First Aid: Minor Burn | First Aid

This video was created in partnership with: First aid: Minor burn In this video, you will learn the first aid techniques for treating a minor burn. A burn is considered minor if it is smaller than half the size of the victim’s hand. First aid techniques: 1 – Remove the source If possible, remove whatever caused the burn from the area. 2 – Run water over the burn Immediately run cool, not cold, water over the burn until the pain subsides. Remove clothing around the burn unless they are stuck to the skin. If you are unsure how serious the burn may be, contact a doctor or emergency services for medical advice. 3 – Apply a sterile bandage Or, if not possible, make a bandage out of sterile compresses. 4 – Monitor the burn Monitor the burn to see if it becomes red, hot, or painful. If so, consult a physician. Never burst a blister. Once a blister breaks, it becomes an open door for microbes that may cause infection. 5 – tetanus shot? Make sure that the burn victim’s tetanus records are up to date. If in doubt, contact their physician.