Flashing folder with question mark, Fix Macbook not booting up. (1 of 2)

This is my cousin’s laptop when ever she tried to turn it on it wouldn’t boot up, It would only show a folder with a question mark on the middle just flashing repeatedly and here i am pressing “Command + R” and… it takes me to this screen, or it shows me the… the network connections I have. right now I am using a wireless connection so… let me choose it and here I have to input my password which is pretty long, don’t try to hack it!! there press “OK” and it is trying to log in to my
network ok, so it logs in It takes about one hour thirty-eight minutes
for it to change status and it shows me this… apple logo with a spinning wheel and now it shows me the screen where I need to choose the language which in my case I am going to choose “English” and press “next” ok, so here it gives me several options what I want to do is try to fix the drive so I go to “Disk Utility” “continue” and it tells me to select the drive and I select it and it doesn’t give me any options to… to check the disk or fix it I’m on the correct tab, its “First Aid” I’m gonna try, see?? there is no options in there so I close it close this other window ok… tells me to… “Restart”!! It doesn’t have “Shut Down” so I’m just going to “Restart” and turn it off. ok, so now I tried to fix it it wouldn’t fix so now I think it has something to do with the hardware so, I just have to take the… the screws from the back take them off so I can open it and see what is going on and there is four screws on the bottom two on the middle one on each side and there is also four screws on the top so right now I have taken out the bottom ones all of them are the same size te bottom ones and the side ones and you got to use a really small screw driver it is a “Philips” screw driver since all of them are the same size I put them on the same place and we take out this one BUT!!! this one is larger, longer so it is… ok, so the longer ones i put them over here and take out the next one it is also a long one so that is two and lest see which one is this one? is it a long one? or is it a short one? ok, it is a long one, we put it over there so one, two three those are long and the rest are short and, lets try to open it I missed that one just take it off and there, that should be it so lift it put it aside so holding the hard drive there is like a small strip it is being held by two screws so just loosen those up one on each side, and lift it, take it out now the hard drive I’m able to lift it it’s being held by a ribbon and I’m gonna unplug it and there but, it seems to have some screws holding it those are for being held and seems to be “Torx” not “Phillips” to take them out so let me get another a “Torx” screw driver that seems about right and since they are different I put it separately in a separate pile and one more ok, so i take out the I don’t know… tab?? to lift it now it’s ready to be put in ok, so holding the ribbon there is also a few screws in there i take them out, one on each side of the like on the bend holding it down and it’s also held down by more screws on the front just loosen those up like all the way out and unplug it from the motherboard carefully take it away from the chasis and I’m able to take away the ribbon
cable on the “Unibody Mac” this cable seems to go bad and that’s why your computer can’t read the hard drive it looks kind of like this, it has this plastic attached to it so now I’m going to put back the… the… cover I took out the hard drive, I took out the ribbon cable and… ok, so now I have this which is an external drive enclosure and I got it pretty much for free with a rebate and that is USB 3.0 and now I can put the drive inside just make sure it goes the right way put it in there push it it clicks and now I put the the cover on it it came with a front cover just to close the opening slide it in there and it clicks and there is no power added to it like from the outlet it grabs it from the USB cord and I plug the computer to the power supply and I connect it to the side USB port lets see, I’m going to try to turn it on see what happens but when I press the power I press “Option” so I’m able to boot from an external drive to choose which one I want to boot ok, so i get two options I’m going to choose the… I’m not gonna choose the recovery, I’m gonna choose this other one and now I go and press on the arrow and, hopefully it boots just wait little bit longer now we see some change the cursor went all the way to the corner and now its a spinning color wheel which seems like it is booting and there we have it, it is booting up it is asking for… to connect to a wireless network I’m going to cancel it, I don’t want to connect right now and it is already in there so this turned out to be the problem the cable along with the… that strip in there so I’m going to have to buy that from eBay but for right now if I wanted to or my cousin wanted to she can use the computer with the external enclosure and that is it oh!! and with the… like I was saying the screwdriver is really small and you can’t really see it here cause it is out of focuss but its really small ok turn it off and that’s it so for right now it’s a temporary fix I need to get the cable and it should be fixed THANK YOU!!!!