First Baptist Morning Worship May 12, 2019

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and and and and and and and that can live exciting day to be in charge of to come to worship him to date it was sort of life this award of love missile or forge the same issues
as day of week rally with many
grounds of father really enjoy
hearing all saying less than the have a say may say that if they say
that if if they have not have a lot they
say if they have a say they may have 1/2 that of a as
they say they have a say if I may say if they say
they say that if they say they
say that if they have a say as I say that if they say
that say that they and they say
they may have a say may have a say they have that they say they may have a
say they say they may say may
have a say that 1/2 say they may
say they may say they say may have a lot of say
they may have a say they may say they say that they have a say
they have that as I say they say
they may have a say they say
they have a have a say they may
have say that may have a say they
have 1/2 day and they say they
may say they have a say if I may say they say they
say they may say they may have
1/2 say they may have a say they may find that they have
a say they have a and C is that they may have a lot if
they say the same day that they
say they may say they have a lot
of that if I may have a say they have a say
they say they say they may have
a say they then have invited ABC will we are delighted the dns of
other day we can thank you for
being here looking for the white
guys were doing a service and I and in Monday’s very special day
be one of the nonfat mothers you
know we’re thankful for our
mothers all things they teach us
a , was to take a few moments to not pay many that the that it made you were so excited at all
the mothers here this morning I
know you are in some of your
year to support your mother this
mo to something we chose the first
baptist church to celebrate this
wonderful bank, say some that
are mothers we had the idea for
y idea and we’re all this was, at
the table for ladies and offers
to help with these things is
updated on joint meeting this
out t in summing as all these tools
and there is so you probably
know what they do not know but you’re welcome to take more
than is on your way out is a
nice Compaq loan manager said
we’ll take that on your way out
to be . FERC act well against the
women’s into your baby bottle
campaign we do that every
mother’s day restart on mother’s
day and the only Jordan she was she going to
share with you a little bit
about the campaign in about how
this the ministry in Texarkana many middle age or investment of
a nightmare, im on the board,
for the pregnancies and
writers-stand on time or whether
you are her role in a desire to bring
the server thing happened and
stamina Russell warren hern,
thin arms every host of reading
ever th the want to convert 13-story, comments and as an
amazing and tell us and as we
are in a local minister in allows women
to comment on swings in prices
in Indochina will Mr. Armey is
selling create a relationship,
ch gospel share, a friendly enough
to really really important
because we can see calories her
first league teams and brains god is morning contents relief
operation recently at home, and
it’s our goal is to get into a
legally can can share, and
solicit firm said this is Kathleen
Jarrett for women, forcing the
house in NASD, and process,
earning it. But something
wonderful tool t lot and suggest one, 2000
O’Neal, the Thomson SA,
independent, balanced and what
the city of Olinda, forcing her
more your style , on some asp rate the data are
campaign this is how you can
involve earn every year the
bridges in the past, as, or
mother said copper pots earn money R-Chico
is up and chains, Torino seat
exchange for the massive and
secondary err more centers for
the acc Herman Edwards are mild 1000,
and this week’s event, her
wandering in terms of crime
scenes in stock at the end of
the timing of please leave your procedures for
the past month for the
investor-owned that may so glad this morning to know if
Jesus is totally trustworthy is forever faithful using god loves us so much and
on the matter what price issue
may be going through what type of thought to have
your mind are anything like that
god is faithful to list any of
this morning are rejoicing as a
sin that may have the main and they
say have that as they say the eye of the game the a man S5 that may have they have
a lot of names of the game if
they have a lot of the game I
have the if they have a file
that t if they have a lot of a a a S main
thing ABC all right canyon well as a delighted that are our
babies with us this morning and
night and all their parents and
older siblings so we’re just lo Sunday is the lone artists home
at the end, and they may be
little nervous as well and we
will recognize all the years is
a figh that I-N in the jail on that uses any town that uses a big of a
life of a man on the team at an debt, the probably will be the
last one I told us that the city’s babies
9295, and here we have a 100 Jordan
junior and he is the same son of
a hunter in making inside he was
born on April 20 which is the da , you know the man of the EA a now that the mayor did it say
