Fitness Discourse | Fat Acceptance Movement Targeting Teens?

One-in-five teenagers are obese in
America. One in five! That’s 20% of American
children being obese, just in the teenager range.
That’s insane! So, Teen Vogue – stay away from telling kids that it’s okay to be fat. Honestly, I wasn’t gonna make a video
today because College started this week and quite frankly, I took way too many
classes. It’s going to be a nightmare. But I had to sit down and talk to you guys,
because Teen Vogue paired up with our favorite fat acceptance girl – the Messiah
herself – Tess Holliday, and a rather lovely
looking girl named La’Shaunae Steward. And they wrote a feel-good article for our
obese teenagers that are running rampant in schools today. So how about we read
into this and just listen to the “wisdom” being put forth in this article. Because
I’m almost certain that the word facts are in here somewhere and not the word
feelings. So to kick off this article, Vogue themselves has a little snippet
about their new “F-word Series” which we’ll read. “The F word is a series celebrating
what it means to be fat from de- stigmatizing the word to taking stock of
the discrimination that fat people face. In this installment, Tess Holliday
interviews La’Shaunae Steward about fat representation with an introduction
by Teen Vogue.” We shouldn’t de-stigmatize the word
fat. I’m not saying treat people bad because they’re fat, but recognize that
being fat in obese in and of themselves is not okay it is a health issue and
part of the CDC in the World Health Organization for a reason obesity is a
huge concern and one that’s rampant right now and the fact that we’re trying
to make it okay is not okay it’s not so in the beginning of the article they
talk about the issues within the modeling and fitness industry which is
fine there’s been a lot of issues in both industries
it’s been very anorexic models and unrealistic body proportions for years
and they’re working on fixing it kind of but it’s been very slow but you’ve honed
it to swing the pendulum from one extreme all the way to the other because
having someone that’s anorexic isn’t healthy and having someone that’s obese
is not healthy you need to capture the people in the middle the average person
and unfortunately that pendulum is swinging way towards the obesity side is
why you’re starting to see models like Tess Holliday in LA Shanae start to rise
up because obesity is the new norm unfortunately but we don’t we don’t have
to accept that we shouldn’t accept that obesity is the norm
we shouldn’t it’s not okay don’t how many times I have to say that but I’m
guessing it’s gonna be a lot especially on the Internet one part of this article
that really gets me and a lot of people touched on it but I’m gonna touch on it
too because of how they touch on it too because of just how ridiculous it is
they talk about how they should be the next fad Charlie’s Angels or the next
fad Cheetah Girls why do you want to make them fad Charlie’s Angels were
secret spies that move around and do action and participate and constantly on
the go there realistically not gonna be fat yeah and honestly I don’t
I remember the Cheetah Girls but not really it’s more like josie and the
pussycats us with more what I remember that’s gonna get me to monetize Broadway
that’s fine one part that really gets me about washing a in this article is where
she says they look at us and act like they’re going to gain 300 pounds just by
looking at us and say we’re promoting obesity no one thinks they’re gonna gain
weight by looking at you that’s stupid it’s a stupid argument
nobody thinks that nobody but the argument that you’re promoting obesity
is true you’re promoting a city you’re making a living a career
in a social media stance by promoting obesity that’s literally both you and
test holidays niche in the world you guys are fat acceptance and promote
obesity you’re saying it’s okay you’re telling kids it’s okay to be obese and
for your body to hurt and for your joints to swell you’re telling him it’s
okay to accept diabetes with open arms to welcome them into an early grave at
the end of the day that’s what you’re doing no matter how you dress it up or
what feel-good phrase you want to wrap around it in it’s sad why are you doing
that to the children I don’t get it Tess holiday then jumps and it explains that
people are projecting their insecurities onto them because that is the worst
thing to them fat is a more offensive word to them than it is to us actually
and Tess you’re right this is an offensive word to us because
we don’t like the health risks associated with being obese is that in
the fact you’re fat it’s the obesity issue you can’t fight facts or statistics it’s
statistically infectious unsafe to be within those weight ranges
and I don’t know how else to word that to make anyone ever understand
oh there’s a ton of infighting within the fat acceptance health and every size
community that’s why you get 5 million different versions of what fat
acceptances what classifies as being obese versus morbidly obese versus
