First Impressions Idun Minerals Nordic Veil Foundation in Jorunn Wear Test & Review | Vegan @phyrra

Hey guys. Welcome back. I’m Courtney and I
have Phaedra in here with me. Nyx is at the vet right now. So, today we’re going to be
doing a first impressions wear test video with the Idun Minerals Nordic Veil Foundation
in the shade Jorunn. I really love the Idun Minerals Norrsken foundation
in this shade, because it’s a perfect match for my skin tone and I don’t have to add white.
This is a new formula, so I’m curious to see how this will compare to the original formula.
I’ll also be doing a thorough review video in about a week, so make sure you subscribe
to my videos so you don’t miss that follow-up. So this is the box that it comes in, and on
the box it says that the Nordic Veil is ‘correcting, long-wearing mineral foundation’. When I go
to the website to see a little bit more about what it says, it says that, “This is a a full-coverage
formula with immediate and longterm effect. It’s based on a formula enriched with minerals
and therefore protects the skin while it’s beautiful and smooth. It’s been dermatologically
tested and developed for all skin types, even the most sensitive.” I would absolutely agree that the original
formula is great for my sensitive, dry skin. The application instructions are in Swedish,
but basically the phrasing I can understand says ‘makeup sponge’. So I’m going to put
this on and apply it with a Beauty blender, but first I’m going to put on the Coconut
Smoothie Primer. This is by First Aid Beauty. It has a very, very, very slight tint to it.
It’s hard to tell. My skin has been moisturized and has SPF on
it. I’m wearing the Emme Diane SPF. It’s the illuminating one. I really like it because
it gives a nice sheen to the skin and it has a little bit of a tint, as well. So it hides
a lot of my redness from rosacea. I’m just putting the primer on the left side
of my face right now so you can see the difference between the side without the primer and the
side with the primer. This side has it, and there’s a nice sheen, this side doesn’t. Oh, I’m not going to put makeup too close
to my lower lid over here, because I have a stye that is healing and I don’t want to
irritate it, so I haven’t been wearing makeup for the past couple days. I’ve just been putting
my medication on and trying to get the stye to clear up. It’s only the second stye I’ve
ever had in my life, so it’s just uncomfortable as opposed to being a real pain in the butt. I went to the doctor, it happened Thursday
night and I went to the doctor Friday morning and got medication to start on it, so it doesn’t
look as bad as it did but it’s still not gone yet. I’m going to apply, this is like half a pump,
and I’m putting it on the right half of my face, and I’m going to just start blending
that in. Really, I took my makeup way too close to my eye for my own comfort at the
moment. I do feel like this just blends in beautifully. Okay, there it is on this half of my face,
and this half is naked. I think this is more pigmentation and coverage than the original
Norrsken, and I have to say I’m really impressed with just how easily it blends out. I think
this is how foundation should blend out, because it’s just very easy, I feel like I’m just
basically barely patting my face to get it to go out. I love the color match on this foundation.
So good. Okay. I am going to zoom in so you can look at everything up close, which, I’ll
get uncomfortably close. Now, ignore my eye. I’m sorry, but it’s still healing. So, when I’m looking in the mirror at the
foundation, I feel like it just blended in nicely with my skin. I have a very, very slight
amount of caking right here by the side of my nose where I have seborrheic dermatitis,
but it’s not really bad. I feel like the color just blends in seamlessly from my face to
my neck. I feel like I look like I’m all one shade, which is my goal because my face usually
looks darker and redder than my neck and my chest, so I always want to match my neck and
my chest. I love this color. It looks great. I feel
like the finish, oh, it feels like it’s almost dry. I don’t think I’m going to need to set
this. I am going to put on the rest of my makeup, and then I’ll be right back. Okay, so I put on really simple makeup because
I don’t want to put on any eyeshadow or mascara or get anything near my eye. This is the Hourglass
Euphoric Fusion blush which I put on. I think it looks really pretty. I think it’s a great
shade for my pale skin. I put on Makeup Geek Celestial highlighter which is no surprise,
this is my favorite highlighter. On my lips I put on Aromaleigh’s Conjured
By Song, which is this nudish shade. For my brows I put on Color Pop Jet Set Black pencil.
