First Aid Kit at Grammis Awards 2019 [Eng Subs]

We’ll just gonna have fun. That’s our plan. And getting to meet other artists and musicians. – It is so fun.
– Yeah, really! What are your expectations? About winning the prize I would say low. I don’t know, we always are. Or I get disappointed. It is not about that. But it is a big honor. Our category Alternative Pop includes all our favorite records from last year. Being among those musicians is a victory in itself. Who is your biggest competitor? – Lykke Li’s album is absolutely fantastic.
– Yes, it is really good. I really want it to win. I hope so. If I can hope for another album than our own. – Sarah Klang of course.
– Or Little Jinder or El Perro del Mar… That’s the thing. Everyone is so damn good. I would be so genuinely happy if any of them wins. And one of them will. Everyone should win in that category. We should share that prize. If we win we will share it. How will you celebrate if you win? I haven’t even thought we could win. What should we do Klara? – No clue.
– Let’s write a song. Tonight. We’ll see, I haven’t come that far. What about the after party? What are you like at an after party? It depends on the mood. We are quite sensitive to moods. It can be a hit.. ..or miss! Fantastic, my answers are really deep tonight. What are your plans for 2019? We have just toured for one and a half years. We came home last Saturday. We intend to take it easy for a while. Klara is getting a dog. Then we will tour in the summer and work on a new album. How does it feel to be home? – Unreal.
– So nice. Wonderful. What have you missed the most? The calmness. Just waking up in my bed every day. Feeling at home. Being able to plan the day. Have you missed any kind of food? Boring answer but some dairy products. Traditional home cooked food. I love it. I think it has become my favourite because I haven’t got it on tours. Some very Swedish stuff, like salty licorice.