Infini fat why is there Infini fat I don’t know what that means but it scares
me what are you okay are they okay because
I feel like they’re not but with this infighting within the fat acceptance
community we have tests holiday participating as per usual saying it’s
hard because you see plus-size girls but they’re usually only have giant boobs
and a tiny waist and big hips and it makes you feel really alone
so some girls aren’t even fat enough for Tess Holliday by her standards they
don’t count towards the movement because their body is genetically shaped a
little differently than hers that’s my issue with one of many issues with the
fat acceptance community is they’re they’re not asleep mean-spirited and
cruel people I’ve seen in a group they fight each other from the inside out if
you’re not obese enough or if you’re a past fat or if you’re trying to weight
loss journey it’s all toxic to them everything is toxic they’re so toxic
it’s incredible but anyways wash and a goes to talk
about her experience with a photo shoot that happened between her net company
where they shot a couple different outfits on one day and the other was
more of undergarments underwear that kind of stuff and she explains that the
underwear picture was the one used to promote the whole thing I just felt like
they didn’t actually care about me and wanted to picture the created shock
value and I’ll put that up on screen somewhere wherever I end up putting it I
would have it follow my finger but I’m not
at premier yet we’ll get there sorry but here’s the real issue here is how are
you not looking introspectively to ask yourself why are they able to use my
body as a shock factor why is myself used to show something shocking or to
create controversy because it wasn’t her skin color or her sexuality or her
gender that caused the uproar it was her weight it was her or it was her obesity
I just don’t get how you don’t self reflect at that point if it’s creating
shock value and you accept that it is creating shock value that’s something
wrong personally and I think you realize that it might not be okay to look the
way you looked at the weight that you are and I’m not saying anything about
her personally she’s very gorgeous is her weight that is the only issue here
her weight her health how she presents how her body works within that weight on
her organs and they all play into the whole feelings game your feelings are
valid do what’s in your heart is it okay by your moral standards I
never once read the word fact in here there were so much feelings feelings are
fine but you need to use them in moderation feelings can’t dictate your
life that’s not okay it’s not healthy I just man this is hard to read it’s
hard to know the kids are reading this in thinking that this is the new norm
that this is okay that this is how you should view the world and react to the
world around you don’t change yourself don’t self reflect force the world to
change for you because of your decisions because of what you put in your mouth
because of what you did to yourself saw how the world works sorry its ups
further down the article which Russian a talks about her mental health struggles
which we’ll never fault someone for their
mental health struggles mental health is huge I struggle with mental health a lot
of people do but I’m also not gonna let certain things slide when it comes to
mental health mental health is not an excuse it happens it did mental disease
it’s an issue obviously I understand but when she says things like where I live I
don’t really have emotional support every time I try to tell someone around
me about myself even when I was suicidal or just depressed I would just get the
go to therapy countenance go to therapy I couldn’t just talk without someone
telling me to go to therapy I just never had anyone to go to without being told
to go to therapy so I had to talk online now this part I won’t let slide no one
in your life except for a trained therapist or psychologist is required to
be your therapist they shouldn’t be put in that position
because you don’t know what’s going on in their life either even if it’s your
parents you don’t know what’s going on in their head people are telling you to
go to a therapist because that’s the healthiest thing to do I suggest going
to therapy for everyone regardless of circumstance regardless of where you
feel in your life because you can get some really good tools in your toolkit
to help you process things or just enjoy life better therapy is huge and seeing a
therapist is huge your best friend shouldn’t have to be
your therapist you shouldn’t have to dump on someone and that’s coming from
someone that deals with depression and anxiety disorders I don’t require anyone
to have to go through that the way I go through that except for the therapist I
pay to help me process that because they are trained to do so and they themselves
are trained to de-escalate their own situation and not absorb what I’m
dumping onto them so I won’t let that slide look your friends are telling you
the right thing yes it’s suck but again that’s not an excuse for you to not go
