First Aid Kit Safety | Metal Detecting Survival

hey everyone
J Three B here on this very very snowy day I’ll show you that in a bit but a lot of
you have asked me questions about the first aid kit I keep on me so this is my
wife’s charger bag you guys have seen this in a lot of my videos and inside I
have a little container you don’t have to use something like this you can use a
pencil case you can use a baggie you can just throw everything right in but it’s
simple enough what I have in here a lighter I have some alcohol wipes a
little bit of gauze some tape band-aids and some big gauze patches on
the bottom now by all means this isn’t gonna help anyone if something major
happens that’s where you need the phone 911 one but for digging in the ground
and you happen to come across a nail that pokes you or a piece of Popkin or a
piece of broken glass I have what I need with me to make sure I can keep it clean
and stop it from being infected and it’s just something simple like this that I
can keep in my wife’s back hey everyone thanks for watching and I hope you
enjoyed the show if you want to see more videos like it click the links down in
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until next time guys Happy Hanukkah and god bless