this isn’t this is an active
human he was born the day before
Easter in the week later he
bought a five K. Wolcott, I mean
these are being busy felon with a man in an inventive and
as his older sister making race
event within this morning , commander of the Tibetan lama
with any online somebody knows how to
handle if you get is a dozen years of
experience all right now that we
need this is our Samuel 90 was
born in on the deal at CS 27th
seaso he is born to be an invalid
night you signs for some of the
little humor not in the trial and the scene of a day earlier the idea of a may have told you that NATO had
experience : I don’t I hear they but I this is great Paul Smith he was
born to grace and Katie Smithson
read aloud at the end he was
actually born may target Monday
to knows this morning that he and here we have a lake
in reading blaster and she was
born on the Marx and Lenin 29
teams and she’s only about two
mont looking as precious of the gun taken her home and I think I visited for one so we’re delighted other babies
out of step of you just a moment to wear share we just a few
words about baby dedication and
women are doing, and sponsor
reading the Enron and have all
their ba in Sony’s U.S. history lots of
people would involve the job of
people as they would take their
child to a pre sometimes within
t this morning tide in the case is
not so much about the babies in
his views about the parents and
stepparents if you go to bless your children
this morning or minded some
words of the lie detector states
and these other words are not
only the disputed the deal on a six visit the
shell of the lord of all your
heart with all your soloist in these
commencement at what was I
commend you shall be in your
heart you shut the stem
diligently to your children in other words
he says the shop talk to them
and use it in your house when
you walk by the way when you lie
dow the show what the moment or post
of your house in your dates in
charge of one mind is morning in
Paris to nurture child in Christ is
any committee effort is a
concentrated effort is a
continuous effort and it is a
community effort with the dedicate these babies,
may say they came here is in our
church in so well liked his
morning to do with ado Ref of
respo were responding to dive into a city with a
magnificent responsibility died as giving you the gift of
life guides that she teach a child to
the example of a godly life a child is a clean slate knows
no right or wrong has died from them all lessees
one would you give these fares
and their children they have a
relay of them to be dismissed at
th AAA AAA I am a EAIAAAME A is a SMS IIII I SIAA has IIIII I IEC I may have AAA I am a I have a AA of the AAIA A of the day ESSINI a a EA EAE MEA in a EA E AE a CSINE 5 NCEI it’s it’s that and that of that
and that day and say that and
say that may seem an essay and
say may that is sat SFAS a may have may say they have that made the SMS at a and that may say is the hands of a safe and say
they have a man a five of a lot of a may day and
that a a a a a a a lot a say the than a day and the
game at the name of a five a a half the hand off on a lot of
the A’s that if they say and say that a five games they have a
say that they have they have a
lot of the day may have a SI
have a name that may have a lot
named may have a say they may have the
name of the game that day as a maze of SMS and may have a lot
of the day may say they may have a name that if
a file of the day at a gay man that if the A’s that if
I may have a say they may say
may of a day and say and now those dollars ones you know, thank you for ms
members said Leslie presence
here with us thank you for Sunday’s is priced
and assigning them over each of
us become available for some are
thankful for the pluses to give
us every time that they were
special event over each of our
mother couples are martinis of over
seven and use against a wavering
senators seated in a nineties is
majoring in music and slow and
re : previews beginning of the
small firms is more than the
wall-mounted fact that this time
shores and close to you and me
we’d ne places at the stats and offers
the clients and we pray to be
using orientals may come to know
you and your manager of state
and it’s and has as and and and and that and say and and and and and and
an ms have they have say that
they say they use of the names
of five games that have a lot of
th day and say that a lot may say they have a lot of
say they have a SS a S a CES a
CS may say they say may not have
they have a say they have a say they say they say they have a
lot of a may day of the day that
they say the have a say they
have a S a S a C say they have a lot of
that may have a say they have
the say they may have they have
a say they say they may have a
life of a say in a say in a may have a say they have a lot of the say
they have not been a lot of say
they may not have a game that I
may not have a say that they say say they may have a name they
have a say they have the day the SMS
MASAEC a S a S a NS a CS and not have a may have a say
they have the say they may have
a say they say they say they may