to therapy go to therapy go to therapy it’s fine a lot of people do it now it’s
coming from the next soldier go to therapy please
this part really kills me from a realistic standpoint we’ll get into it
will read it will read it together listen a explains I feel like they don’t
care about none of these girls truthfully I feel like they’re just
using certain girls just to have people comment on their stuff saying Wow way to
go you’re doing so amazing so diverse I feel like they’re doing it to get press
and stuff I don’t feel like it’s genuine I feel like a lot of people just don’t
care about us when it comes to high-end I just really want more of us to be an
actual high-end shoots and stuff then put the phone down because I talk with
my hands they don’t care about you you’re an asset on a job most jobs work
that way it sucks unless you’re in a very tiny company where you know with
the CEO and fair trade and everything’s good and they really work on their
employees and what’s involved you’re not gonna find then the general world and
that sucks but it’s the reality of things they don’t care about you you’re
there to look a certain way to sell a certain product to certain people that’s
the name of the game it’s modeling its Instagram influencing its being on the
cover of a magazine you’re there to push either an idea or
product or something that people will consume you in that instance or
commodity that’s modeling that’s fashion I don’t know what to tell you sorry
you’ve learned about the industry this way that’s us welcome to the industry
it’s not a nice industry it never has been and here we have test holidays
throwing the shade girl your mouth the baby Jesus I hope so
I have to wear Ella qui to red-carpet events I don’t know if I’m saying that
name right elke y ella qui I have to wear L de qui to red-carpet events where
my friends are wearing custom for Sachi you’re putting down
a clothing company that uplifts obese and fat people why are you doing that
Versace isn’t catering to you l acquiesce ly people are gonna yell at me
in the comments that’s fine please do it don’t know how to pronounce it but why
are you putting down a company that’s helping people of your shape and size
that seems really shitty to do isn’t that what you want more off you’re not
gonna get that if you’re gonna throw them under the bus and throw shade at
them especially comparing them to Versace not a lot people or places can
compete at that level it’s hard not to get frustrated with this article it it
doesn’t have a lot of substance doesn’t have a lot of facts or useful
information it’s a lot to talk about feelings and feel-good and emotions
which is fine I give it however well I don’t get is after all of this talking
about fighting the industry and fat acceptance blush and hands with the fact
that she’s scared she says I’m scared though which test responds it’s okay
we’re all scared then what are you scared of are you scared of the right
things are you scared of the fact that you’re obese of your health conditions
of what you’re promoting to today’s teens and kids what you’re putting out
into the world what kind of energy information sustance what are you giving
the world is that what you’re scared of are you scared of the industry that
you’re fighting through and obese power are you scared of how people are
perceiving you and she doesn’t really say she just says that she’s scared and
I’m scared too I’m scared of what she’s doing I’m scared of what her and Tess
Holliday are promoting to today’s teenagers it’s not okay to be fat it’s
not healthy to be obese that’s not what we should be putting out there it’s not
okay to be obese we shouldn’t make that okay it’s not healthy teens
need to focus on health especially now more than ever with all these processed
foods full of sugar and chemicals designed to hook them and keep them
coming back for more we need teens focused on eating produce
in meats and making their own meals that’s what we need to be focusing on
not hugs and feelings and it’s okay if type 2 diabetes is just around the
corner for you that’s not what we should be doing and I’m really frustrated that
this is what we’re putting out there I’m pissed
why is this okay why are we allowing this to happen in front of our kids to
our kids I hope this isn’t the new norm but it seems like this is where we’re
headed so Teen Vogue please stay away from the kids when it comes to fat
acceptance test holiday especially stay away from the kids please they don’t
deserve this alright guys that’s all I have for you today this is all I really
have to say on the Teen Vogue test holiday la Shinae article if I missed
anything please let me know down in the comments below do you agree do you
disagree could you care less what are your thoughts on the fat acceptance and
health at every size community being focused now more on the children in
teenagers and society I’m really curious about what you guys think about that
I’m wholesome vigilante this was fitness discourse and follow me on Instagram
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so have a good night fight the good fight