First Aid & Safety Tips : How to Pack First Aid for a Hike

You know, going for a hike in wilderness areas
or camping areas can be a very enjoyable experience. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what we’re
going to talk about and discuss is how to make a basic first aid kit for going on a
hike through our nations trails and wilderness. Basically the first thing we want to take
is a good pair of sunglasses and a hat, along with some food stuff like basic snack bars,
high protein bars, two or three bottles of water, energy drinks, or things along those
lines, and even maybe some fresh fruit like bananas. Along with those items, one thing
to consider is your basic first aid kit that can be purchased at your local sporting good
store or even drug store. Small first aid kit that can include things that have insect
repellent, and possibly lotions or medications for allergic type reactions. Some type of
water proof matches, a good Swiss Army knife or hunting knife, and basically some type
of flashlight would be in order. Last but not least take your cell phone and a good
map and possibly a compass. Cell phone service may not be available in the area, but you
can call your cell phone service company prior to going on your hike to determine if there
will be cell phone service in the area you will be hiking in. Having a cell phone can
be a vital link to getting help or finding your way out. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay
safe and we’ll see you next time.