see it I don’t understand your end goal here. What are you trying to do? Okay you expose these people for shipping Thorki and Starker. That wasn’t exactly news. I’m pretty sure they had it in their bio that they’re that kind of shipper. You’re not helping anyone, you’re not doing anything. I know you think you’re doing something, but you’re not And this happens a lot. There’s been a lot of call out posts like that. Oh and this person also tried to like… blend in they were like “oh yeah, I’ll retweet the warning post so that no one suspects me!” Like how do you have this much time and energy to put into this? I don’t have time and energy to watch anime that’s been on my watch list for years and you’ve got time to pose as a shipper you hate? To go infiltrate their group chats? I don’t get it, I don’t get it