First Aid Kits and Tips : Treating Poison Ivy & Oak Rash: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I am Tracey Cullers on behalf of
In this segment, I’ll show you how to take care of poison ivy or poison oak. This case
developed over several hours ago and now is blistering and sore. First, you want to put
gloves on so that you do not get any oils on your hands and you do not spread it around.
If the oils spread, they can get in onto your hands, your eyes and cause intense suffering.
Put gloves on and then prepare to cleanse the area. There are products out there, that
are cleansing towelettes you can carry around with you. These are specially designed for
poison ivy, or poison oak. You go ahead and apply these to dry skin, rubbing them in for
several minutes. You follow that with a cleansing of water and then you repeat the process.
You really need to get those oils off of the area. If you don’t have this type of a product
you can use a castle soap towelette or any type of cleansing towelette that has soap
in it or use soap and water at a fountain. You can use these other types of products
if you don’t have that. I would also recommend that you use Benadryl or some sort of antihistamine
to reduce the swelling and the pain. Another type of ointment that you can use is calamine.