Financing for Facial Treatments – Cheryl’s Story | CareCredit #ShareYourStory

Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’ve been a CareCredit cardholder for 10 years. I remember being at the dentist’s office with extreme pain and then hearing about, not only the pain in my mouth, but the pain that was going to be in my wallet. And the receptionist told me about CareCredit and how easy it was to apply. And I was able to take care of my dental needs in that particular moment. It was an incredible relief. CareCredit has helped me in so many ways. I, at the beginning, didn’t really realize how many ways it was actually going to help. Taking care of myself is something that’s really new to me. And so, it’s been a treat and a delight to be able to go and get facials. To actually get a Botox treatment. To get high-end facial products and to know that I’m really taking care of my skin and that I’m looking the best that I can possibly look. And then after time, what I realized was that CareCredit has a great model and a great approach to financing that I can learn from. It changed my attitude towards how I budget and how I think about spending money and how I plan to use money. So it’s been, I think, educational. I feel like I’m a wiser consumer. And I look ahead and plan and I know that I can fit CareCredit into my budget in a way that’s going to be comfortable and not only do the things that I need to do and have to do, but also things that I want to do. And that’s a game changer.