Fly Space Spray Treatment Application

Space spray refers to spraying an aerosol
product directly into the air instead of onto a surface. Usually only pyrethrin aerosols
are labeled for this use. A space spray may be desirable if you have a space that is too
small to use a fogger or if you would like to have a fast knockdown spray on hand for
later use. A fogger would be a better if you have a larger area to treat. Both methods are a great choice if you have
a lot of fly activity inside and want to kill them quickly. Space Spraying will eliminate any flies that
are out during the application but won’t leave behind an active residual. Following
the product label instructions, apply the spray or fogger in the infested room. Most
space sprays and foggers require you to vacate the room after the application and ventilate
before re-entry. Please refer to the product label for re-entry requirements. And it’s that easy with the expert help
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