First Aid Kits and Tips : Using Adhesive Wound Closures: First Aid for Minor Injuries

Hi! I’m Tracey Cullers on behalf of
In this segment, I’ll show you how to use adhesive wound closures on a small superficial
wound that has jagged edges. If you look here, there’s a little bit of problems with the
edges not getting close enough. This could create an ugly scar. We’re going to put
our gloves on. Anytime you touch a wound you need to have gloves on to protect the patient
and yourself. Adhesive wound closures look like this. You can open them up and it’s
difficult while wearing gloves, but you still need to wear the gloves. What you want to
do is hold the edges as close together as possible so that the skin can naturally heal.
You pull one strip off and you put it on the edge on the one edge. Take the next strip
and put it on the far edge. Then one in between. You cleanse the area the next day with just
slightly patting it with soap and water. After the several days, the Steri-Strips will naturally
fall off and the wound should be closed. If it’s not at that point, you should go to
your primary care physician.