have a a a a a a a move me and he is stronger wearied of these is set to six
this morning city would turn
into turn on your bibles to
appease its chapters chapter six
and we against a spiritually me using
spiritual weapons for whether you realize that are
not you are in a spiritual
battle you’re fighting a spiritual in the summer the Maybelline sat in
his minions are fictitious that
there might be nearing well say it may be invisible when
he’s not imaginary the only one
said I believe is a double for
two reasons number one in the
bible item about you that the ideas
with the devil you might be
walking in the same direction
when the bus people are saying
that of t kind of day Monday night of the
glass, at a given, message for
mother’s day beating on we’ve rely on our mothers to
teach us you keep crying out to be
someone cried out my mother talking about
contortion is an would you look into their own
back of your neck it was a ballet but not talking about humor when
that will work as a potato
coming in and the bomb until the logic that calls
as sensitive as one of my mother taught me about the
science of osmosis shut your
mouth and teachers upper bound by the talk about medical
science until stopped all senior
idea to get stuck that way , tell me about wisdom when you get to be my angel are
staying in my mother taught me about
justice one day you’ll have to use at
that are not just lucky of the mothers teach us all
about life lessons and a mother
must teach our children to know
and follow Christ and the mother
nee john Wesley asked his Mother
Susana Wesley Monday to define
seeing and this is what he said whenever we get your reason in pairs that can use of your
conscience of secure your sense of god or takes a few relish for
spiritual things in short pressed these are powered dash
and swept away his victims of
many to a watery grave it was a depressing and
destructive seen as thousands
hundreds of thousands lost their
lives and their many
observations that ca into destroyed and apathy and said the raises any city as
I don’t know what I don’t care what you do know the difference
between a dozen apathy but the
specter attitude, spiritual rail
to the woods on the rating of th finally not reading the struggle
or in the power of his might put
on the whole armored idea that
maybe it was staying against th bug is principality’s against powers against the rules
of the darkness of his veins
against spiritual host of
wickedness in many places
Allegheny’s a in a decisive first 11:00 AM to
find out if the series is says
he is the devil agreed were
there is the Abel us which means
a sl are seeking to destroy you to
discard mute as it to disable
you that is their mission of the
want to listen to that made the
sam the devil which means slender Avedon which means
destroyer he’ll serve the accuser the lie
in the evil one that enter the
atmosphere the beast the deceiver the father of lawns
the murderer the role of the
darkness warren demons and that
the economy is made this crop
how in setting traps for you and me
I need to protect himself as an
angel like the bible says and
even as a gentleman Allegheny
some he is a serpentine be deceived
of people in 1934 he is a bird’s added
ideas god’s heart just a giant in 12 he is a wall
trying to give the guys block the first be about eight he is a lie in seeking to devour
god’s children and revelation 121 to nine he is
the dragon trying to destroy the
godson he is on every level is mission
and he has two maintains the
first thing is the most you blind and he is determined to
blind to the second Corinthians
jack reformers for insensate is
blinded the minds of those who
do less the light of the gospel of
the Glory of Christ , the image and I see some NT
all along the Christ is morning
field goal of the Jesus is more
to say most obliging from this
fro he has no problem if you’re
being connected on Sunday
morning yet he has no problem if you’re
at the church every down the he has no problem if you know
all about begun by as long as you don’t know that, he’s on a mission to blunt that
only the diesel that he’s also
nation to bind to enough for the
symbol of the Christ the king ne of pressed by the devil but they
can never be processed by the reviewer look closely and some
Christians lives he would find
out that many of them are POWs
in camps will not be done in
their or alcohol or pornography or bitterness dedicated to pay to depression prime breeding discouragement was a
posting technology and end of the relationship
seminary and satan’s POW camp and the devils our mission is to
turn will indeed be averse ID want to
turn this was the first
greetings to retain first lady
is set to anyone start disburse
your und first lady is 1013 this is what it says the temptation is overtaking the
exact sentence, the main everything
you’re going to know this all
mankind is subject to the same
thing but god is thankful the will not allow you to be
extended beyond what you’re able but with the temptation will
also make the way of the skate
you may be able to there is
another wonderful products so they consider this morning
and the devil devices I wanted
to be understood in this context
with every NT of the saint
matthew is that I believe in this
