First Aid Tips : How to Treat a Pulled Hamstring

You know for those of us that participate
in sporting activity or other types of events a pulled hamstring can cause a significant
amount of pain and injury. Hi I’m Captain Joe Bruni and what we are going to talk about
is how to treat the common ordinary hamstring pull. The hamstring is the muscle that runs
from the back of the knee up to the bottom of the gluteus maximus or the rear end of
the person. The hamstring pull can be pretty painful. The quickest way to relieve pain
is to apply some type of ice or cold pack material to that pulled muscle region. No
more then ten to fifteen minutes of application. As ice can cause a burn injury to the skin.
Remove the ice after ten to fifteen minutes and allow and the skin to rewarm itself. And
then reapply the ice to reduce swelling and pain. After the application of ice the hamstring
and the thigh area can be wrapped with some type of elastic bandage like an ace wrap.
After wrapping that damaged muscle region, elevate the leg and rest for several days
up to a week. After several days of ice application, heat can be applied to increase blood flow
to that muscle region that has been damaged which will promote healing and a speedy recover.
Hamstring pulls are never, ever any fun. I’m Captain Joe Bruni stay safe and we’ll see
you next time.