First vlog | My Aid Day

Good morning today, it’s the “aid” right? we will go to the beach hey! it’s 5:00 am we are acctually in the beach the beach of “chatt” for those who doesn’t know “chatt” it’s near Annaba you can see Annaba and we are about 15km far from it hey “allawa” yo! there is a dog behind you! i hate dogs you don’t hate dogs, you are scared! is it freezing inside? do it dude! this is ilyes you know? i’m from here you can see my home i studied at “EPST” we finished in ramadan i succeeded hamdoulah but we didn’t enjoyed swiming we are in july now! it almost the end of summer you know where i ended my studies? this sunday it was july 3rd it’s the aid’s morning aid mubarek for everyone for those who are watching us now hey ilyes quit! hey where are you going amine wait i’m coming with you how do u live with your water mellon watch the real abs it looks like some kiwis what’s the more used in ramadan ? water mellon or kiwi water mellon but what’s the most expensive fruit haha you like banana haha it’s good to swim in the early morning we can’t see annaba now because of morning clouds hi oussama! aid mubarek Wééé! aidek mubarek