First Aid Treatments : How to Make a Knife-Based Survival Kit

You know, getting lost in the nation’s wilderness
or woods, can be a pretty scary experience. Hi, I’m Captain Joe Bruni, and what I want
to discuss and talk about, is how to construct and build, a knife based survival kit, for
just such situations. One of the most perfect knives for building our knife based survival
kit, would be the military type of knife, that we find, by the United States Marine
Corps, or even the Army, that they like to use, sort of as a bayonet style, type of knife.
Along with our military style knife, we would like to have some type of fishing line, with
fish hooks that we can use, not only as a snare to procure food, but as a fishing line,
to fish for food, or fish for some type of fish, and the knife can be used to clean whatever
type of animal, or fish we catch, as our food source. The third thing we would like to have,
is some type of first aid kit. Some small type of first aid kit, to take care of wounds,
or small, minor lacerations, would be ideal, and the fourth thing that would be ideal,
for our knife based survival kit, is some type of matches, to start our fire, or some
type of steel wool, with a 9 volt battery, to where the 9 volt battery can touch the
steel wool, to get it glowing and red hot, to start our fire at night, and even not a
bad idea to have some type of flashlight that can be wound, or hand driven, so it doesn’t
need batteries, so we can have light at night. There you have it. Our knife based survival
kit, if you get lost in the woods, or America’s wilderness, can be key to helping you survive.
I’m Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next time.