morning and then guide gives us
the way the statement is taking
a one to notice is the devil
devices t but he also has some devices
know what to look into the
universe 11 call uses the word
miles to describe it was the
vices and we may be of a stand against
the wilds of the devil with the
Greek word for wiles is meant to
be a is the word from which to
getting this word in Athens nine
was working out the capture the
essence of the Greek word method
be a second Corinthians 211 to look
this up the second biggest 11
call warns us did not beginning
of the devils devices will these
de in that context means same sweet
kid skins he is a schema if
you’re understating his team’s
you’ll never be a way it’s a
good wa in a giant stuffed toys a much tougher time
magazine said he was one of the world’s our nation’s most 100100
top 100 most influential men he
said this about saying the devil seldom
contacts-preferring darkness to
like that with the transom
transformed himself into the
angel light beer: suspe even so, sir sat as a number of traps in his
arsenal in a matter of getting
the ball into today balance them
to disk me a few of these weapon these devices thing I need a
comeback every single Sunday for
the next few weeks as we faced a
series of how to dress for
succes to these constantly sowing seeds
of doubt into place in DOS
attack anyone ever say the
county he began to plant seeds
of doubt h I mean a teammate he began to
question does word he said did
I’m really saying the dns ad in the same tactic to
the A’s asking the same question
about the dynamics of the
homosexuality is wrong guy got
really say that you’re only
contenders a guy to release a disease is
the only way to head the end I’m
really saying that sex is only
between a married woman in
America the resident life begins at
conception De got really saying
is the same thing to say is
always amazed at the dow has
been three it if he would talk to you dated
thing about just another agent,
Britain, he and his full theirs
is not relevant for today as th in a site is always attacked
god’s word he still doing today
in over the last few weeks to
nights we do want in a series preachers add to the way from
scripture denied is ready to get
a day without wearing many
church pastor just walk away
from his it until waiting for the base DN
Z and wiseman is an enemy is not
some word in a basic be like in that
mental men and on the south on
Rockingham the storms came a
deal announced the house to the gods city will
see the stain against the while
the dow would your life is not
the word of god you will not be
w the Celestine this morning was
your house bill this morning is your house built on the word
of god has more in a sane used out that in a
state also use deception it may
be his most insidious weapon of
all in the Jesus and his
disciples and john 844 Jesus said about
the devil is nothing in the trees because
it is noted in when he speaks a
line speeds of his own resources
party is a liar and the father advice is sitting in a person’s
native language is a language
they speak most comfortable and a person’s maiden lane with his
them when they speak most likely
will St. Louis and the art of the section in the semester magician he’s the master illusionist I
mean either offer you do like
that either the destruction is the promise you happens
occasionally you hope that the
art of deception unity as you
pull out the king of hearts only
to disc that you have a gentler that’s
the master of deception
revelation jets well versed
nonsense and second is seen as a
whole world did you know the same worries
people didn’t see you , the problem is some of you
don’t know the difference
between the truth in the lives
of them and the like, you can
recognize th with their preachers and I do
want me to sing in the bullpen don’t talk about a bloody calls and they will talk about the
bodily resurrection of Christ in
preaching the gospel guess they
are until the years but has the
po Aimee does it mean sank one
scripture when every was tempting Jesus
the participation he told season season again the
son of god for yourself down
from this clip and any client
song 91 and this is what not sell 91¢ a shell game is angels charge
ever you to take your call your
wins in their hands they sell
beer you want listed Asher foot
agai and you’re going to be the next
verse in some nine witnesses as
you shop setup of the lying in
the, the young lion in the serpent
Michelle temple underfoot as
ignore the line and say it is
known as a lot of server of the one guy sitting here that
god gives us a victory over
arcing recalls he indeed
installer of this song is about
by protect does not his message signs on
DVD candidacy view your use
preachers any of the scripture : data content in at the WS
doubt he’s a deception be also
uses division in a new strategy
is to divide and conquer this is
fact say is the initiator of all the
vision of if USC division one a
summation winners on what is the
church if you’ll pardon the pun first 14 is as if he had been in
the in cell seeking in your hearts
do not biased and my guess that
raise his wisdom has not seen
from the scene from above but is currently the sensual and