I’m going to go ahead and set this with Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray, although I’m going
to try and not spray this eye at all. The time is 11:18 AM, so I’ll be back in a few
hours. All right, so it’s 03:11 PM, it’s been almost
four hours since my initial application. I feel like it looks pretty good from a distance.
When I’m looking in a magnifying mirror up close, I feel like my pores are more visible
than I’m used to seeing and I’m seeing a little bit more texture than I normally see. I do
really like this finish. It looks like a satin matte finish. I feel like I’m nice and glowy.
But I don’t like that I feel like I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t normally see with
my skin. Maybe it’s just I used the wrong primer with
this. Maybe I should have used the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. I’m going to go ahead
and get uncomfortably close for you. Hasn’t really settled into the fine lines under my
eyes. I haven’t had to rub under here to move anything out. So that’s a good sign. But I
feel like right here in this area it just looks a little funny, and if you like, there’s
a little bit of just, like, texture that’s emphasized that I don’t normally see. My forehead looks okay. My eye over here is
the one that has the stye. My blush and highlight are still looking great. So, since I last saw you I have taken Phaedra
on a short walk and it’s really nice out in Florida. It’s winter, but, well, it was really
cold this morning, around 48 or whatever. It’s 72 right now, so I didn’t get hot enough
to break a sweat or anything like that, which is a rarity if you live in Florida. Other than that, I’ve done some work for my
job, I’ve done some housework, so pretty much I’ve had what I would call a typical day for
me. So, I’ll be back again in another couple of hours to see how this is wearing. All right, it is 07:24 PM, it’s been roughly
eight hours since I first applied this, and really, I feel like it looks pretty good.
There’s a little bit of that settling that I was talking about, that’s going on right
here, but aside from that, you know, it’s pretty much seamless down here, so you don’t
see a foundation line. I don’t feel like the color really changed over the day at all.
My blush and highlight are still strong. It did rub off a little bit on my nose, but
I’ve been blowing my nose because I have allergies. Same with my chin. I always put my hand on
my chin when I’m thinking, when I’m working. Anyway, let’s get uncomfortably close. I think
aside from just this area right here, where it looks like it’s a little bit settled in,
it looks pretty good, especially for eight hours. I am going to wear it for a couple
more hours and then give you my final assessment of this first impressions. All right, it’s 11:20 PM. My foundation has
been on for, I think, 12 hours. It’s completely rubbed off the tip of my nose and on my chin
because I’ve blown my nose, I’ve touched my chin because I will sit my fist on my chin
when I’m thinking and working. On other areas of my face, like my cheek,
my blush and my highlight are still going strong if you can see that, let me turn the
lights down just a little bit. Yeah, I have still got my highlight and everything going
strong. It never settled into the fine lines around
my eyes, but I do feel like it settled, or, I feel like it basically showed where, right
here, along the nasolabial folds in my face. I am curious about how well it would do on
a different primer. I might try it with the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer next. I’m going
to get uncomfortably close so you can check it out and see what you think. I feel like, if anything, it ended up looking
a little bit powdery, but I’m not quite sure. Well, since it’s the first time I’ve worn
it I’m not really sure if it’s just because of that, or because of the setting spray,
which, normally things don’t look a little bit powdery, so I’m not sure. So, I’m going to be wearing it several more
times, trying all different kinds of ways. For my first impression of it, I think it’s
not bad, especially considering how well everything wore and lasted for 12 hours. I am going to
do a follow up, full review in about a week, so you can expect to see my full thoughts
then, but my initial impression of this is that it’s a good foundation. I love the shade
match. I don’t feel like the color changed throughout the day. It didn’t oxidize. It
looks nice. I don’t have to add white to it, which is such a nice thing for me. I love
that. I do feel like this does provide more coverage
than the original Norrsken which, I really like that as well. So, anyway, be sure to
let me know what you think of my first impressions of the Nordic Veil in the comments below.
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