First Aid Tips : How to Soothe a Burnt Tongue

You know at some point in time all of us are
going to experience a burn to the tongue or the roof of the mouth. Hi I’m Captain Joe
Bruni. And what we are going to talk about and discuss is how to soothe that burn injury
to the mouth. Burn injuries normally occur from eating some type of hot food. When this
occurs it can become extremely painful. Keep in mind that the tongue and the surface of
the mouth are mucus membranes and fast healing. Normally within a day or two that area of
the mouth will heal itself rather quickly. You can use several items to cool the burn
area. One option is to use some type of frozen dessert like sherbert or ice cream, leaving
it sit on the surface of the tongue for a while before swallowing. Even pieces of frozen
vegetables taken from the freezer can be used for the person to suck on and then chew and
swallow. An ice cube can even be used to cool the burn. However keep in mind do not bite
down on the ice as you stand the risk of cracking a tooth. You can also draw in air quickly
through the mouth as the cool air will help cool and soothe the burn injury. You can also
go to the doctor and have him prescribe some type of latacain that can be used on the inside
of the mouth to help numb it. Burn injuries to the mouth and tongue are never any fun.
But with rapid cooling the pain can be relieved rather quickly. I’m Captain Joe Bruni stay
safe and we’ll see you next time.