among the Chino the bitterness
is demonic did you know that sell seeking
into my office with the bible
says robin James Jett three bill their unit players your sat disposal the use of
this is pounds but you can rest
assured of the division in
Irvine saying any uses the basin
to disa he would love the wiggle his
lady church in Peking the
plants-the plans Benz the plan
suspicion he plans criticism
been hard as would say no to destroy the
unity of the church while he would either because
Jesus said they will know you’re
my disciples be if you have a
love for another table to
destroy t the Allied forces forces use a
very interesting: when they invaded France that of other dummies and
enticed and pearson’s and they
drop them in different places to
go all the German fire and also
that y as a baby and waste all the
Amazon River downs you know the disturbing thing is
that when there’s division among
their children died were wasting
our Amaral one another and st winter strikes and we don’t see
where the real invasion has
taken place the real innovation
is taking place in the battle
for al there’s no invasion as Paul Paul
sitting in fees is set for
inverse tree he made the
statement endeavour to keep the unity in
the bond apiece in the last word of the unity was in a family where the senate
urged Woodson nation because we
haven’t had this year is doing
everything he can to bring divis he is a divine he’s working against this does
why we had to be in intentional bass, had to be
diligent in maintaining units
and because we have a force
working against is an appalling
on the sam we have one spirit one lord one thing one baptism in one god and
father involving we need to be
one in Christ it doesn’t mean
that we’re going to be always
thinking t amidst a diversity because were
unified in Christ use a news
division the site also use a
doubt he is a dissection he is
the vis and revelation set to you first
see and he said the knot theory
those things which are about to
suffer any details about the summit
meeting to prison that he may be
tested and you had to delay shun for 10
days the fight: to death and I
will give you the crown of one unit must persecution in America
is mockery people lucky and often does all
it takes but now lately we see that
persecution in america’s
financial mess was taking place
with the life you never get done
with them t is not limited to finances
assault and physical abuse and
even their ideas than last week
and need you read it as well as
six Ch were martyred in the northern
part of the peanut sauce and
when a group of mothers came in
an addendum ended than they do
now is Marvin cents each to the store your
faith to persecution but got
these of persecution to
strengthen your faith in me that
we can in his in those Chinese believers will
not trust the person just because they say their
Christian they will not really
trust you until you have
suffered for Christ until you
have sometimes to see turn off the deep
Christian best ally the persecution got
told his followers next 180 is
ago make disciples of all
nations but you know what that
the cycle that of the gospel so while
segment to use persecution off
our guide use persecutions
expanding the kingdom of Christ
died from eases the stresses be also uses discard the genome is morning as signals
to discouraging death of the
late site most discouraging I mean
the word courage is that came from a fix for but
is it someone to give us our
word for heart so when you hear the word
encourage it basically means that the heart into some of but when you hear the word
discourage in these to take the
heart, some on inside walls to take the heart
pounding the ball to discourage
you in on a book of a BMI and if
you would be back and read the w in the first thing they did was
a citywide the legal means to
build a small deal had been
barred as a new start off with
you and and they begin them up against a
PC is right for building a wall
because kept on going and listen
to that mockery day in and day that, surely everything that is
a contact able to stop the small
for me until we know these rice
did they put people on guard an they’ll listen to buy in sendup
of very diligent in their in
their quest to discourage but these is the lights did not allow them to swing from the
person you know saying is, do
everything he can to make you give up and quit his identity can to take a hard
hat and he’s going to a
discouraging me that it will
take the heart valve and the
will to frustr ideas going to quit teaching my
commitment, quit the team a
small group of historic role in
the towel until his ministry of
not and quit an undecided as if your
complainer them only beginning
to be a complainer you’re just
joining say decide to take the
he elation 69 dislike down look it
up later elation 69 says there
is less not grow weary while
doing good for we shall reap if we do not
lose heart were wonderful verse state mental states and don’t
give up just because he’s a
discouraging I was thinking about winner’s
share these are not balance for
mutated into be possible to
change. Times when he read was
not unt above measuring less ID,
prideful the notion that god
gave me a thorny mufflers to
buffeting and messenger of Satan
to beat me d we know one day I was even
thinking about numbers and I was talking to god and I’m
a statement as a guide stains using money gets his
battle with this disease to be began in
discouraging get the ballet big eye diseases of circumstance
in your life to be together a discouraging and I read that person I
realized this appalls talking about state
uses those situations Allies to
be as bad as Guardians and there
time to the ideas give up 90 o four people in his church to
encourage years that a
heartbreaking to you at the
people in this church to
encourage me don’t see a lot of things made it from
increase I would say that as
late as Tuesday with Kathy they
aren’t herders up into the mall,
pray because any subplots to Jesus
elements of Fokker DSS I’ll
never see the bodies told them
as of this and I’ll get it does
look me dumped said thankful for those
in carter’s in a second Edison
say the user situations in your
life to take part one and I might not be made but I think his words says is
very clearly I might not taken
away that migrates will be
sufficient for the two segments. We haven’t gotten
strong know that the city’s
defamation did you know the
saints doubles as a revelation
12 17 and sentenced as before the
form of god and he accuses the sites of god before his tone
day and night he always want to point out your
files U.S. appeal always will
support at your found himself
that way say is always about bringing up
this failure of the past thing
always bring up their past 11
jets money to Jesus call Peter
stat well up, no receipt and was that
my grandmother used to use one
of those things as you get are
teaching issue of flowering as
yo but inside the center would be
all that junk it was seated out right everywhere this will help feed the same morning
tour from Peter I think we won the U.S. aid IDC
like to keep his long you see
all the odds of these god is
like all the crud I think he he would be using to
accuse a year before, the cell saint
mark’s best weapon before, King
David whenever he fell back even
he failed miserably with
bathsheb that never got been so when
conversation that make them had
with King David make this to the 14 he said
David U David he had given the knees and got an
opportunity to blasting his nine I was a 17 this morning if
there’s anything that makes be
terrified that there is there’s
anything that makes me trim the
dizzy to fill the ballerinas the field of we’re all ms and that’s why we
need to be alert to signs
devices because he’s looking for
opportunities to feign the name
of god Alaska what is this the last advice is insane uses our desires as a weapon James Chacon one verse 14¢ your candidate when you’re drawn
away by your own desires and enticed the same as the first thing as a
minute delays are simple designs of the saddest thing I always
see these maybe we’re from us
and elevated to a litigious as the devil cannot
make useful adult can entice using the
content using the media not make
you seeing you know they can
bring you to the point where you
begin the known that he isn’t making
greedy he does it make you
laugh: he doesn’t make you hate
goal is to make you better give
them a know the answer simple desire to
make sure that when site doesn’t
make you the way the use of
desires to 10 to mislead you be
kn we as a state football, stated
in football teams in the NL become state on TV
football teams with Allied
effort where things they do they
take the field of the apartment and
they want powers of the field
and try to look for any tendency
in the apartment in either the
nig so the wake of daytime and
making taking pains of those
tendencies that they can exploit
those weaknesses in those
tendencies an hours of film all say it is
divisive fight inscription does
muscle board we know the words
of the windows CE say devices
that we the largest indices in his
playbook but to observe the playbook of
humane and so he knows your tendencies
and he knows mountains is you know, a few years ago I went to happen with ease and mastery when contacted I was helping with a project we
never completely working on it but what the hell out about
making was a week he knows
exactly when said that trap he knows exactly how this into a he knows exactly what what to
put in the Japanese yen a system
that uses to make back to
effective because he knows that the Nazis
of times he knows where they’re
all he knows what they’d like to
eat what they like the smell he say measure teens he knows what your desires are
what your tendencies are any
technology today is what is most
effective tools actively I’m not
I’ they get in using a computer
that pop up up up is more say in the your computer
is rebooting or is, downloading
a news whenever of technology would say is most
effective functioning think
about how many people as he led
captive to pornography through the
Internet to cell phones and computers as an effective weapon don’t say something he has some
new technologies disposal but he
still using the same schools is the same seven lusty use for
thousands of years because those weapons but
desires are still infected
entries using the same extent of what to think about city
Parks and 101 to 871 verse
beating citizens when desires to
see the gives birth to CNN
salmon is ful brings forth death scene
produces death of a modern ones
always make amends our ability
to experience does promise of
the bundle innovative the death of a drain it to be the death of a career in to be the death of a
relationship becoming the death of a value on
birch you beat me to death,
number of things but in the life of believers say
calls a break in our fellowship
with god and whenever there’s a break in
our fellowship and I’d say
minders as ineffective for the
kingdom of god and basses goal is to render you
in the ineffective for the
kingdom of god is why we need to
be alert to signs devices at the
be seven starts and no one plays
with the Persian Gulf the devils
defeated in the thing that we
see the bible begins in genesis
say Owen Adami failed in the garden
he did not leave them to fend
for themselves he gave them a
promise is a once in a site near
his that season is going to crash
using a known today that uses now that
calls saying that his gun and he
unloaded in the Bolivian he died
in the bowl be had in the Jes we serve a big part of the sat
in his nineties, like to know
something when same point is
done to you and me he’s pointing
in ke because the starting five call
the shots own cheeses Jews is a redesigned in these
dismantled him and his defeat in
Allegheny three vs. enclosing
classes to eight says this class is to eight says Jesus as
wideout began writing of
requirements that was against
his which was contrary to us he
is taking he made a public spectacle of
them top one thing over we’re victorious center is no sweeter more meaningful meaningful
version will speak and john won
11:50 or 13 am a student from 13
he says about as many as you
seem to add believing as trusting in him
he gave empower he gave him the authority he
gave them the friends of the
coming the children of god or not at the will of the flesh
and blood reactor will be up if you follow Christ of the year
his top you can never belonged saying
you always know belong to Christ
and he install me ask a question
this morning are you a job and got this
morning are you living in the victory of
Christ is more because he wants us to stain the torrents or are you beneath the feet of
us as devices I want to know this guy was you,
in this morning if you’re been
defeated emotion, if you’re not the Saudi once you
come to the kidnapping Asher
five he wants to do you think would
be greatly missed more as we get many to have a
mutation in just a moment you may be sitting here you
thinking of sayings victim and I needed a needed I need to
be a need to be challenged with the word out
into the Stapleton were
downright become a victim to say devices and maybe this
morning EDT, lay before
dissolving the estate appraising
Domenici forgive the first and I need you to empowerment
and power me sick be made until the way this
morning in the bowels of the
confessor says god’s people and
just to forgive you in claims of all rights for the bubbles to let you know this morning
that his altar is a safe place
for you to make this morning the
needy, and his confessions and maybe
your mother or father this
morning in your pray for your
children because you realize is
world in is not impossible battle was a
difficult battle that is when
you’re coming to spray for your
child’s for many were praying as
th are made in this morning you
realize the dim light of the
signaling them belong here
you’re not found ID never come
across them these moments we challenged as
we were aware thank you, but we
had a Chrysler thank you for
being strong and atmosphere, thank you for
giving us the victory elite of
the most discouraging us to trap
us will give him as a way out to crime in Sunday’s closing moments for
every host is below some of the
idea was on inducing quickly of
the insulin is the biggest chall has a may have as they say they have safe and have a a a a
safe and may say they have ms is
that they have a lot of a a a a
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have a say they may have a say
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have a say and ESA five SS AFC have ms lot and a lot of a a lot of it may have a lot of FE of say
that I that they have a lot a
lot of the games have a have that have a
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say they may have a a may have say they have that have
a say they may as the day may
have that have have a say they
may have a say the same day that may have as
they have a five a a a SE a SMSSU of the day of the
name of a a a a a a a game have
a say that have a S a a a a a a a halves they have that have a
say they may have a a well as thank you for being here
this morning on this mother’s
day of the other one is left me
or my do a couple things about
ne for the day Sunday at 10:30 AM
when reminded of a case involves
school is heating up the other
side of the behind in the
hallway ANC fed doesn’t stop and see if
you were cited for the common is
due to supplement on a keyboard
in the hallway just on the sale in place of guys we can spin
time in your word of praise we
go out of the song like couples
to be victorious and living
tours to